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July 31, 1795 Muster & Payroll of Trigg's Detachment Stephen Trigg Timothy Pickering Enclosed is the muster and pay roll for Trigg's detachment.
May 11, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Lieutenant Trigg William Simmons Stephen Trigg William Simmons notifies Lieutenant Trigg that Edward Carrington will disburse his payment. Simmons includes instructions for proper record keeping.
April 28, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Lieutenant Trigg William Simmons Stephen Trigg William Simmons sends blank pay rolls with instructions to Lieutenant Trigg in Fincastle, Virginia.
May 29, 1795 Letter Citation Stephen Trigg Timothy Pickering Cited in Simmons to Trigg 06/29/1795
November 28, 1795 Pay of Men Enlisted by Lieutenant Stephen Trigg William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $320.38 is due to the men enlisted by Lieutenant Stephen Trigg, being their pay from August through October 1795.
May 11, 1795 Pay of Lieutenant Stephen Trigg, 4th Sub Legion at Fincastle William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $104 is due Lieutenant Stephen Trigg of the 4th Sub Legion at Fincastle for his pay for the first four months of 1795.
August 17, 1795 Concerning future pay William Simmons Stephen Trigg Informs Lt. Stephen Trigg that Edward Carrington will pay him.
August 17, 1795 Pay of Lieutenant Stephen Trigg and recruits William Simmons [not available] Simmons certifies payment of $341.41 to Lieutenant Trigg and recruits under his command at Fincastle, Virginia both for his pay and the pay of his recruits, from the date of their enlistments to 31 July 1795, to be transmitted to Edward Carrington, Esq., Supervisor of Virginia.
December 31, 1795 Enclosed copy of account current William Simmons Stephen Trigg Encloses a copy of Lt. Trigg's account current, with a balance of 64 dollars due to the Treasurer.
August 20, 1795 Instructions to pay various officers Peter Hagner Edward Carrington Directs Edward Carrington to pay Thomas Holt, Lt. Stephen Trigg, and Lt. John Saunders.
June 3, 1796 Pay of Sergeant John Chew Buckney William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $34.77 is due Sergeant John Chew Buckney, enlisted by Lieutenant Stephen Trigg, for his pay from March 2 to July 31, 1795, payable to Francis Preston, esquire.
June 29, 1795 Instructions for Pay Roll and Recruiting William Simmons Stephen Trigg William Simmons discusses the proper procedure for mustering and paying troops with Lt. Trigg.
May 29, 1795 Request for Instructions and Blank Muster Rolls Stephen Trigg Timothy Pickering Trigg requests of Pickering some blank muster rolls as well as instructions on the correct procedure for paying his men.
June 28, 1792 Appointment as Captain in United States Army Henry Knox William Preston William Preston is appointed captain in United States Army vice William Lowther, who declines, pending Senate approval. Subalterns are Lieutenant Benjamin Lockwood and Ensign Stephen Trigg. Money for recruiting to be forwarded to Richmond.
September 28, 1795 Confirms receipt of vouchers William Simmons Edward Carrington Confirms receipt of a letter sent by Edward Carrington, contained vouchers from Lieutenants John Saunders, Stephen Trigg, and John Posey.
April 28, 1795 Each Officer Is To Make Out His Own Payroll William Simmons Stephen Trigg It is intended that in the future every officer will make out their own pay rolls and transmit them with their muster rolls at the end of each two-month period. An examination will then take place and the amounts therein will be transmitted in the usual manner. Enclosed are some blank payroll forms for that purpose.
June 22, 1792 Appointment of Wiliam Preston Henry Knox William Preston Secretary Knox advises William Preston on the conditions of his appointment as captain, pending the approbation of the Senate at their next session. Also offers the names of his subalterns.
September 11, 1795 Receipt for payment to troops, except for deserters John Posey William Simmons Lieutenant Posey informs Simmons that he has paid his men, except for three deserters and a sergeant assigned elsewhere, and has $31.62 remaining that will be disposed of as directed.
May 11, 1795 Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Edward Carrington William Simmons Edward Carrington William Simmons notifies Edward Carrington that payment for Lieutenant Stephen Trigg will be remitted
March 1, 1799 Draft and Balance of Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Holt Requested draft and balance have been paid. Has received balance due Holt from the accountants, which shall be sent next month. Noticed Holt's ability to act with caution.
March 19, 1795 Clothing, Equipage, & Arms Transported to Col. Carrington John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgon is asked to have packed up and transported to Colonel Carrington in Richmond clothing, equipage, and arms to be delivered to Captain Alexander Gibson in Staunton, Captain Samuel Tinsley in Richmond, and Lieutenant Stephen Trigg in Fincastle.
June 8, 1798 Advancing the Amount of the Missing Notes Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Holt Hodgdon discusses the missing post notes and assures Holt that the Secretary of War has agreed to advance him the amount of the missing notes.
November 30, 1795 Letter from the War Department Accountant William Simmons Edward Carrington Letter from the War Accountant to Edward Carrington.
November 30, 1795 Funds to be remitted William Simmons Samuel Tinsley Informs Capt. Tinsley that he will receive from Edward Carrington the sum of 911 dollars for the pay of Capt. Gibson and his recruits.
August 3, 1792 Detailed Plans for Gibson; Preston; Thomas Lewis, and Howell Lewis Companies Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Detailed account of supplies, number of troops, and locations to which they'll march. Enclosed invoices with materials distributed.