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March 21, 1799 Request for Issue of Medicine for Western Army James McHenry John Harris Directs shipment of medicine earmarked for "the Western Army."
October 6, 1799 Arrangements for the Western Army Alexander Hamilton James McHenry "General Wilkinson has just returned to this city and will set out together with myself for Trenton on Monday in order to settle definitively with you the requisite arrrangements for the Western Army."
August 30, 1799 Writes about Army of Western Frontier James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Writes of the army of the Western frontier.
October 10, 1800 Delivery of Uniforms for Western Army Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of uniforms to John Wilkins, Quarter Master General, for Western Army.
April 9, 1799 Report of Affairs in West; Contracts for Western Posts Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Reports General Wilkinson has been directed to provide a report of the Western Army and western settlement to the government. In Wilkinson's absence, his command falls upon Hamtramck. The Paymaster General has come to Philadelphia under order of the Secretary of War. Sends contract with James O'Hara for supply of the western posts. Sends act for better army organization, demanding immediate...
June 30, 1799 Encloses Orders for Western Army and Indian Affairs John Francis Hamtramck Thomas H. Cushing Encloses orders to Western Army with instructions from General Hamilton on Indian affairs. Requests attention to the House of Panton and Leslie.
May 5, 1786 Intelligence from the Western Frontier Henry Knox General William Irvine Knox thanks Irvine for referring officers to him with recent information from the western frontier and he asks for any additional information that Irvine can gather. He briefly mentions the lack of intelligence concerning British intentions to evacuate the western Army forts.
April 29, 1799 Mode for Appointing Officers to the Regimental Staffs of the Western Army Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Hamilton instructs Hamtramck as to the process for selecting and appointing the regimental staff of the Regiments of the Western Army.
August 8, 1794 Whiskey for the army Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue states that in light of the Whiskey Rebellion, there is now little probability that the military may obtain a timely supply for 1795 of whiskey lawfully distilled in western Pennsylvania. There is also a possibility that the same cause may prevent a supply of whiskey from Kentucky and western Virginia. Urges that it is a matter of importance that eventual...
March 20, 1794 James O'Hara writes to the Secretary at War regarding western army, stores, pay, and subsistence James O'Hara Henry Knox O'Hara discusses the western army, stores, pay, and subsistence with Knox.
May 23, 1799 Arrangement of the Affairs of the Western Army Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Hamilton urges Wilkinson to travel to Philadelphia as quickly as possible so he can participate in planning for the arrangement of the affairs of the Western Army. He might consider traveling by way of New Orleans as an alternate route,.
December 13, 1794 Militia army sent to western Pennsylvania Ephrain Blaine Alexander Hamilton Letter from the assistant quartermaster general of the militia army sent to western Pennsylvania. Discusses the Jersey troops.
April 3, 1799 Orders to Report to Philadelphia Alexander Hamilton Caleb Swan Order for Swan, Paymaster to the Western Army, to appoint a fully qualified deputy and report to the Secretary of War in Philadelphia with his books and papers
January 5, 1799 Receipt of David Berry David Berry [not available] Payment for delivering dispatches to Commander-in-Chief of Western Army.
December 5, 1799 Officers of the Artillery Annexed to the Western Army Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Hamilton encloses to Wilkinson an arrangement of the Officers of the 1st Battalion of Artillery attached to the western Army, under the command of Major Rivardi.
February 21, 1800 Arrangement of Officers of the Western Army Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton encloses his arrangement of the officers of the Western Army in which he tries as much as possible to prevent the dislocation of Officers from their men. Requested McHenry to review list. Included list of officers appointed to position of Inspector along with an enclosure of the previously mentioned list of officers.
April 27, 1799 Housing for the Turtle and the Toad, Etc. Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Martial law should not currently be exercised at Detroit and, as temporary commander in General Wilkinson's absense, Colonel Hamtramck should take whatever actions are needed to guarantee the peace and welfare of the western army including, if the need arises, the building of houses for [Indian chiefs] the Turtle and the Toad.
September 17, 1799 Trade Monopoly in the North Western Territory James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry encloses a copy of a memorial from persons engaged in trade in the North Western Territory regarding a possible trade monopoly in that region by the Commanding General.
August 29, 1792 Offer of Adjutant General and Inspector of Western Army Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Knox makes offer of position of Adjutant General and Inspector of Western Army on the pay and emoluments of Lieutenant Colonel. Notes that Colonel Sargent has declined. Law does not authorize rank, but believes this will be rectified next session of Congress. If accepts position, repair to city as soon as may be. In case of declining, asks that Fish make no mention of the offer.
March 9, 1791 Wanted: An Appointment with the Western Army John Fitch Henry Knox Since his zeal in attempting to invent a steam boat has reduced him to a state of penury, Fitch petitions Knox for a position with the Western Army. An appointment as Surveyor of the Army would suit him well.
November 23, 1794 Receipt for payment of militia army called into service by President of United States for suppression of insurrection in frontier counties of Pennsylvania Presley Nevill Joseph Howell Nevill received $50,000 from Joseph Howell in bank notes to pay the militia army in western counties of Pennsylvania.
August 18, 1794 Clothing Sent to the Westward Army John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of the Treasury [Alexander Hamilton] has requested a statement of the clothing sent forward to the western army during 1794, noting what was taken from the old stock in store and the number of suits needed to complete the supply for that army.
November 10, 1794 Receipt for payment of militia army called into service by President of United States for suppression of insurrection in frontier counties of Pennsylvania Thomas Fisher Joseph Howell Fisher received $50,000 for pay of militia army called into service for suppression of insurrection western counties of Pennsylvania.
July 27, 1792 Procedure for Advances in Western Territory Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Mr. Lanclive left for Philadelphia on previous day on return to Western Territory. Mr. Colesworthy made a mistake in accounting. Describes procedures for future conduct of transactions in the "Western world."
November 12, 1799 On the assignment of a Clothier General to the Western Army Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Copy of document from Alexander Hamilton to General Wilkinson. Hamilton says that until the office of Clothier General shall be appointed, his duties will be performed by the Deputy Paymaster General. In this capacity, all articles and returns of clothing will come from him. All returns of clothing will be addressed to him. Captain Samuel Vance, 3d Infantry Regiment, acknowledges receipt 16...