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August 19, 1794 Abstract of rations furnished the guard established over the public arsenal at New London. Stephen Hillis [not available] Lists names and amount of rations furnished guards at the New London arsenal.
March 5, 1792 [A General Abstract of Pay and Rations due the Rangers Military Scouts ordered out for the protection of the Frontiers of Virginia called out by] Joseph Howell [not available] Spreadsheet of names with associated pay and rations.
July 25, 1791 Abstract of pay and rations Joseph Howell Henry Knox Abstract of pay and rations for the men employed as scouts in Lincoln County, Kentucky. The individuals will be paid in Virginia currency (denominated in pounds, not dollars). This is curious given the Constitution's ban on bills of credit emitted by the states.
May 2, 1792 Abstracts of Pay and Rations for Scouts and Rangers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Abstracts of Pay and Rations for Scouts and Rangers employed for the protection of the Frontier counties of the states of Pennsylvania and Virginia. Lists names and counties. Certification that the abstract was examined and compared with returns. All information verified.
February 28, 1800 Notification of Abstract of Rations Overdrawn, with details William Simmons Caleb Swan Swan will receive an abstract of rations overdrawn by Major Daniel Jackson, Capt. Joseph Brock, and Capt. Presley Thornton. Swan should hold them accountable at contract prices for the sums they owe the government.
April 2, 1794 Blank Abstract of Provisions John Stagg Unknown Recipient Blank document used for form letter issuing provisions to first American Regiment A B Esquire, Lieut. Col. Commandant.
August 31, 1796 Abstract of Provisions Issued at the Post at Lormies to Sundry Detachment of the Army John Whistler [not available] Abstract of provisions issued at the post at Lormies to Sundry detachment of the army of the United States Major general Anthony Wayne Commanding agreeable to the acts of Congress passed March 3, 1795. Includes rations, whiskey, flour, beef, candles, soap, salt.
June 30, 1800 Request for Account Information Peter Hagner Conrad Brem Mr. Bailey and Mr. Clarke presented at the Office accounts of rations and quarter masters supplies for troops under command of Capt. Bird. Hagner requested an abstract of officers and bills of parcel for each purchase made in Quartermasters office. Hagner wrote to Capt. Bird on the subject as well.
November 3, 1797 Abstract of Pay Accounts Alexander James Dallas William Simmons Letter, encloses abstract of pay accounts.
February 13, 1799 Enclosed Abstract James McHenry John Wilkins, Jr. Abstract for Capt. Edward Butler during his temporary assignment as Quartermaster General.
May 28, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Wilkins, Jr. Simmons notifies Wilkins that he overpaid Samuel Henley.
April 12, 1787 Returns of Specie due to Virginia officers John Pierce [not available] Pierce sends returns of specie due to the men who served on the Virginia line, with two abstracts detailing the accounts.
July 17, 1795 Delivery of Rations Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Stated intention to facilitate works at Presque Isle and to offer transportation of goods. General Wilkins agreed to deliver rations to posts.
May 24, 1795 Assurances of Proper Account and Receipt Submission Michael Kalteisen William Simmons Letter, mentions arrival of Dr. Gillasspy and discusses his account for subsistence.
October 3, 1800 A Missing Abstract Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig forwards a missing abstract to Samuel Hodgdon.
July 26, 1791 Joseph Howell receipts for Ohio County Virginia Pay and Rations Joseph Howell [not available] Howell certifies that he has examined and certified above pay accounts
January 24, 1799 Abstract of articles purchased by Ebenezer Stevens. [not available] [not available] Abstract of articles purchased by Ebenzer Stevens, Agent for War Department at New York, for month of December 1798.
March 27, 1797 The Law Raising the Pay of Subalterns Frederick Frye William Simmons Captain Frye requests an abstract of the law that allegedly raises the pay of subalterns and provides double rations to commanders of separate posts.
January 31, 1790 An abstract accounts between the United States and the Secretary of War Henry Knox [not available] Document, abstract of the Secretary of War's accounts with the United States.
February 7, 1801 Simmons Evaluates Wilkins' Accounts and Recommends an Abstract in the Future William Simmons John Wilkins, Jr. Evaluating accounts and vouchers, recommending an abstract in the future
April 2, 1800 Received Letter and Abstract of Payments William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons received letter with abstract of payments and vouchers, examination and results will be communicated as early as possible.
November 7, 1798 Abstract and Vouchers David Henley William Simmons Fuller forwarded abstract of charges, Henley to submit in a few days vouchers to support charges made.
December 22, 1794 Abstract for Duties Performed on Ship Richard Duryee Joseph Howell Abstract for duties performed on board the Bri[gantine] for the privateer sloop LaCarmagnole. Settlement of accounts requested.
July 23, 1799 Abstract of articles purchased for Marblehead fortifications William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Encloses an abstract of articles purchased by Joshua Orne - Agent of Fortifications for Marblehead - for the amount of which he will receive credit on the books of the office.
February 25, 1801 Enclosing an Abstract of Certain Expenditures William Simmons Samuel Dexter Enclosing an abstract of certain expenditures in conformity with the resolution of Congress of February 17th.