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August 23, 1793 Valentine Pancake & Hogshead No. 23 Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Valentine Pancake has arrived with hogshead no. 23 of cavalry clothing and a few other packages. Some of the wagons lost their shafts on the way.
August 23, 1793 Money, Invoice of Clothing, Arrival of Valentine Pancake, Condition of Wagons, Additional Transportation Charges Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Received $5000 and invoice of clothing for 2d Sub Legion. Valentine Pancake arrived with cavalry clothing and suits. Mentions broken shafts and gumbrels, Mr. Culbertson's wagons. Because stores are forwarded late in season, will be additional charges. Boats cannot carry half loads. Need an assortment of files.
July 17, 1793 Shipments of Clothing for Troops Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Secretary of War requests that Craig send 110 suits of infantry clothing complete to Pittsburg and issued to troops at Fort Franklin, Pittsburg, Wheeling, and men directed to man the boats. Sent the first part of clothing by Valentine Pancake. Lists the items sent.
March 1, 1797 Certification of payments; Valentine Hoffman Peter Hagner James McHenry Certification of payment $140.47 Valentine Hoffman for blacksmith work done in repair of gun carriages from 1 August to 15 December.
June 13, 1799 Certification of payment; Major Phillip Pancake William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $38 to Major Philip Pancake 1st Regiment Philadelphia militia commanded by Colonel Francis Gurney, called out to suppress an insurrection in Western Counties of Pennsylvania, 1794.
October 4, 1798 Certification of payments; Valentine Hoffman for repairing field carriages William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment of $332.76 to Valentine Hoffman for repairing field carriages.
August 16, 1793 Enclosed Money for Quartermaster's Department Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Enclosed money for Quartermaster's Department by order of Sec. of War. Details on shipping clothing and equipment for artillery and cavalry.
November 4, 1799 Receipt of Valentine Boyer [not available] [not available] Receipt for fifteen shillings paid to Valentine Boyer
July 6, 1791 Return of Clothing Forwarded to Pittsburg William Knox Samuel Hodgdon Return of clothing includes hats, coats, vests, stocks, shirts, shoes, drilling overalls, sheeting, blankets, pouches and horns.
April 12, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Samuel Vincent Simmons directs Vincent to forward the records of Major Valentine Brothers.
1792 Probable estimate for Quartermaster's Department transportation expenses Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Accounts to pay for transportation and pay for an assistant to William Knox.
December 12, 1798 Certification of payments; Valentine and Daniel Hoffman for sundry implements for cannon delivered to John Harris, military storekeeper William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $70.15 to Valentine and Daniel Hoffman for sundry implements for cannon delivered to John Harris, military storekeeper.
June 11, 1791 Estimate of money due in the Quartermaster's Department Quartermaster General's Department [not available] Estimate of money due in the Quartermaster's Department.
October 15, 1800 Extract of Captain Valentine Brother's Letter Valentine Brother Samuel Dexter Extract of letter from Captain Brother to the Secretary of War, enclosing a return of public property.
March 30, 1799 Discussion of Recruits James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Has directed 2 parcels of clothing for New York and Connecticut regiments. Mentions potential April recruits. Discusses juggling positions of Captain Shoemaker, who has gone to the insurrection, and Captain Valentine. Requests assistance with recruiting service.
July 2, 1799 A Certificate from Valentine Seaman Valentine Seaman [not available] A certificate from Valentine Seaman.
August 24, 1792 Claims of two soldiers imprisoned at Quebec 1776 Mr. Randolph Joseph Howell Mr. Randolph asks the Paymaster General about the claims of two particular soldiers who were taken prisoner at Quebec in 1776.
October 15, 1800 A Return of Arms, Accoutrements, Ammunition, Etc. Valentine Brother Samuel Dexter A return of arms, accoutrements, ammunition, camp equipage, and clothing in the possession of Valentine Brother, late a Captain of the 9th Regiment of Infantry at the time of the Army's being disbanded. Included are the arms delivered by Captain Brother to Lieutenants Strother and Johnson of the Marine Corps, and the arms remaining with Capt. Brother.
June 12, 1798 Request for Issue of a 24-Pounder Elevating Screw Timothy Pickering John Harris Directs issue of an elevating screw for a gun carriage being repaired.
October 21, 1800 $4500 Remitted for the Springfield Factory Jonathan Newman Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War has issued a warrant in Hodgdon's favor for $4500 to be remitted to him by the Treasurer for the use of the Springfield Factory. Enclosed is a copy of the return of arms and accountrements in possession of Captain Valentine Brother of the late 9th Regiment at Frederick Town, Maryland.
July 4, 1799 RE Recommendations for Army and Navy Appointments Samuel Barnum Alexander Hamilton Routine correspondence recommending individuals for Army and Navy appointments
December 6, 1800 Blacksmith Expenses at Williamsport [not available] [not available] Expenses of blacksmith expenses for General Wilkinson at Williamsport.
January 22, 1786 Back Pay for Clothing General Edward Hand Joseph Howell The author has been charged three months back pay for clothing that was drawn by his regiment in 1776. He is certain that every article of clothing was accounted for although the haste with which the regiment had to leave may have resulted in some confusion. If the recipient could provide more specific information regarding the transaction, perhaps he could give more detail as to what happened.
January 23, 1799 Abstract of articles purchased by Ebenezer Stevens. [not available] [not available] Abstract of articles purchased by Ebenezer Stevens, agent for the War Department at New York. Articles delivered to the workmen on Governor's Island New York include anchors, lime, planks, boards
July 6, 1792 Estimate of monies wanting in the Quartermaster's Department Quartermaster General's Department [not available] Estimates of Monies wanting in the Quarter Masters department.