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July 7, 1790 Opinion on Indian Attacks Harry Innes Henry Knox Stated that all warfare has been due to Indian aggression. In an effort to protect and preserve land rights, an expedition of volunteers into Indian territory will commence. Volunteers will not discriminate who they injure or kill.
April 20, 1799 Discusses Transition from Volunteer to Regular Troops James McHenry William MacPherson Writes about the transition from volunteers to regular troops. Commends volunteers. Refers to troops from Vermont, who await his orders. Discusses contractor expenses.
May 12, 1794 Preparations for campaign by General Wayne Henry Knox James O'Hara The Secretary of War advises the Quarter Master General to make immediate preparations for a vigorous campaign soon to be undertaken by General Wayne and 1500 mounted volunteers. An additional quantity of forage will be required for the volunteers.
July 27, 1794 Mounted Volunteers of Kentucky Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter to the Secretary of War; encloses copies of General Scott's letter and the return of the Kentucky Mounted Volunteers. Discusses conflict and potential war with Britain.
November 18, 1800 Portland Volunteers Samuel Dexter Joseph Coffin Boyd The Secretary at War informs Mr. Boyd that the renewal of the association of Portland Volunteers is approved. Therefore, commissions for the Volunteers are to be extended two years from the date of their expiration. This letter mentions the fire that destroyed the War Department.
June 21, 1799 Form them into a Corps even if they are never collected. William MacPherson Alexander Hamilton McPherson recommends that the volunteers be organized into sundry military units (battalions, regiments, etc.) and assigned to military districts under the command of someone to whom their officers will be responsible.
November 19, 1796 Account of Thomas Love, late Paymaster of the Kentucky Mounted Volunteers William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $804.38 is due Thomas Love, late Paymaster of the Kentucky Mounted Volunteers, being the balance of his accounts for payments to said volunteers and his compensation from June 1795 through May 1796.
May 13, 1794 Call for volunteers from Kentucky [not available] Unknown Recipient Cabinet meeting on the subject of affording an auxiliary force to Major General Anthony Wayne for the purpose of enabling him to make a vigorous and offensive campaign against hostile Indians. It is adviced that he be authorized to call for 2000 mounted volunteers from Kentucky, for the period of four months, if he should judge the measure expedient.
October 2, 1794 Funds for General Wayne's Army and Volunteers Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. The sum of $90,000 is requisitioned for the pay of the mounted volunteers of the expedition under the command of General Wayne and for the pay, subsistence, and forage of the Army.
May 15, 1794 Pay and Subsistence of the Mounted Volunteers of Kentucky Joseph Howell Henry Knox Enclosed is an Abstract of pay and subsistence of the mounted volunteers of Kentucky for their services under the command of Major General Scott in the year 1793.
May 7, 1794 Regarding Kentucky Volunteers, Garrisons, Contractors' Dishonesty, & Plans to Advance Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Thanks Knox for transmitting the President's commendation. Discusses payment of Kentucky volunteers. Notes troops who will be sent to establish a post at Massac. Notes that the garrisons in his rear are made up of invalids, to free more effective troops for the advance. Notes repeated inadequacy and lies of rations contractors. Citing their dishonesty, plans to take supplying the Legion entirely...
May 18, 1799 Appointment & Recommendations of Officers from Massachusetts Volunteers John Adams James McHenry Notifies McHenry of the appointment to a regular army officer's post a Captain Chandler and Lieutenant Flagg of the Massachusetts volunteers, and recommends others from the same source.
1794 Estimate of expenses for mounted volunteers Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Estimate of expenses surrounding the raising and paying of 2,000 mounted volunteers, of Kentucky, for four months, exclusive of forage and subsistence. Total expenses come out to $264,996.
June 11, 1794 Mounted Volunteers in Kentucky Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter from Major General Wayne to Secretary of War Henry Knox, concerning the Mounted Volunteers of Kentucky and the delivery and purchase of supplies. Mentions that the people of Kentucky do not want to accept paper money in payment, but demand gold or silver.
May 17, 1794 Instructions to Major General Scott Henry Knox Charles Scott The Secretary of War sends instructions to Charles Scott, notifying him that he has been temporarily appointed as Major General for the purpose of commanding volunteers raised in Kentucky. These volunteers are intended to reinforce General Wayne in his campaigns in the Indian war.
April 19, 1794 Deserter Forfeit Pay, Enclosed Muster Rolls for Mounted Volunteers of Kentucky Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter, discusses problem of desertion and pay of deserters.
July 16, 1794 Detailed Information on Hostile Indians Movement Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Mounted volunteers under Major General Scott and Captain Butler at Fort Washington ordered to Green ville to track the movement of hostile Indians. Escape path given in detail.
June 19, 1795 Pay, Subsistence, and Forage for General Charles Scott, Kentucky mounted volunteers William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $737.40 is due Maj. General Charles Scott, late of the mounted Volunteers of Kentucky, being his pay, subsistence, and forage through January 26, 1795.
August 12, 1799 Request for Sending of Officer's Commissions to Volunteer Company John Adams James McHenry Adams asks McHenry to send officers' commissions to a company of volunteers.
June 20, 1795 Pay, Subsistence, and Forage of Thomas Love, Paymaster General to the Kentucky Volunteers William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $1,049.92 is due Thomas Love, being the balance of his pay, subsistence, and forage as Paymaster General to the Kentucky Volunteers from May 1, 1794 to May 31, 1795.
June 14, 1794 Enclosed Receipts Charles Scott Joseph Howell Receipts of Capt. Pierce enclosed to Howell due to absence of Mr. Swan. Payment due for the reimbursement of pay given to mounted volunteers and the legion.
March 14, 1795 Receipt for payment to Caleb Swan John Pierce Joseph Howell Pierce sends Howell a receipt for the $86,460 that was given to the paymaster. $50,000 was to pay the Kentucky volunteers and the remainder was for pay, subsistence, and forage for the troops of the US Legion.
March 18, 1799 Support of the Pennsylvania Volunteers Alexander Hamilton Mahlon Ford Mahlon is ordered to join the command at Reading whose mission is to act in support of the Pennsylvania volunteers who are marching against the insurgents at Northampton.
April 22, 1791 Employment for Mr. Mentelle Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Mr. Mentelle has been recommended by the Consul of France in Philadelphia for service as a volunteer. Understanding that there is no establishment for volunteers, Knox advises General St. Clair to provide whatever employment for Mentelle that seems proper.
May 17, 1794 Pay for Kentucky Volunteers of 1793 Henry Knox Isaac Shelby The Secretary of War submits pay for troops under the authority of Isaac Shelby.