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October 28, 1791 Account of William Hill John Stagg William Knox The bearer, William Hill of New York, is contractor for clothing. He has an account against the War Department and some of his vouchers are in Knox's possession. Knox is asked to give the vouchers to Hill so that his charges can be examined and his account settled.
May 2, 1800 Claim of Baylor Hill James McHenry William Simmons Letter to the War Department Accountant concerning a claim by the attorney of Baylor Hill, who allegedly served as a Captain of Cavalry in the 1st Virginia Regiment under the command of Col. Anthony White.
July 29, 1795 Compensation of William Hill, Indian captive William Simmons Timothy Pickering William Hill is mustered to have deserted on March 7th 1792 but it appears that he was held prisoner by the Delaware Indians from April 7th 1792 until November 7th 1794. He was advanced $10 to travel to Philadelphia to recover his pay.
August 31, 1789 Hill acknowledges Knox's receipt of monies for supplies William Hill [not available] Knox's receipt, issued by William Hill, for supplies of Indian Commissioners.
July 10, 1795 Certification for the Death of John Due Nathan Hill William Simmons Hill certifies that a soldier named John Due died on the 2nd of June of dysentery.
September 19, 1796 Discussion of Frigate Ironwork James McHenry Josiah Fox Asks Fox to clarify with the Hills the cost for them to procure the iron; the United States will not furnish the iron.
December 4, 1797 Pay of Sgt. Hill, Deceased Staats Morris William Simmons It should be noted that the pay due Sgt. Hill has been paid to Margaret Hill, his wife, who, being without issue, is their at Law. This amount would have been paid to the sergeant himself prior to his death if he had been able to sign his name.
November 22, 1798 Receipt from Ensign Boote for monies to be paid widow of Private Thomas Hill William R. Boote [not available] Receipt from Ensign Boote 3d Infantry Regiment, from Nicholas Fish, monies to be paid widow of Private Thomas Hill. Hill was under Boote's command.
June 19, 1795 Death Certificate for Mathew Garretson Nathan Hill William Simmons Hill certifies that Matthew Garretson died of dropsy on the 20th of June 1795.
September 8, 1796 Letter to Blacksmiths Concerning Iron for Frigates Josiah Fox [not available] Letter, asks for terms regarding iron for Frigate
May 11, 1798 Oakum Required for the Walnut Hill Garrison Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon informs McHenry that the Commander in Chief [Adams] requires oakum to be shipped to the Walnut Hill garrison immediately and can be procured no nearer than Philadelphia.
March 31, 1800 Certification of payment; Private Arden Hill, deceased, 2d Regiment of Infantry, for pay William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $45.06 to Private Arden Hill, deceased, 2d Regiment of Infantry, for pay and sundry articles of clothing.
September 23, 1796 Regarding Ironwork for Frigate & Payment For That Service Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, encloses terms regarding iron for Frigate; asks for information regarding payments for iron work.
March 21, 1800 The Reverend Mr.Hill Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Alexander Hamilton Pinckney extols the virtues of the Reverend Mr. Hill whose oration commemorating the military and civic virtues of the late Commander in Chief is a specimen of his talents. Inquired if Capt. Izard accepted his appointment under Mr. Smith for foreign diplomacy.
December 3, 1794 Invoices of Both Parcels Hill & Lenox Samuel Hodgdon In case they made a mistake in sending the wrong invoice, Hill & Lenox enclose the invoices of both parcels
June 13, 1795 Goods Deposited with Hill & Lenox Richard Harrison Samuel Hodgdon The Auditor of the Treasury wants to know whether or not the goods deposited by Terrence Reilly with Hill & Lenox of New York have been received.
March 5, 1800 Recommendation for Chaplain Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Thomas Parker has recommended the Reverend William Hill for chaplain.
January 15, 1795 Requests Payment for Clothing Tench Coxe Samuel Hodgdon Reports that nothing has been paid on delivery of bales of clothing from Mr. Reilly and Mr. Hill.
September 10, 1796 Terms for the Ironwork on Frigate James & Elisha Hill Josiah Fox Letter, discusses terms of iron work for small frigate; mentions cost of iron.
December 1, 1794 Letter Citation Samuel Hodgdon Hill & Lenox Cited in Hill and Lennox to Hodgdon, 12/03/1794.
May 23, 1800 Acknowledged Receipt of Copy of Waste Book William Simmons David Henley Simmons received copy of waste book. Letter with enclosed arrived to Simmons hand last post, but since he heard nothing on the subject, suspended the sending of Mr. Hill's letter.
October 27, 1794 Receipt for cases of shoes forwarded by William Hill for Terrance Reilly received 27 Oct 1794 William Hill Samuel Hodgdon Receipt for the shipment of 762 pairs of men's shoes shipped to War Department by way of the Amboy Stage Boat.
January 3, 1799 Assessing Captain Hill's Plan William MacPherson Alexander Hamilton MacPherson solicits Hamilton's opinion regarding plans for fortifications around New York's harbor.
October 22, 1791 Certification of Deliveries Alexander Hamilton William Hill Certification of clothing supplied by William Hill to the troops of the United States for 1791 and delivered agreeably to directions from Henry Knox, Secretary of War.
November 19, 1798 Certification of payments; estate of Thomas Hill, deceased, late a private in the detachment of troops stationed at New Brunswick, New Jersey under command of Ensign William Boote William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $12 pay due to estate of Thomas Hill, deceased, late a private in the detachment of troops stationed at New Brunswick, New Jersey under command of Ensign William Boote.