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July 31, 1786 Report on Expediency to Retain West Point as Military Post Henry Knox [not available] West Point provides a strategic military defense against invaders to the US. Describes the exact location on the Hudson River. The fortifications are impossible to besiege. Considers West Point a vital part of the US to be guarded at the common expense of the Union. Refers to embarrassments of Britain, requiring the US to oblige to certain terms with British enforcement in Canada and the threat...
December 23, 1791 Contract to Supply the Garrison at West Point Melancton Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith wrote to Knox to determine how West Point was being supplied. He has forwarded supplies to West Point in anticipation of securing a contract. He offers the price of nine and half cents per ration.
August 24, 1784 State of Powder in the Stores at West Point William Price Samuel Hodgdon Discusses the state of powder in the stores at West Point and the prospects for conducting an inventory.
January 15, 1786 Transport of Ammunition and Disposition of Stores Henry Knox Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Discusses the transportation of cannon shells to West Point and the disposition of certain military stores. Will take immediate action to collect and deposit. Proposes that durable military supplies should not be sold but retained for future use.
January 10, 1786 Report from West Point William Price Henry Knox Discusses various routine issues concerning garrison duty at West Point, including muster rolls and new recruits expected to join the garrison
January 15, 1787 Delay in Correspondence Caused by Icy River William Price Henry Knox The river is so full of ice it is not possible to safely send the three pounders which Knox requested. The guns will either be sent once the river is clear or Knox can have them sent by land. Price will draw two months pay at the first opportunity. Any commands from Knox can be left at Widow Warren's in the highlands; Price will visit once a week to retrieve them.
December 9, 1785 Report on Operations at West Point, & Precarious Medical Situation There William Price Henry Knox Discusses clothing, the temporary loss of a Connecticut sergeant who was recalled to that state to help with recruiting, and the sending of wagon covers. Informs Knox that he has summoned all available physicians to tend to the sick at West Point.
January 16, 1786 Regarding the Garrison of West Point William Price Henry Knox Discusses various matters pertaining to the garrison of West Point.
March 17, 1797 Orders for Lt. Bissell Edward Miller Daniel Bissell Lt. Bissell is ordered to take command of all the recruits at Middletown--except a sergeant, two musicians, and Miller's waiter--and proceed by water carriage to West Point on the Hudson River in New York. Upon arrival, Bissell is to report to the War Office where the contractor will furnish the necessary supply of provisions and transportation.
April 21, 1787 Garrison and Hudson in Want of Payment, Captain Molly Needs Shifts William Price Henry Knox Mr. Garrison has repeatedly asked for payment for the cords of wood and carting which he furnished last winter. Mr. Hudson the carpenter has also asked for payment. Price does not have the funds to pay. Captain Molly is in need of shifts, which Price wants to know if he should order. Mr. Hog is not yet returned.
April 15, 1790 Stores at New London and Other Business Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Powder and lead will be shipped from West Point to Richmond. Knox mentions the report of public stores at New London. The payment of invalids pensions has been increased, and any in arrears will likely be paid by Congress. Claims previously mentioned by Randolph discussed.
November 29, 1796 Osborn explaining his submission of his commission for resignation Samuel Osborne James McHenry Discussing and explaining Osborn's submitting his commission for resignation, primarily the perceived injustice of Col. Rochefontaine's behavior.
May 19, 1797 Pay of Private Hudson, Deceased, 4th US Regiment William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $12.80 is due Alexander Hudson, late a private in the 4th US Regiment, being the balance of his pay from July 3 to December 10, 1792, the day of his death, which sum is payable to Alexander Gibson, Attorney for Rush Hudson, father of and legal heir to Alexander Hudson.
April 19, 1785 Massachusetts: Cession of western Land Claims. Rufus King [not available] General Court of Massachusetts passed Act relinquishing certain lands the property of the Commonwealth, for the common benefit of the United States. Such tract lies between Rivers Hudson and Mississippi.
June 24, 1790 Request for Estimate of Transport Cost for Military Stores Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, directs estimate of transport cost for public stores.
February 16, 1799 Information from Captain Houdin about Mr. Hudson Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Has received information from Captain Houdin on Mr. Hudson's business; requests direction of how to proceed.
February 13, 1799 Information from Captain Houdin about Mr. Hudson Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Enclosed letter from Captain Houdin provides information on Mr. Hudson, calling for future instruction.
December 20, 1795 Adapting Carriages of Ammunition, Etc. Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering lists a number of items and wonders whether they can be obtained and received at West Point by early April. The carriages of the wagons should be adapted to the kind of ammunition they will carry. Whatever is deposited at Springfield can be transported as soon as the ice breaks up on the Connecticut River. Colonel Rochefontaine choose to have the wagons completed at West Point but...
October 8, 1796 Discusses Situaton at West Point with Indians James McHenry George Washington Discusses situation at the garrison. Refers to affairs at West Point, including with Indians. Suggests possibility of separating troops detached from West Point. Mentions French monarchy.
February 4, 1796 Pay & Subsistence of Bernhardt Hudson William Simmons Secretary of War Simmons certifies that $172 is due Barnhardt Hudson, military storekeeper at Fort Ransalear, being his pay and subsistence for the year 1795.
June 3, 1790 [COPY] Report on the Petition of Stephen Moore Tench Coxe [not available] Refers to a petition by congressman Stephen Moore of North Carolina referred to Secretary of Treasury regarding land at West Point New York, where Moore owns some property. Cites the strategic value of West Point location on Hudson River; can be defended against a maritime power. Listed reasons to purchase land by government and permanently establishing military post at West Point for...
November 28, 1794 Pay matters at West Point George Fleming Joseph Howell Cover letter transmitting pay vouchers of the West Point garrison. Notifies Howell that he has requested 6,000 dollars from the Secretary of War for contingent expenses of the West Point garrison. Cited in Fleming to Howell, 01/03/1795.
July 24, 1795 Pay for West Point troops William Simmons William Willson Informs Lt. Wilson that all the troops at West Point will be paid together.
July 12, 1800 Certification of payment; Barnard Hudson, Store Keeper at Fort Renslaer and its dependencies William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $172 to Barnard Hudson, Store Keeper at Fort Renslaer , New York, and its dependencies.
February 26, 1790 Articles Needed to Complete the Troops William Price Henry Knox Price lists the articles needed to complete the troops. There are only enough buff cartouch box belts for two companies, as Captains Burbeck and Savage need to have a number on hand and none were turned into the stores when other companies were discharged. Price only has two wall and ten common tents which will stand up to use, although he does have five very large hospital tents if Knox thinks...