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September 5, 1795 Revocation of Vice Consul Post Timothy Pickering T. H. Moore President did not approve of Vice Consul's role in assisting Captain Home insults against seamen of United States. Revoked title and power.
August 24, 1795 Politics with Foreign Nations Phineas Bond Timothy Pickering Wrote Capt. Home and King's Vice Consul in Newport, RI for answers regarding accusations, expects answer shortly. Discussed insult and ill feelings toward government.
September 5, 1795 Ruling on Conduct of British Officers Timothy Pickering Phineas Bond The United States government waited for sufficient responses from Captain Rodham Home and the Vice Consul before issuing ruling on conduct to punish officers. Protest of U.S. officers included.
September 27, 1791 Delivery of Arms to West Point Henry Knox Vice Consul General of France De La Forest Notification that arms and other articles will be delivered to West Point by Capt. Freeman.
May 8, 1797 Regarding the care of British deserters James McHenry Charles Lee Request for the Attorney General's opinion on how to handle the care of three British deserters under Vice Admiral Vanderput. McHenry raises the question of sovereignty and weighs the various reactions of Britain in the event of the United States offering the deserters protection.
September 12, 1795 Politics Surrounding Capture of U.S. Seamen Timothy Pickering Phineas Bond Secretary Pickering discussed politics and supposed lies surrounding the aggressions of Captain Home against U.S. seamen.
November 3, 1796 Accepting the position of Consul in Saint-Domingue Frederick Folger James McHenry Folger expresses thanks to McHenry for mentioning him to Pickering as a qualified individual to fill the position of Consul in Saint-Domingue, which he is currently waiting to accept.
September 5, 1795 EXTRACT: Governor's Opinion on Capture of Seamen by British Arthur Fenner Timothy Pickering Letter assured innocence of Captain Home, and dispelled rumors regarding capture of U.S. Seamen by British ship of war, Africa.
August 25, 1794 Vessel belonging to the British Consul Henry Knox Henry Lee Secretary Knox writes the Governor of Virginia on the subject of the vessel belonging to the British Consul, and taken possession of by General Matthews.
March 8, 1798 Appointment as consul of the United States in Spain Moses Young James McHenry Informs McHenry that Colonel Humphreys had asked him a few months prior to fulfill the position of consul of the United States in Spain, and requests that the executive branch officially and formally appoint him to the position.
December 12, 1795 [Report on measures taken for opening trade with the Indians] Timothy Pickering United States Senate Enclosure to Vice President's office. Discussed opening trade with Indians to provide them with cheap provisions. Methods of supplying provisions to Indians detailed, money owed Indian tribes.
December 17, 1799 Reprehensible Actions of U.S. Consul in Relation to Morocco James McHenry John Adams Reports on the case of Mr. Pintard, a U.S. consul to Madeira, who apparently continued trade with parts of Morocco after being informed that it would be viewed as an act of war by the Emperor of Morocco. His actions dishonored himself both as a government official and a citizen. Finds him greatly reprehensible, and advises that his present consulship be revoked and no new consulship be offered...
April 22, 1791 Employment for Mr. Mentelle Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Mr. Mentelle has been recommended by the Consul of France in Philadelphia for service as a volunteer. Understanding that there is no establishment for volunteers, Knox advises General St. Clair to provide whatever employment for Mentelle that seems proper.
August 21, 1798 Notification of French Intent to Lift Embargo on American Ships Fulwar Skipwith Joseph Fenwick The Consul-General at Paris (Skipwith) informs the consul to Bordeaux (Fenwick) that the French Directory has decided to lift the embargo on American shipping.
March 7, 1800 Mischievous Tendencies of Mr. Bowles, Etc. James Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton The garrisons of Fort McHenry and Sargent have been given orders to evacuate their posts and join Fort Adams. The Snow, carrying ordnance for Fort Stoddert, delivered its cargo manifest to the Spanish customs official, which may prevent its traveling any further upriver. Mr. Bowles may be acting on behalf of the British, but Wilkinson does not think he has a commission from them. Mr Bowles'...
October 18, 1796 Electors of President and Vice President for Maryland, Etc. James McHenry Colonel Howard Since Bright was enlisted for three years, and not during the war, he is not entitled to land. Enclosed is Howard's warrant for five hundred dollars for which a receipt is required. Who are likely to be the electors of the President and Vice President for Maryland?
[not available] Introduction for Isaac Todd James McHenry Unknown Recipient The Consul General of his Britannic Majesty has recommended Isaac Todd for an introduction. The recipient is asked to show him such welcome as is in his power.
June 22, 1797 Discussion of International Affairs William Vans Murray James McHenry Reports experience with W. Adams. Writes about international affairs and diplomatic causes. Gives opinion on President and Vice President. Reports exchange with Col. Pickering.
June 1, 1796 Complaints Relative to Mr. Parish, Our Consul at Hamburgh Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Although he questions the merits of the complaints by the French Directory regarding John Parish as Consul at Hamburgh, Hamilton recommends that Parish be superseded with a kind letter to him. It is not worth antagonizing the French government over such a trivial matter.
August 7, 1793 Commandeering Ships Henry Knox Governor Edward Telfair Agreement between U.S. government and Ministry of France on conditions of commandeering ships in U.S. waters. Requests clarification on how to proceed if there is no French consul at port.
August 16, 1793 Prizes Henry Knox John Hancock Directs actions to recover captured prizes.
August 19, 1793 Captured Prizes Henry Knox George Clinton Policy toward Naval prizes.
November 29, 1796 Recommendation of a French appointee in Saint-Domingue Frederick Folger James McHenry Folger, acting as soon-to-be Consul in Saint-Domingue, recommends a French appointee - Citizen Lamontagne - to aid in the service of commerce between France and the United States.
August 2, 1793 Verification of Reduction in Force Henry Knox Collector, Inspector, & Warden of the Port of Philadelphia The President has requested that the Collector, Inspector, and Warden board the British ship "Jane" and verify whether the reduction in force nas actually been carried out as specified to the British Consul General. The captain of the ship claims that the additional hands are real British subjects but proof of that statement is required.
May 3, 1799 Discusses Commion of Officers for Captain Hays and Vice Presidential Election John Nicholas James McHenry Refers to the commission of officers for Captain Hays company of volunteer riflemen. Mentions government's impropriety of federalist practices. Recommends volunteer riflemen of Ablemarl. Refers to requests of the President and assures that all laws have been kept. Speaks of elections and the future selection of a vice president.