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September 27, 1799 Acquiring Land and Fuel for Winter Quarters Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton prefers Oxford over Uxbridge for winter quarters because the former has more wood for hutting and fuel than the latter. He directs Rice to purchase the right of soil if it can be had at a price comparable to that which is asked for the use of the land and the wood.
September 22, 1799 Search for Winter Quarters Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice compares Uxbridge and Oxbridge as potential sites for winter quarters. He views Oxford as the most favorable site.
May 19, 1800 Proposed Deposit of Stores Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Hamilton Relative to the reduction of the twelve Regiments, Hodgdon proposes that every species of stores be deposited at Scotch Plains or its vicinity at New York and those at Uxbridge or its neighborhood be deposited at Springfield, Massachusetts.
May 9, 1799 Disposition of Rice's Regiment, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton discusses the disposition of Rice's regiment and supplying his men. If Rice is not satisfied with Somerset as a regimental redezvous, he is allowed to find an alternative as long as it meets the requirements for water communication and proximity to Rhode Island and Uxbridge.
August 22, 1799 Early Preparation for Winter Quarters Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton stresses the importance of preparing early for winter quarters and lists his requirements for a proper site. He prefers Uxbridge in Massachusetts and recommends huts for quartering the troops. There must be sufficent wood for fuel and for building the huts and good water must be available. He would prefer to hire the ground but if that is not possible, a reasonable purchase price should...
September 23, 1799 Sites for Winter Quarters Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton reports on the proposed sites for winter quarters: the southern regiments will be near Harpers Ferry, the mid-Atlantic regiments will be at Scotch Plains, and the northern regiments will be near Uxbridge.
July 17, 1799 Competition Among the Actual Contractors, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton tries to impress upon McHenry the necessity of coordinating similar prices for supplies and rations amongst the sundry states. He emphasizes the importance of stimulating competition amongst the contractors as an effective tactic for lowering prices.
July 12, 1799 The government pays much too dear for its supplies of provisions. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton affirms his conviction that the government pays too much for provisions. He suggests a method of dividing the states for more efficient provision of supplies and argues that a competition among contractors should be instituted.
July 31, 1799 Discussion of Appointment of Officers, Medical Staff, & Chaplains; Disposition of Old and New Regiments James McHenry John Adams Forwards letters concerning General Pinckney, as well as the issue of appointing surgeon's mates for Hunnewell and Rice's regiment. Advises against recourse to the "act to regulate the medical establishment," saying that regimental medical staff should be sufficient for the near future. Notes that the current allotment of chaplains is one per every four regiments, but that the disparate nature...
January 5, 1800 Official Report on the Military Establishment and Recommendations for Improvement James McHenry [not available] Lays out in detail proposal for improvements to the current military system. Described a military academy, modification to the corps of artillerists and engineers. Believed these changes were essential for preserving the nation and protecting the country's interests. Cited European countries military successes as evidence that his suggestions were legitimate.
December 24, 1798 Report to the President on Military Reorganization James McHenry [not available] Outline to improve military, pressing issue of possible war with European nation. Influenced greatly by letter from Washington to McHenry of 1798/12/13.
December 13, 1798 Results from Assisting Generals Hamilton and Pinckney in Officer Appointments George Washington James McHenry Reorganization of states into military districts deemed unnecessary. Recruiting practices discussed with urgency, Washington advised preparation for war so as to be ready for possible engagements with Europe. Standing army, and allocated finances for military advocated. Advised on locations of magazines, winter quarters for troops, and forts.
February 4, 1799 Distribution of Existing Military Authority James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry lists in detail Hamilton's responsibilities as Inspector General. In particular, he explains the deployment of troops and the means of communications between the various garrisons throughout the states and territories of the United States.