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January 29, 1795 Letter to the Wayandots of Sandusky on Religion Edmund Burke Wyandots of Sandusky Letter communicated by Mr. Isaac Williams. Burke notified the Wayandots of Sandusky of a forthcoming visit to discuss the state of their religion and land ownership. Burke advised the Indians to listen to authority sent to protect them.
February 21, 1795 Agreement to Peace Talks at Time Appointed by Indian Tribes John Williams [not available] Notification of acceptance to peace talks between several tribes and the United States. Notes on 22nd February the Wayandots, by Chief Middle Sky, signed the Preliminary Articles for peace.
May 7, 1795 Deceit of Creek Indians Discussed John Foster Williams Anthony Wayne Williams believed war would continue due to the encouragement of the Creek Indians by the British to make war against United States. Warriors take war path by Wayandol and Delaware towns with hopes they will strike and give the warriors a right to commence hostilities. Danger to women and children discussed. Request for hasty assistance.
January 14, 1794 Release of Prisoners Anthony Wayne Indians Northwest of Ohio River Speech of Captain Big Tree: His Nephews were too proud last summer but came to their senses and lowered the asking price regarding the release of prisoners.