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July 31, 1791 [Cover sheet, Topographical Analysis of the United States of America by state]. William Tatham Henry Knox Document, informs re topographical analysis of United States;
July 31, 1791 Tatham discusses topography with Knox William Tatham Henry Knox Letter, encloses Topographical Analysis cover sheet; discusses publication of Topographical Analysis.
April 14, 1799 Observations on a Letter from George Nicholas Arthur St. Clair Alexander Hamilton St. Clair encloses some of his observations relative to a letter from George Nicholas to his friend in Virginia and apoligizes for transmitting them so late that they will do no good beyond Kentucky.
February 1, 1789 On the surveying of ceded properties in New York; application to the government of Canada to make necessary astonomical observations Tench Coxe Thomas Mifflin Since there is no congress, Coxe suggests that Mifflin apply to the Secretary for Foreign Affairs [John Jay] to ask permission of Government of Canada to enter and make necessary astronomical observations and for information as to whether Mr. Ellicott can have supplies of provisions from British posts.
June 15, 1799 Observations about Supplies, Quartermaster, Business James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Responds to observations about agents procuring supplies. Seeks to instruct Jonathon Williams on his appointment. The Quartermaster General will go to Pittsburgh to make necessary arrangements. Mentions business of Major Toussard.
1794 General Observations on the Defense of New York Vincent Unknown Recipient Mr. Vincent of New York records his general observations on the defense of that city's harbor, concluding that an enemy landing could not be successful.
July 1800 Thanks for Observations and Pecans Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Hamilton replies to Wilkinson's of June 29th and says that, while he will miss Wilkinson's company, he agrees that it makes sense for him to go straight to Pittsburgh. Hamilton thanks Wilkinson for his observations on the Havannah. Mrs. Hamilton sends thanks for a box of pecans.
May 23, 1795 Request to review and provide observations of letters of Forman Cheeseman, constructor of frigate at New York John Stagg Joshua Humphreys John Stagg directed by Secretary of War to transmit letters from Forman Cheeseman, constructor of the frigate at New York. Asks that Humphreys review the letters and return written observations thought proper.
February 27, 1798 Observations on Captain William Rickard's account David Henley William Simmons Henley provides his observations on Captain William Rickard accounts as Deputy Paymaster. Henley submits that he is convinced the vouchers will prove right. He sends on Mr. Hillis' remarks; he has a few objections to the vouchers, notes that two receipts may have been omitted. Report made by agent to the war office states that Rickard made use of planks belonging to the public, and misused a...
December 15, 1786 Enclosed Vouchers John Pierce Walton White The Commissioner of Army Accounts encloses the whole of the vouchers to be presented to the state for allowance.
July 3, 1797 Error in the Pay of Dr. Allison Caleb Swan William Simmons Swan is returning Dr. Allison's account wih observations regarding the discovery that he has been paid $200 more than was his due.
May 6, 1795 Enclosed from Captain Truxton Timothy Pickering Tench Francis Letter, encloses receipts for pay.
March 22, 1794 Observations on the Rolls of Four Officers William Blount David Henley Blount sends the Muster Rolls of four officers whose service, he argues, was so trivial that paying them is not justified.
January 27, 1794 Observations Regarding Officers' Rations Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton Obserevations are transmitted regarding that part of the Act of Congress of 30th April 1790 that applies to officers' rations which are permitted to be allotted in either rations or money.
September 28, 1795 New London armory expenses William Simmons Timothy Pickering Informs the War Secretary of his observations regarding expense estimates for the armory at New London, Virginia.
January 27, 1794 Officers' rations Joseph Howell Alexander Hamilton The War Department Accountant transmits to the Secretary of the Treasury some observations on that part of the Act of Congress of April 30, 1790, respecting officers rations.
May 22, 1795 Transportation of New Carriages, Etc. John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants Hodgdon to examine the enclosed application from Mr. Harper and provide pertinent observations. Stagg quotes a letter from the late Secretary [Knox] in which he discusses the transportation of new carriages from the Delaware Works and the cannon which the President [Washington] and Governor Mifflin may want to observe firsthand.
May 8, 1800 The Duties and Functions of Inspectors. William North [not available] This General Order explains in detail the duties and functions of Brigade Inspectors. After every inspection, the Inspector is to forward the return he has received, with his observations and remarks, to the Adjutant General. Brigade returns must be signed by himself and the Brigade General.
June 16, 1797 Letter from the War Office regarding the table of signals [not available] Captain Thomas Truxtun Acknowledges receipt of table of signals. Appear to be methodical the accompanying observations the result of reading and experience. Will direct the printing to be paid;
September 19, 1786 Account information John Pierce Walton White The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes Colonel Walton White of Virginia regarding observations made on his account and vouchers.
May 13, 1800 Appointment of Commissioners Holding a Treaty with the Indian Tribes Elisha Hall Samuel Hodgdon Hall touts his qualifications to be one of the Commissioners during the coming treaty negotiations with the Indians.
April 26, 1793 Records for Public Houses in Kentucky James O'Hara Henry Knox Expected observations on pay for his department. Responds to orders about the public house in Kentucky, hoping records are in good order.
April 17, 1799 Regarding Further Improvement of the Works at Fort McHenry James McHenry Mr. Foncin Directs the superintendent engineer of the Fort McHenry construction to alter the original plan as he sees fit, regardless of cost, to ensure the defensibility of the fort. Reiterates that no additional money for the project will be advanced by the government.
January 6, 1797 Report on Indian Affairs in the Southwest Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins reports on his tour through the Southwest frontier, including trading affairs and his observations on the Upper Creeks and Cherokees and the intentions of their Chiefs
April 6, 1798 Discussion of Case of Lieut. Col. Stephen Rochefontaine in Court of Inquiry James McHenry John Adams Encloses documents supporting Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Rochfontaine. Describes Court of Inquires. Discusses charges, observations, and potential court martial.