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October 18, 1796 Electors of President and Vice President for Maryland, Etc. James McHenry Colonel Howard Since Bright was enlisted for three years, and not during the war, he is not entitled to land. Enclosed is Howard's warrant for five hundred dollars for which a receipt is required. Who are likely to be the electors of the President and Vice President for Maryland?
September 5, 1795 Revocation of Vice Consul Post Timothy Pickering T. H. Moore President did not approve of Vice Consul's role in assisting Captain Home insults against seamen of United States. Revoked title and power.
December 12, 1795 [Report on measures taken for opening trade with the Indians] Timothy Pickering United States Senate Enclosure to Vice President's office. Discussed opening trade with Indians to provide them with cheap provisions. Methods of supplying provisions to Indians detailed, money owed Indian tribes.
June 22, 1797 Discussion of International Affairs William Vans Murray James McHenry Reports experience with W. Adams. Writes about international affairs and diplomatic causes. Gives opinion on President and Vice President. Reports exchange with Col. Pickering.
May 3, 1799 Discusses Commion of Officers for Captain Hays and Vice Presidential Election John Nicholas James McHenry Refers to the commission of officers for Captain Hays company of volunteer riflemen. Mentions government's impropriety of federalist practices. Recommends volunteer riflemen of Ablemarl. Refers to requests of the President and assures that all laws have been kept. Speaks of elections and the future selection of a vice president.
December 18, 1793 Information Relative to the Southwestern Frontiers Henry Knox John Adams "In pursuance of directions from the President of the United States, I have the honor to submit to the Senate further information relatively to the Southwestern frontiers."
July 16, 1790 Authorizing Payment to Invalid Pensioners Congress of the United States Thomas Jefferson An Act providing military pensions for one year to invalids who were wounded or disabled during the Revolutionary War.
September 24, 1788 Extolling the Virtues of Mr. Adams, Etc. Benjamin Lincoln George Washington Among many topics, Lincoln discusses the virtues of John Adams as a potential Vice President and his fears that the anti-federalists will hinder the success of the new government.
July 5, 1790 Authorization of the Purchase of West Point Congress of the United States Thomas Jefferson Congress authorizes the President to purchase for the use of the United States a tract of land situated in the State of New York, commonly called West Point, as shall be judged by him requisite for such fortifications and garrisons for the defense of same.
March 13, 1798 Enclosed Instructions for Pursuing Treaty with Cherokee Indians James McHenry [not available] Comformably to orders of President Adams, McHenry lays before the Senate, (addressed to Vice President Thomas Jefferson), detailed instructions on how to pursue treaty negotiations; copy of instructions to George Walton and Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Butler, Commissioners; Talk of President Adams to Chiefs and Warriors of Cherokee Nation; journal of proceedings of commissioners appointed to hold...
March 1, 1793 Copy of document [not available] [not available] Document, Memorandum providing opinion on the time, place and manner of taking the President's oath of office.
March 2, 1797 Request for Delivery of Cannon Materiel for Inauguration Day Usage James McHenry John Harris Directs delivery of cannon materiel for use on inauguration day, 1797.
May 24, 1797 Adams Response to Speech by Vice President Jefferson John Adams United States Senate Adams affirmed union of views among Congress and the President. Happily resolved that the United States would remain firm in its policy of peace.
March 1, 1793 Promotion of Cornelius Sedam to Captain Henry Knox Cornelius Sedam President of United States, with advice and consent of senate, has promoted Sedam to Captain in 1st Sub Legion in service of United States, vice Captain Montfort, killed 23 April 1792.
December 6, 1792 Jackson makes recommendation for appointment of John Tyler Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, recommends John Tyler for military appointment; mentions Presidential vote.
March 1, 1793 Time, Place, and Manner for Taking the Oath of Office. Henry Knox George Washington Three cabinet members provide their opinions on the time, place, and manner in which the President-elect [Washington] should take the oath of office.
March 2, 1795 [No. 65. Northwestern Tribes and the Creeks] Timothy Pickering John Adams As directed by the President, Pickering forwarded enclosed extracts of letters and document received from Gen. Wayne and from James Seagrove.
May 21, 1789 Bauman solicits a federal appointment from Knox Sebastian Bauman Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment in Federal Government.
January 17, 1799 Documents Associated with the Cherokee Treaty James McHenry Thomas Jefferson McHenry transmits to the Senate the four documents associated with the negotiation of the treaty with the Cherokee nation, dated 30th March 1798.
October 13, 1789 Congressional Act Providing for the Payment of Invalid Pensioners Henry Knox [not available] Congressional act outlines military pensions.
January 22, 1794 Restoration of peace with Creeks Henry Knox John Adams The Secretary of War informs Vice President John Adams that President Washington has instructed that the Senate be addressed on the restoration of peace between the Creek nation and the United States.
August 24, 1795 Politics with Foreign Nations Phineas Bond Timothy Pickering Wrote Capt. Home and King's Vice Consul in Newport, RI for answers regarding accusations, expects answer shortly. Discussed insult and ill feelings toward government.
December 30, 1796 Weather Conditions and Death of Wayne Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Noted death of Wayne giving Hodgdon, "great pain" and affecting "every true American." Mentioned weather being intense and the cold incapacitating a lot of people. Last line gives the probable results of the election;
February 2, 1796 Referring to Statement of the Military Force Employed Against Insurgents Timothy Pickering John Adams Settlement of pay due militia still in the process of being closed due to the departure of the men before receiving money due them for their service.
December 4, 1793 Instructions to the Commissioners, Etc. Henry Knox John Adams "In obedience to the direction of the President of the United States, I have the honor to submit to the Senate the instructions to the Commissioners appointed to treat with the hostile Indians north of the Ohio and their report in the form of a journal of their proceedings. And also a statement of the troops of the legion of the United States and certain intelligence from Major General Wayne."