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January 4, 1784 Questions on an Officer's Status Joseph S Carth Samuel Hodgdon Requests information from Col. Hodgdon as to whether Captain Emes is to be continued the station he currently fills or be removed. Information either way will be satisfactory. Reference to letter from Mrs. Emes.
January 2, 1784 Quartermaster's Request for Guidance Worsley Emes Samuel Hodgdon Captain Worsely Emes sends a letter to Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores, seeking guidance for relinquishing his duties in his present post.
June 4, 1784 Shipping of Bells Worsley Emes Samuel Hodgdon Advises of the shipping of the bells belonging to Mr. Livingston's church.
May 3, 1784 Letter Citation General Irvine Samuel Hodgdon CITATION Only. Cited in Hodgdon to Irvine, 05/24/1784. Samuel Hodgdon received a letter from Captain Emes, on behalf of General Irvine, requesting settlement of an account for forage.
January 6, 1784 Military Stores in the Peace Establishment Samuel Hodgdon Worsley Emes Discusses the peace establishment as regards places of deposit for United States military stores and the possibilities for Captain Emes's continuation in the service. He will receive preference from Hodgdon in peace establishment appointments.
July 10, 1784 Subsistence pay Worsley Emes Samuel Hodgdon Request for subsistence pay.
June 10, 1784 Delivery of Bells Worsley Emes Samuel Hodgdon Discusses delivery of bells.
May 24, 1784 Settlement of Forage Account Samuel Hodgdon William Irvine Hodgdon informs General Irvine that his forage account will not be settled until the whole amount of forage dues can be ascertained.
January 5, 1790 Charges and W. Caffry Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Knox asks for return of signed receipts, disallowed charges of McCaffry's services, and agrees to pay Colonel Callaway for his services in Virginia.
February 21, 1791 Deductions from the account of the Secretary at War Joseph Nourse [not available] Account of deductions from Knox's account as Secretary at War.
July 29, 1799 Claims on the Ground Along the Spring Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon The agent is at Carlisle disposing of the lots and commons and there are a great many applications for lots. The people who claimed the ground along the spring now claim the Baker house and coal house and all the ground along the spring in front of the buildings. It was the great neglect of Captain Eames that allowed Wilson to get control of that land and Parker seeks instructions from Hodgdon as...
January 31, 1786 Affairs of the Department of Commissary Stores Samuel Hodgdon Henry Knox Discusses various matters of the Dept of Commissary Stores, including status of shot and shells and ordnance in storage, settlement of officers' accounts, and the purchase of new muskets