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October 24, 1800 Travel Plans Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Accounts and returns submitted by Craig will be examined. President expected to arrive in Philadelphia soon, Sec. of War will accompany him to the "New City" (City of Washington). Notification that Wilkinson will not be in Pittsburgh for a long time, his current location is the City of Washington.
June 6, 1800 Settling Account, Move to City of Washington Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Account information pertaining to Col. O'Hara's settlement. No time to handle some accounting due to office being "on the wing" to settle in new offices in City of Washington. Barrel of coffee and sugar to go to Pittsburgh shortly.
November 26, 1800 New Seat of Government in Washington United States Senate John Adams Letter from the United States Senate to President John Adams, respecting the new seat of government in Washington, D.C., and subjects of legislative consideration.
May 15, 1800 Letter from the Secretary of Navy to the Secretaries of State, War, and Treasury on the subject of pavement of City of Washington Benjamin Stoddert [not available] Discusses pavement to be made in Washington, DC under the direction of the Secretaries for War, State, Treasury and Navy. Stodder notes that good pavement and in great quantities can be found within 3 miles of the city on navigation. He goes on to describe dimensions of the roads, lengths and costs. Says that a footway of pebble would be disagreeable to walk upon and and would not be dry in bad...
May 16, 1800 Changes and Relocation of Capitol Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Order to move to City of Washington just received, it is said the President wanted to have all Public Offices open at that location by the fifteenth of the month. Recent changes are great and unexpected.
October 7, 1800 Expense for Removal from Philadelphia to Washington Unknown Author William Simmons Lists expenses related to travel, transportation, and shipping of home goods and family from Philadelphia to the City of Washington.
June 20, 1800 New Secretary of War and Future of the Agency Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Dexter, new Secretary of War still getting his bearings. Uncertain of the "agency's" future with the move to the City of Washington.
August 25, 1800 Warrant Remitted to Houdin, Etc. Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner has learned from Mr. Condy that Hodgdon's son has passed through Alexandria and is expected to be in Washington City soon. The Treasurer remitted the money to the Cashier Bank and endorsed the warrant to be remitted to Houdin which accounts for Hodgdon not receiving it.
June 4, 1800 State of Clothing Due the Corps Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Hamilton Hodgdon, in response to an inquiry from Hamilton, says that it appears that the regiments have received their full dues of clothing for the current year. If that is not the case, no time will be lost in forwarding any portion due. Mentioned the move of offices from Philadelphia to the City of Washington.
December 15, 1800 Certification of Payment to Brigadier General James Wilkinson for Expenses William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $1044.17 to Brigadier General James Wilkinson for expenses; New York to the Natchez; Fort Adams, on the Mississippi, and to City of Washington, by order of Major General Alexander Hamilton.
September 9, 1800 [General Orders] Major T.H. Cushing [not available] Lists fuel allowances for officers, men and camp followers in the jurisdiction of the City of Washington; lists all forts, posts and garrisons in this jurisdiction (with caveats concerning fuel in certain cases). Appended is a Battalion Orders concerning applications for discharges, by a Major D. Jackson.
September 17, 1800 Charges for Clothing Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Abstract of Quartermaster's Stores purchased and manufactured received. Problems with charges of clothing delivered to S. Vance and his regiments. Advised Craig not to blend charges in his accounts.
September 12, 1800 Forwarded Mail Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Glad to hear W. Price is with Craig, will forward chest if it is present. Requested Craig notify Turner that a package will be forwarded to him shortly. Mentioned that war was likely in Europe, doubtful peace was ever possible.
February 20, 1801 Clothing Orders and Compensation Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon In the future, clothing orders will be packed up based on the needs of entire companies. Details on obtaining compensation for services rendered the Ordnance and Clothing Departments.
June 5, 1800 Acknowledgement of Letter Received William Simmons David Ames Simmons acknowledged receipt of letter from Ames in lieu of account who was absent. Because all papers of War Dept. are packed and to be shipped to city of Washington, Ames must wait until the papers arrival to the city to receive the information he requested.
February 18, 1801 Official Appointment to Rank of Lieut. Samuel Dexter Kilian Van Renssalear Commission to Lieut of artillerists and engineers.
October 19, 1800 Certification of payment; Henry Wheteroft, Assistant Postmaster at Washington City for postage and letters addressed to and from Caleb Swan William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $388.76 to Henry Wheteroft, assistant postmaster at Washington City for postage and letters addressed to and from Caleb Swan.
June 4, 1800 Revolutions in the Departments of Government, Etc. Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Freeman discusses how to handle returns involving soldiers found unfit for service and how to find suitable housing for him and his family in the new city of Washington.
November 26, 1800 Hope that New Seat of Government is Sound John Adams United States Senate Acknowledged G. Washington's memory, hoped that new seat of government will be sound and that Congress will be productive under Divine guidance.
January 28, 1801 Certification of payment; Samuel T. Dyson for expenses while at the City of Washington William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $78.75 to Samuel T. Dyson for expenses while at the City of Washington, including allowance for service.
June 26, 1800 Movement of office to Washington Peter Hagner Edward Carrington Letters and enclosures will be attended to when office is moved from Philadelphia to Washington.
November 9, 1798 Public Officers Are Returning to the City, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon General William Irvine Along with sundry supply matters, Hodgdon notes that the public officers are returning to the city along with Colonel Hamilton and General Washington.
November 9, 1798 Public Officers Are Returning to the City Samuel Hodgdon General William Irvine Hodgdon happily observes that public officers, including General Washiington and Colonel Hamilton, are returning to Philadelphia and the city has come alive as a result.
August 11, 1800 Captain Merchant's suspicious arrival in Alexandria Samuel Hodgdon Jeremiah Condy Captain Merchant arrived in Alexandria under such suspicious circumstances as to warrant his confinement and that of his crew. Hodgdon wishes for Condy to go to Alexandria and accept the property on behalf of Hodgdon.
October 11, 1800 This State is Lost to the Federals, Etc. Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Secured repayment for Hodgdon. Hagner expresses his willingness to serve Hodgdon without a commission. The health of Washington City is much better. The election of his State is lost to the Federals, a majority of ten or twelve "Antis" have been elected.