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May 31, 1795 Arms and Ammunition for Ohio County Henry Knox William Blount Request for arms and ammunition answered, supplies to be sent to Ohio County.
September 23, 1795 Pay of the Scouts of Ohio County, in Virginia William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $1,574.18 is due the Scouts of Ohio County in Virginia, called into service by Brigadier General Benjamin Biggs, being their pay from September 25th 1794 to May 21st 1795 for the protections of the frontiers of said County.
October 6, 1794 Papers regarding the Whiskey Rebellion Alexander James Dallas Alexander Hamilton Transmits, for the perusal of President George Washington, the original papers received by James Lang from the County of Fayette, Pennsylvania, along with a copy of the answer from Governor Thomas Mifflin. Lang was one of the committee of conference appointed by the insurgents of western Pennsylvania during the Whiskey Rebellion to confer with the commissioners of the United States.
March 7, 1796 Pay of the Scouts of Westmoreland County William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $2,492.82 is due the Scouts of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania for their services on the frontier from March 1 to Dec. 27, 1795, the time of their discharge, payable to Charles Campbell, Brigade Inspector.
August 16, 1793 Deposition from William Jones to Jared Irwin on prospects for peace following death of David Cornell William Jones [not available] In deposition given at Washington County Georgia, Jones states that having resided among the upper Creeks, has found them inclined toward peace until the death of David Cornell, whose circumstances have exasperated his family and who are determined to have satisfaction. Sworn before Jared Irwin and taken from Executive files of W. Urquhart S.E.D.
April 7, 1791 Appointment of Officers to Virginia Battalion George Washington Major General Richard Butler Washington authorized Colonel Da[nka] to appoint officers to Virginia Battalion so they can begin recruiting.
February 10, 1796 Certification of payment; Scouts of Logan County Kentucky William Simmons [not available] Simmons certifies payment of $103.34 to the Scouts of Logan County Kentucky for pay and services from 23 April to 23 June 1795 per certificate of Governor Shelby.
August 12, 1800 Letter Received Regarding Pay, Late Reply Peter Hagner Samuel Davis In absence of Simmons, P. Hagner replied to Davis. Letter from Davis was unanswered due to removal of office from Philadelphia to City of Washington. Subject regarding pay, was answered: Pay and issues related to pay must be pursued with Pay Master or Paymaster General of each specific regiment.
July 25, 1798 Forwarding of Remarks Made at Wayne County, Pennsylvania Defense Meeting Samuel Sitgreaves John Adams Sitgreaves forwards "The Address of of a Meeting of the Military Officers and other Citizens of the new County of Wayne, in Pennsylvania," dated July 20. The address is not included.
July 28, 1790 Further Protection Offered to Russell County, Virginia Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Extract of letter from Henry Knox authorizingVirginia's governor, Beverley Randolph, to organize militia for the purpose of protecting Russell County from Indian hostilities.
September 11, 1800 Conspiracy to Effect an Insurrection of the Blacks in Henrico County, Virginia Jonathan Newman Samuel Hodgdon Newman warns of a possible conspiracy by slaves to foment a rebellion in Henrico County, Virginia. He urges that Virginia's arms and equipage be moved to Harpers Ferry to keep them from being seized by the conspirators.
August 31, 1793 Deposition of James Aikens describing threats by inabitants of Georgia against Federal Indians agents their employ James Aiken [not available] James Aiken, working for James Seagrove, Creek Indian Agent, describes traveling with goods and baggage of Seagrove along with a free negro named Frederick Chaves. In Washington County Georgia, Aiken and Chaves were confronted by inhabitants and threatened with death because of their service under Seagrove. A Reverend Hutchinson intervened and saved the men's lives. Aiken notes that the people...
April 27, 1795 Pay of the Scouts of Mason County, Kentucky William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $1,297.50 is due the Scouts of Mason County, Kentucky as pay for their service between March and December 1794.
November 24, 1791 Defense of the County of Russell Beverley Randolph Henry Knox Governor Beverley Randolph of Virginia lists for Knox the actions the federal government has taken in the defense of Russell County. He expresses his desire that the government reimburse Virginia for the ammunition the State has provided for defense as well as for the Chickasaw Indians.
May 9, 1800 Certification of payment; General Henry Lee for iron ore, Berkley County Virginia William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $15,269.68 General Henry Lee for iron ore, Berkley County Virginia [now WV], for use of United States.
May 28, 1796 Pay of John & David McElmurry, Scouts of Logan County Kentucky William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $101.66 is due John and David McElmurry, Scouts of Logan County Kentucky, being their pay for protecting the frontier of that county from July 29 to Sept. 27, 1794.
September 10, 1790 Certificate of four scouts of Lincoln County Kentucky John Logan [not available] Scouts came before Logan as Justice of peace. Are of full age and made oath to serve as Scouts in Lincoln County Kentucky;
May 21, 1785 Indian Attacks Arthur Campbell Patrick Henry Arthur Campbell sends to the Governor of Virgina, Patrick Henry, a letter conveying his fears of Indian attacks along the frontier settlements of Virginia.
June 29, 1792 Troops are Marched as Fast as They are Recruited Henry Knox Anthony Wayne In order to alleviate Wayne anxiety, Knox reports on the recruitment and transportation of men and supplies to support Wayne's expedtion against the western Indians.
October 11, 1799 Land Warrant for an Enlisted Soldier, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig seeks Hodgdon's assistance in obtaining a land warrant for an enlisted soldier. Craig also mentions local elections.
October 6, 1791 Request to Forward Letter John Stagg Isaac Craig Inquiry into missing clothing for Capt. Buell's company. Orders to forward enclosed letter to lieutenants of several counties.
July 6, 1792 Disposition of Indian Forces and Threat of Smallpox Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses a number of matters concerning the garrison at Pittsburgh, including the disposition of Indian forces and the threat of small pox. His plan is to separate those troops who have had the disease from those who have not had it.
May 12, 1796 Pay of the Scouts of Bourbon County, Kentucky William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $287.49 is due the Scouts of Bourbon County Kentucky for their pay between May 1 and August 10, 1792.
March 10, 1791 Circular Letter from the Secretary of War to the County Lieutenants of the Frontier Counties of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky Henry Knox [not available] Authorization to employ militia in response to the situation in Ohio County. Enclosed pay and ration schedule for militia and rangers. Details on payment, supply, and activity of those volunteering for service.
October 14, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, to Henry Knox, on Georgia efforts to undermine peace with Creeks James Seagrove Henry Knox From Fort Fidius, Seagrove laments that his failed efforts at achieving peace with the Creek Nation are entirely owing to the unruly conduct of the people of Georgia. Reports that there are two expeditions on foot against the Creek towns; one party from Green County and other from Washington. Suggests that Georgia Governor Telfair is encouraging this activity. Expresses hope that the...