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January 17, 1794 Payroll of the Scouts of Westmoreland County Joseph Howell Charles Campbell Howell encloses the pay roll of the scouts of Westmoreland County, which sums are to be paid to each scout while ensuring that receipts are obtained.
September 15, 1803 General Lee and the Scouts of Mason County Alexander Dalrymple Orr William Simmons General Lee has shown Orr a letter from Simmons dated April 1, 1802, stating that Caleb Swan has credit in the office of the Accountant for $1156.66 advanced to Lee for the Scouts of Mason County between May and December, 1792. Orr was in charge of receiving all money for Lee at the time and submitted vouchers for all payments received. He believes the amount is correct, but does not know where...
April 4, 1796 Pay of the Scouts of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $3,453.33 is due the Scouts of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania for their services on the frontier of that County from September 1794 through January 1796.
July 25, 1791 Abstract of Scouts for Mason County Joseph Howell Henry Knox Abstract of Scouts for Mason County established by orders of President of United States. Lists name, age, county, days in service, pay by pounds and pay by shillings.
October 10, 1794 Pay of Scouts and Militia of Hardin County Joseph Howell Patrick Brown Attorney James Smiley has received funds for the pay due the Scouts of Hardin County and for pay due a party of militia commanded by Sergeant Matthew Howells.
November 24, 1795 Account of Lieutenant Colonel Ebenezer Sproat William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $330 is due Lieutenant Colonel Ebenezer Sproat of the militia of Washington County, Southwest Territory being for his service in administering the levies and scouts and paying them during 1794 and 1795 at the rate of four months in each year, agreeably to opinion of General Knox.
October 26, 1792 [Circular] Notification of Pay Henry Knox David Shepard Details of how scouts for Ohio County would be paid in the future with orders to pay scouts for previous service.
April 9, 1793 Cherokee Representation to Philadelphia William Blount Henry Knox Blount believes that the Cherokee Nation would be willing to send a represenation to Philadelphia to confer with the President but they are hesitant to do so while it appears the Creeks are making war, with the aid of young Cherokee warriors, on the Cumberland settlements .
February 10, 1796 Pay of the Scouts of Logan County Kentucky William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $103.34 is due the Scouts of Logan County Kentucky, being their pay for April 23 to June 23, 1795.
May 2, 1796 Pay of the Scouts of Green County William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $200 is due the Scouts of Green County, being their pay from July 9 to September 7, 1794.
April 29, 1793 Extracts from depositions indicating likelihood of general war, construction and garrisoning of blockhouses, and measures taken to secure help from Governor of South Carolina Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Georgia Governor Telfair cites some depositions [extracts follow letter] which he says support notion that a general war is imminent with Creeks and Cherokees. Is building and garrisoning block houses. These he considers expedients until the President of United States General George Washington can better provide protection for the settlers. Plans to coordinate with governor of South Carolina...
October 10, 1794 Pay of Scouts and Militia of Nelson County Joseph Howell Joseph Lewis Funds have been handed to attorney James Smiley for the pay of the Scouts of Nelson County and for the party of militia commanded by Ensign Luke Calvin.
December 29, 1791 Use of Scouts to Provide Security for Local Inhabitants Henry Knox [not available] Extract taken from records of the War Office, signed by John Stagg, War Office Clerk. The Secretary of War informs the Lieutenants of the Pennsylvania Counties of Allegheny, Westmoreland and Washington that a detachment of recruits of regular troops has been marched for Fort Pitt in order to provide security for the inhabitants, presumably from Indians. In addition, Knox gives the authority to...
April 22, 1795 Pay of Scouts at Crawford County Kentucky William Simmons Bennet Pemberton Discusses pay of Scouts for protection of of Crawford County Kentucky.
September 6, 1793 Deposition of Henry Carrel sworn before Jared Irwin Justice of Peace and taken from files of executive W. Urquhart S.E.D. [not available] Jared Irwin From Washington County Georgia, Carrel describes horses stolen on the Long Bluff. Captain Stocks and detachment pursued Indian culprits, killed some, recovered horses, rifles, smooth bore gun and sundry other items and returned without damage except hunger and fatigue.
September 17, 1794 Whiskey Rebellion in Maryland and Pennsylvania Alexander Hamilton Rufus King Secretary Hamilton writes Rufus King, U.S. Senator from New York. Mentions John Jay's relations with the Portuguese Ministry. Concludes the letter by discussing the insurrection in western Maryland and Pennsylvania, later known as the Whiskey Rebellion. States that there is a "very insurgent spirit & some insurrection" in these areas of the country. Discusses the militia plans to respond.
March 4, 1794 Pay for the Scouts of Allegheny County Joseph Howell Presley Nevill John Wilkins has received the sum of $800 for pay due the Scouts employed in Allegheny County for four months in 1793.
August 7, 1792 War and Peace with Indians, Putnam's Plan for War Henry Knox Anthony Wayne War and peace with hostile and peaceful Indian nations discussed, Knox enclosed Brigadier General Putnam plan for war and his objections to commencing war in present year. Navigation report by late Major Hearts enclosed.
January 7, 1797 Pay of the Scouts of Mason County William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $289.96 is due the Scouts of Mason County called into service by Kentucky Governor Isaac Shelby for the protection of the frontier of said county, being their pay from April 10 to June 10, 1795.
March 18, 1794 Pay for the Scouts of Mason County Joseph Howell Henry Lee Howell explains the procedures for paying the Scouts employed in Mason County, Kentucky.
April 9, 1793 Payment of the Scouts Employed in Westmoreland County Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Although Howell has been presented with the return for the scouts employed in Westmoreland County by Colonel Campbell, settlement should be made by Swan so it is referred accordingly. The County lieutenant has employed fourteen men of which eight are authorized by the Secretary of War. Swan should investigate the possibility that the remaining six will be paid by General Wayne.
October 14, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove to Georgia Governor Telfair requesting support in allowing Oakfuskees to settle matters with Cowetas for injuries done, to stop expeditions into Creek country, to prohibit future expeditions unless authorized by law James Seagrove Governor Edward Telfair Seagrove asks that the people of Georgia not interfere with Oakfuskee efforts to gains satisfaction for injuries done by Cowetas. Also requests he call off parties of militia assembled in Green and Washington Counties. Asks that Governor issue proclamation forbidding expeditions into Creek territory without proper [federal] authority.
September 22, 1793 Talk from Lieutenant Colonel William Melton to Headmen and Warriors of Donnally's Town, Flint River Georgia Lieutenant Colonel William Melton Headmen and Warriors of Donally's Town, Flint River Georgia Lieutenant Colonel Melton of Georgia Militia 1st Regiment Green County warns the Creeks about their continued depredations on property and persons of settlement he commands. Accuses Creeks of professing peace with President of United States General Washington, while conducting war on the settlers of Georgia. Warns that the father in New York, who has been good to them, benevolence should not be...
May 31, 1795 Arms and Ammunition for Ohio County Henry Knox William Blount Request for arms and ammunition answered, supplies to be sent to Ohio County.
September 23, 1795 Pay of the Scouts of Ohio County, in Virginia William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $1,574.18 is due the Scouts of Ohio County in Virginia, called into service by Brigadier General Benjamin Biggs, being their pay from September 25th 1794 to May 21st 1795 for the protections of the frontiers of said County.