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February 9, 1798 On the conduct of General Wilkinson James McHenry James Wilkinson Scolds Wilkinson for the publication of orders in the Pittsburgh Gazette, which he argues may undermine morale. Criticizes Wilkinson for not informing him of his change of plans from going to Fort Massac into going to Pittsburgh instead. Also criticizes Wilkinson for suggesting that he has not acted in accordance to the will of President Adams, explaining that he does not feel it necessary to...
January 14, 1790 Reports Plans for Fort Washington; Fears Trouble from Creek Indians Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports visit from the Governor of the Western Territory [Arthur St. Clair], who then left for a visit of the new country, furnished with escorts under Lieut. Doyle and Major Wyllys. Believes Fort Washington will be one of the most solid garrisons in the Territory, describing the layout and construction. Describes surrounding area and inhabitants. Fears trouble from the Creek Nation in Georgia...
September 27, 1792 Treaty with the Wabash and Illinois Tribes Rufus Putnam Wabash and Illinois Tribes A Treaty of peace and friendship, made and concluded between the President of the United States and the undersigned kings, chiefs, and warriors of the Wabash and Illinois tribes.
November 24, 1787 Describes Territory, People, Indians Surrounding Kaskaskia Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports a fatiguing march with Ensign McDowell, 30 men, and 2 Indians: Pachan, a Miami chief, and his commande, who hunted and supplied the company with meat. Describes geography. Welcomed by magistrate and inhabitants of Kaskaskia and Baptiste DeCoigne, the Kaskaskian chief, who presented him with a peace pipe. Received visits also from Peoria, Cahokia, Mitchi, and Illinois Indians. Describes...
November 24, 1791 Report in aftermath of St. Clair defeat Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox A sick and bedridden St. Clair provides Knox an account of the ill fortune that befell his army during its November engagements with the Miami Indians. St. Clair is governor of the Northwest Territory.
August 13, 1797 Suspicious persons at Fort Washington William Henry Harrison James McHenry Harrison replies to McHenry's request for information on suspicious persons at Fort Washington, mentioning the actions of several men. Also informs him that the Spanish are planning on building a large fort down the Mississippi.
July 8, 1792 Putnam's Report on the Western Indians Rufus Putnam Henry Knox In a detailed report, General Putnam recommends that many of the western tribes can be rendered neutral by careful negotiation and presents and the hostile tribes can be intimidated by a large show of force near Lake Erie.
November 23, 1790 Report of Expedition against Little Turtle and Miamis Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Josiah Harmar provides a detailed account to the Secretary at War of the failed military expedition against Little Turtle and the Miamis. This account includes such details as the order of march, the order of encampment, and the order of battle. Describes the Miami Indians groups and the geography. Mentions interactions with traders, whom, he claims, may be more savage than the Indians. Ordered...
May 17, 1790 [Mr. Gamelin's Journal: Memorandum of sundry speeches held by Anthony Gamelin to the chiefs of the Ouabache (Wabash) and Miami nations] Antoine Gamelin [not available] Recounts Gamelin's travels to various Indian villages with a speech offering peace to the Indian Nations. Promises of peace, no more stealing. Discussed contracting a peace between the Kickapoo and Chiefs of the Falls and peace with white people to be held at Post Vincennes. Details on the relationship between the Miami and Kickapoo tribes.
September 17, 1792 Report from Fort Washington James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson reports on the state of his troops, his opinion of the intentions of the Indians and the possibilities for negotiations, the disposition and state of his troops, and his recommendations as to the future operations of the army.
August 25, 1790 Speeches to Indians and Unnecessary Expenses Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Lists the Indian Nations and their reception of the speech given by St. Clair on behalf of the U.S. gov't. Supplies also discussed.
June 7, 1790 Regarding use of force in response to depredations of Indians Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Detailed account of Indian attacks and continental troops defense against raiding and murdering parties of banditti on the frontier along Ohio River. No other solution but to "extirpate those banditti utterly". By orders of the President and the governor of the Western Territory, Harmar is to solve Indian problem without violating any Indian treaties already in effect. Volunteers from Kentucky...
