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August 13, 1784 Concern Charles Thomson S. Hardy Cocern about the dissolution of a committee of Congress.
April 24, 1795 Pay of Lieutenant McClallen & Recruits William Simmons Nicholas Fish The Treasurer has remitted to Fish a sum to be transmitted to Lieutenant John McClallen at Alabany, being the pay of himself and his recruits for the first quarter of 1795.
November 15, 1793 Evidence of Sedition Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter from General Anthony Wayne to Secretary Knox describing evidence of sedition.
November 15, 1793 Wayne discusses good order and discipline within the ranks with Knox Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter, dis discontent among officers in the Legion.
October 5, 1793 Letter from Major Robert Flournoy to Major James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent criticizing the Federal Government, its handling of Indian affairs, the destructive northeastern politicians, and a request for the return of his negro boy Cooper Robert Flournoy James Seagrove Flournoy submits that the people of Georgia do not want a treaty with the Indians because it will be deaf to their interests. Criticizes the northeastern politicians for making peace on any terms. It was this approach that led to the failure in New York [presumably the failed Conference at Sandusky the previous summer]. Any prisoner exchange of Creek Indians should require Creek restoration of...
October 20, 1789 Census of Six Nations Giving Numbers and Names of Tribes and Heads of Families at Grand River and on the Ohio Reverend Samuel Kirkland [not available] Census, describes Six Nations population; describes Indian population. The total of the Six Nations population is listed at 3665
January 10, 1793 Payment of Soldiers Has Begun with Arrival of Paymaster General Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Pay has been allowed for certain garrisons but not for all of them but since the Paymaster General is now present, most of the problems related to pay should soon be resolved.
February 2, 1797 Appointment of Commissioners to Survey U.S. Boundary with Creeks, Chickasaws & Cherokees James McHenry Commissioners for Surveying of Indian Boundaries, 1797 Appoints 3 men as commissioners, and records the boundaries with each Indian nation as stipulated in respective treaties with them. Advises them to make sure they try their hardest to reconcile the Indians to the outcome of the boundary survey. Addresses the informing of Georgia and the Indian nations of the period the boundary will be run, the permanent marking of the border and the employment...
May 1794 Report to the Secretary of the Treasury [relative to practices and abuses in Tennessee]. Joseph Howell [not available] Report to the Secretary of the Treasury relative to practices and abuses in the Territory of Tennessee.