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November 9, 1796 Certificate of Thomas Smith Thomas Smith [not available] Smith verified his signature and seal, but stated he did not write the body of power of attorney document, nor is the information familiar to him.
April 28, 1794 Account of Thomas Smith Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Thomas Smith, late private in the 5th Virginia Regiment.
February 15, 1798 Certification of payments; salary of Thomas Smith, deceased William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $52.99 is due the estate of Thomas Smith, clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia being his salary from August 15, 1797, the date of his appointment, to September 22, 1797, following the day of his death.
May 4, 1792 Procedures for Invalid Payments Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Henry Knox The Comptroller of the Treasury states that pension payments have not been made correctly, and asks Secretary Knox to please correct the list by which Thomas Smith makes his payments.
May 14, 1800 Payment to Thomas Hume for contracts in Indian Department David Henley James McHenry Henley makes payment of $500 to Thomas Hume, to be appropriated to paying contracts in the Indian Department.
August 16, 1797 Appointment of Thomas E. Smith as clerk of ship yard at Philadelphia [not available] Thomas E. Smith Smith is appointed Clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia. Compensation $400 per year. Duties set forth in enclosure and all others which may be given by Secretary of War.
March 2, 1796 Request to Pay Merchants John Guier, James Smith, Thomas Howard [not available] James McHenry Bill from Caleb Swan, Gregg requests payment of $700 to John Guier, $400 to James Smith, and $100 to Thomas Howard, all merchants.
March 2, 1787 Cited letter or document, Thomas Smith to John Pierce Thomas Smith John Pierce Cite only; no image Cited in Pierce to Smith 03/16/1787
August 14, 1794 Letter Citation Thomas Smith Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Smith 08/19/1794
July 19, 1798 Report on the conduct of Lieutenant Smith Thomas Lewis James McHenry Reports that Lieutenant Campbell Smith for "villainous conduct and mutinous disposition" for declaring the Secretary of War and other officers of state to be a "set of damned eternal rascals" in his presence at Pittsburgh.
October 28, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Henry Smith William Simmons Henry Smith William Simmons informs Henry Smith that failure to settle his account with haste will result in placing his name among the delinquents.
August 19, 1794 Request of 14th August 1794 Joseph Howell Thomas Smith In response to Smith's request, Howell has obtained the paper alluded to from the Register of the Treasury and will transmit it.
September 14, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Edward Smith Simmons informs Smith that Sergeant Major Thomas Simmons will receive pay from Edward Carrington.
August 1, 1794 Exoneration of Accountability of Lt. Campbell Smith Joseph Howell Campbell Smith Receipts have been received from Mr. Swan for the money transmitted to Lt. Smith for the pay of troops so Smith is exonerated from any accountability in the transaction.
February 12, 1798 Claims of Lts. Smith & Webb and Maj. Cushing James McHenry William Simmons McHenry encloses the opinions of the Attorney General relative to the claims of Lt. Campbell Smith, Lt. [Bernard] Webb, and Major [Thomas] Cushing. He validates the claims of Lts. Smith and Webb although he does not believe General Wilkinson had the authority to appoint Judge Advocates. Gen. Wilkinson should not have appointed Major Cushing Brigadier Major and Inspector since these are not...
October 17, 1797 Request for Account Information or Refund William Simmons Burrows Smith Money advanced to Smith by James Mott, Treasurer of New Jersey, for pay of 4th New Jersey regiment called up to suppress an insurrection in the Western counties of Pennsylvania. The money that was issued on the order of Robinson Thomas, Paymaster to said regiment must be refunded to War Office since no vouchers were transmitted to Treasurer to exonerate Smith. Col. Nevill was furnished with...
March 22, 1798 Certification of payments; account of Lieutenant Campbell Smith William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $58.98 is due Lieutenant Campbell Smith of the 4th Regiment, being the balance of the expenses for himself, Major Thomas H. Cushing, Lieutenants Samuel C. Vance and Daniel Bissell and William Simmons, Accountant of the War Department, traveling from Philadelphia to West Point and returning, February 23 to March 14, 1798.
February 13, 1800 Abstract of balances of subsistence due the 12th Infantry Regiment Caleb Swan Alexander Hamilton Abstract of balances of subsistence due the officers of 12th Infantry Regiment.
March 2, 1793 Changing the Form of the Debt to France Thomas Jefferson George Washington Responding to the President's inquiry regarding William Smith's application for changing the form of the debt to France, the four Cabinet members agree that the government has made payments to France consistent with prior arrangements and sees no need to respond to Smith's application.
February 22, 1787 Counterfeit certificates John Pierce Thomas Smith Informs Smith that the certificate he received from him appears to be a counterfeit copy and that the person responsible has been incarcerated.
February 26, 1787 Counterfeit certificates John Pierce Thomas Smith Encloses a continuance of his register of certificates and confirms that the certificate offered for sale by Mr. Wilson is counterfeit, earning Wilson a jail sentence.
October 14, 1798 Receipt for Simeon Smith Transmitted Jedediah Huntingdon William Simmons Encloses the receipt of Simeon Smith.
March 1, 1799 Reports Loss of Key to Mr. Smith's Store; Injury and Ruin of Stores Samuel Hodgdon William Nichols The key to Mr. Smith's store has not been returned. This will cost the US. Requests return of key. Smith is not entitled to the rent already received. He has removed stores for his own accommodation. Many articles injured; some ruined.
July 27, 1791 Smith appeals to Knox to authorize military leave for a brother William Smith Henry Knox Letter, due to family hardship Smith asks for leave for his brother, Captain Smith.
February 6, 1792 Memorandum of discharges for 1792 in the Hands of Robert Smith Lieutenant Smith [not available] List of officers and soldiers discharged for services in the Western Territories.