June 28, 1793 Order for Legion to Hold Position; Report on Actions of Cherokees and Creeks Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox orders Wayne to remain on the margins of the Ohio in order to save rations, prepare for the coming campaign, and to avoid antagonizing the Indians. Among the southern Indians, the Cherokees and upper Creeks seem willing to remain at peace but the lower Creeks are causing trouble on the Georgia frontier.
October 6, 1792 Speech to Northwest Indians Rufus Putnam Indians Northwest of Ohio River Speech of Rufus Putnam, Agent to General Washington, for the purpose of treating with the Indians Northwest of the Ohio, and concluding a peace with the same. Indian tribes include the Delaware, Shawnee, Miami, and Wyandots.
June 15, 1788 Describes Activity Surrounding Fort Harmar, French Creek, Preparations for Indian Treaty Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Describes journey to French Creek and Captain Heart's work on his garrison and with the Seneca and Munsee. Describes geography. Discusses efforts to prepare for treaty. Refers to provisions and supplies and transportation by public expense. Reports numbers of boats and emigrants to pass through. Discusses land reserved by Congress and the lower land. Mentions dismantling of Fort McIntosh....
April 17, 1790 Expedition report from Major John Doughty John Doughty Henry Knox Major Doughty reports on his expedition on Ohio, Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers. Lots of ice on Ohio river made it impossible for Doughty to proceed. He sent men forward on land. Details of rowing upriver during spring flooding and residing with Chickasaws and Kickapoos who showed him "great kindness". Discussed various battles between different Indian tribes. Primary objective of Doughty's...
August 3, 1795 Treaty of Greenville Timothy Pickering [not available] Certified copy of official Treaty of Greenville that secures peace between the United States and the Wyandots, Delawares, Shawnees, Shawanoes, Ottawas, Chippewas, Potawatimes, Miamis, Eel River, Weeds, Kickapoos, Piankashaws, and Kaskaskias. Outlines boundaries, trade, agriculture, and civil rights.
December 16, 1790 Reports on Harmar's Expedition against the Hostile Western Tribes Henry Knox George Washington Knox's letter to the President includes the General Orders from General Harmer's expedition against the hostile western Indians.
May 25, 1796 Report of Suspected Traitors James McHenry Anthony Wayne McHenry warns Wayne of the presence of three men (Thomas Powers, Victor de Collot and Joseph Warin) who intend to reconnoiter the United States' military position in the western country and encourage people to secede from the union.
August 23, 1790 Instructions for Mounting Militia Against Wabash Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Militia to be raised in defense of frontier from raids by Wabash Indians. Politics with Great Britain addressed, regarding suspicions of US intentions toward Canadian territory.
May 16, 1792 Politics and Indian Relations Henry Knox Henry Lee Secretary Knox discusses details on interactions with the Indians, both peaceful and hostile, with the Governor of Virginia. Possibility of treaty and war.
January 26, 1792 Knox makes public the causes of hostilities with Indians Henry Knox [not available] Document, Causes of hostilities with Indians; describes Indians and Indian warfare; describes Indian aggression; mentions Territorial Governments; describes White encroachment; discusses Indian torture tactics; discusses Harmar's Expedition; mentions Indian delegations; discusses pioneers and frontier life.
February 22, 1791 Decisive Action Against the Indians on the Frontier Henry Knox George Washington Henry Knox's report to the President discusses the coming year's goals of peace in the frontiers and explains in detail how best to meet those goals, using both peaceful and military measures. He provides an in-depth analysis of the force required and the cost involved in taking decisive action against the Indians along the frontier, and the potential political and military implications of the...
November 23, 1790 Expedition to Omee River Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Letter, describes expedition to Omee River; describes lay of land along river; discusses frontier abbreviations for Indian names.
January 14, 1794 Release of Prisoners Anthony Wayne Indians Northwest of Ohio River Speech of Captain Big Tree: His Nephews were too proud last summer but came to their senses and lowered the asking price regarding the release of prisoners.