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April 1, 1797 Money for Mrs. Wilkinson William Simmons John Pierce Cover for letter forwarded from Brigadier General Wilkinson to Pierce. Also requests that Pierce pay him two hundred dollars owed to Wilkinson that Wilkinson wants Pierce to pay over to Mrs. Wilkinson.
May 5, 1797 Money to Mrs. Wilkinson William Simmons James Wilkinson Reports that he has paid General Wilkinson's wife the money owed to Wilkinson by Captain John Pierce..
April 12, 1793 Knox writes to Wayne regarding Mrs. Wilkinson Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Letter, asks for assistance for Mrs Wilkinson in traveling down the Ohio River.
July 1800 Thanks for Observations and Pecans Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Hamilton replies to Wilkinson's of June 29th and says that, while he will miss Wilkinson's company, he agrees that it makes sense for him to go straight to Pittsburgh. Hamilton thanks Wilkinson for his observations on the Havannah. Mrs. Hamilton sends thanks for a box of pecans.
March 29, 1799 Correspondence from General Wilkinson & Others Alexander Hamilton James McHenry In order to keep track of current military affairs, McHenry asks Hamilton to forward to him letters from General Wilkinson and any others that may be important.
December 8, 1797 Charles Carroll recommends Wilkinson to McHenry Charles Carroll James McHenry Charles Carroll recommends Joseph Wilkinson, the son of Colonel Wilkinson of Calvert County, to the Secretary at War for appointment into the army. Carroll asks for news from Europe and France.
July 20, 1792 Regarding Communications with General Wilkinson Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Letter, directs that General James Wilkinson will keep up a constant correspondence with Wayne. Knox will answer correspondence from Wilkinson and transmit a copy.
October 12, 1797 Wilkinson's Proclamation and Related Documents Timothy Pickering James McHenry Pickering encloses General Wilkinson's proclamation at Detroit, John Askin's petition to General Wilkinson complaining about the proclamation, and Wilkinson's response to the complaint. Also included is Wilkinson's letter to the Justices of the British western district of Upper Canada and their answer.
March 21, 1797 Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, directs delivery of saddle, etc. to General Wilkinson.
December 7, 1800 Account of General Wilkinson [not available] [not available] Account for supplies for General Wilkinson for December 4-7, 1800.
April 17, 1798 Wilkinson's Return Does Not Agree with the Quartermaster General's Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon finds that Gen. Wilkinson's return and that of the Quartermaster General are different which is due to the fact that Wilkinson's is confined to a specific object of which the QMG has no knowledge.
September 28, 1799 Discussion of Money for Building Forts James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Writes of money expended to Brigadier General Wilkinson. The totals have aroused suspicion. Promises to send instructions to Wilkinson.
December 4, 1794 Addressing Military Situation, Dispute Between Wilkinson & Wayne, & Wilkinson's Reputation Henry Knox James Wilkinson Notes that the military situation on the whole seems favorable, especially in terms of avoiding war with any European powers. Is distressed by reports of differences between Generals Wayne and Wilkinson; assures Wilkinson that the only mention of him in letters received from Wayne have praised him. Knox and the president are both in favor of a conciliation. Discusses dissension in the army;...
February 8, 1792 Request for money to a little girl James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon James Wilkinson asks Col Hodgdon to give 3 shillings and 9 pence to the "little girl" who bears the note. Hodgdon notes that he made the payment.
August 25, 1797 Forwarding of Correspondence with Wilkinson & Others James McHenry John Adams Forwards letters to and from General Wilkinson, as well as others from various sources.
October 3, 1797 Encloses Dispatches from General Wilkinson James McHenry John Adams Encloses dispatches from Wilkinson.
June 10, 1797 Enclosed Letter to Wilkinson James McHenry Isaac Guion Letter enclosed in case Wilkinson had left post and not conveyed orders.
December 5, 1794 Court of Inquiry Henry Knox James Wilkinson Presidential assurance of impartial justice, Wayne to be ordered to direct a court of inquiry relative to any subject Wilkinson suggests. Requests specifics to charges Wilkinson filed against Wayne.
October 10, 1798 Autograph Letter Signed, Samuel Hodgdon to Jonathan Williams Samuel Hodgdon Jonathan Williams Letter, dis receipt of Wilkinson's goods.
February 23, 1798 Wilkinson & McHenry Correspond on Regulations for Insubordination & Discipline (2) James McHenry James Wilkinson Wilkinson mentions requisitions for the Army, and promises his frank opinion on the insubordination and discipline of the troops in a future letter. Reply from McHenry surmises that Wilkinson should come to Philadelphia to report on these matters, but to avoid doing so until McHenry has collected and weighed the information available. Appears to address the reformation of regulations on these...
March 17, 1792 No News Henry Knox Isaac Craig Post has not yet arrived, no news to communicate. Enclosed copy of letter to Wilkinson, request to forward it at first opportunity.
April 5, 1792 Fowls for Hodgdon & Wilkinson John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Since it is disagreeable to walk Smith has taken the liberty of loaning Pricket's gray [horse] to Mr. Garned during his business at Fort Washington. Meanwhile he wants Garned to meet a messenger from Hodgdon to inquire as to a horse for the route. He has purchased some fowls for Hodgdon and Mr. Wilkinson which will probably be sent on Saturday.
February 16, 1799 Forwarding the Letter to General Wilkinson James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry assures Hamilton that he has received his letter for General Wilkinson and that it will be forwarded to Knoxville and sent from there by express to Wilkinson.
February 1, 1796 Mail and Clothing John Pierce James Wilkinson John Pierce acknowledges General Wilkinson's letter of January 26th, mentions the recent arrival of mail and newspapers, remarks on the Wilkinson family's safe arrival to Greenville and health, and reports on supplies of clothing.
June 27, 1799 Expresses Concern about Wilkinson's Promotion James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to General [James] Wilkinson's claims to promotion and his own promise not to oppose, but warns of the danger of half-confidences. Concerned about expectations from Spain. Requests that Hamilton not say anything to him about this discussion.