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March 10, 1793 Advance to Thomas Fisher Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Fisher called on Butler to advance him a small sum to aid in his journey to Philadelphia. Butler advanced him six dollars which Hodgdon can refund to him by safe conveyance.
May 24, 1799 Payment to Mr Fisher for services riding the express on various routes Samuel Hodgdon James Miller Payment to Thomas Fisher for riding express per order of the Quarter Master General on various routes. Hodgdon notes to Miller that he has settled with Mr. Fisher.
September 27, 1799 Settling with Mr. Fisher John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Fisher is going out under the direction of Captain Vance. Wilkins wants to know whether Fisher should settle with Hodgdon for his disbursements previous to this period or with Wilkins. If Hodgdon settles with Fisher for five hundred dollars, Wilkins should not be charged with same. If Wilkins is to settle with him, he needs to know the time of Fisher's engagement and the terms under which he...
January 7, 1795 [No. 56] Delivery of Money Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Notification that Samuel Fisher was en route to deliver money due to troops in the upper parts of the Ohio for pay and forage. In the event of Howell's absence, Fisher instructed to deliver the money to Thomas Butler. Request for receipts of money dispersal.
August 7, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Lemuel Gates Simmons informs Gates of multiple accounting errors. Simmons also requests further information regarding the discharge of a disabled soldier, Thomas Fisher.
October 15, 1794 [No. 38] Enclosed Account Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Enclosed account of David Fero, orders to pay Fero from accounts in Craig's possession. List of notes sent via Samuel Fisher for the payment of troops by Craig or Col. Thomas Butler.
May 25, 1799 Payment to Mr Fisher for services carrying orders for General Macpherson Thomas Fisher [not available] Payment to Thomas Fisher for services carrying orders of General Macpherson to sundry officers on the Northampton expedition.
November 23, 1794 Receipt for payment of militia army called into service by President of United States for suppression of insurrection in frontier counties of Pennsylvania Presley Nevill Joseph Howell Receipt for $50,000 from Thomas Fisher for payment of militia.
October 15, 1794 [No. 37] Enclosed Money Due Troops Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Muster and pay rolls received, to be examined and passed to Craig's credit. Fisher to deliver money due troops at Fort Fayette. Pay due Heth, Howe, and Thomas Butler's detachments enclosed.
May 30, 1799 One Hundred Dollars Advanced to Mr. Fisher, Etc. James Miller Samuel Hodgdon Miller has received the $100 advanced to Mr. Fisher together with the $500 paid him on Colonel Wilkins' draft. Fisher says that the draft was one that a General gave him to pass to Hodgdon and Captain Vann corroborates the idea.
August 19, 1796 Muster and pay rolls William Simmons Nanning J. Vischer Muster and pay rolls received. The amount due on the pay roll will be forwarded to Vischer by Nicholas Fish, federal supervisor at New York. Explains the specific accounts of soldiers Thomas Fisher and John Kelley.
February 6, 1800 Certification of payment; Lieutenant Thomas Humphreys in the Battalion of Philadelphia Militia Artillery commanded by Major Jeremiah Fisher called into service to suppress an insurrection in the Western Counties of Pennsylvania William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $9.30 retained rations to Lieutenant Thomas Humphreys in the Battalion of Philadelphia Militia Artillery commanded by Major Jeremiah Fisher called into service to suppress an insurrection in the Western Counties of Pennsylvania.
December 2, 1794 Money Due Troops Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Notification that Fisher transporting money due troops for pay, subsistance, and forage at Head Quarters and the lower parts of the Ohio river. Requests receipt and to forward money to paymaster.
May 30, 1799 Pay as assistant quartermaster against the insurgents Thomas Fisher [not available] Fisher payed as assistant quarter master general on the Northampton expedition against the insurgents.
March 21, 1799 General Murray Has Given Me Permission to Occupy the Court House Thomas Fisher Samuel Hodgdon Fisher observes that General Murray has given him permission ot occupy the courthouse as a rendezvous but he has had some difficulty convincing the local people to haul wood and straw.
November 7, 1794 Receipts for Pay Forwarded Received Thomas Butler Joseph Howell Thomas Butler received letter with information on pay forwarded and found it satisfactory. Pay forwarded by Mr. Fisher came.
April 25, 1799 Abstract of Forage Issued to McPherson. Thomas Williams William Simmons Abstract of forage issued to General McPherson and his family [aides] during the Northhampton Expedition.
June 17, 1800 Authorization for Robert Fisher to receive money due James Baker James Baker William Simmons James Baker writes that the bearer to the letter Robert Fisher is fully authorized to to receipt with Simmons' office any money due to Baker
March 24, 1798 No Prospect of That Load of Goods Daniel Fisher Samuel Hodgdon Fisher has condcuted a thorough search for the load of goods at Witmers and can find no prospect of them.
August 23, 1794 Funds for Capt. Richard Sparks Joseph Howell Samuel Fisher Fisher is charged with the care of $258.93 to be delivered to Capt. Richard Sparks at Carlisle or, in his absence, Ensign Charles Martin.
January 7, 1795 Pay of the Men on the Upper Parts of the Ohio Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Fisher leaves this morning with $3,630, being the pay of the troops on the upper parts of the Ohio for the last quarter of 1794. Mr. Fisher will deliver the money to Colonel Butler who will give it to Craig who should provide signed receipts.
April 20, 1798 One Misfortune After Another Jeremiah Fisher Samuel Hodgdon Fisher begs Hodgdon for assistance. After recovering from a severe case of rheumatism, he now finds himself afflicted with another form of misfortune. The strict hand of justice has called on him for money and he finds himself imprisoned in his own home. If he is not able to pay by Monday, he will be sent to a real prison.
April 15, 1800 The Unfortunate Situation of Major Jeremiah Fisher Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Major Jeremiah Fisher, keeper of the Powder Magazine at Philadelphia, is in an unfortunate situation is due to non-payment of a demand on the Purveyor of Public Supplies. Wolcott advised him that his account must be settled by one of the other departments but justice requires that his claim be speedily adjusted.
May 28, 1798 Hiring Necessary Horses Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Fisher Fisher is told to hire as many horses as he needs to expedite his journey and Hodgdon will provide the necessary payments for doing so.
August 23, 1794 $258.93 to Capt. Sparks or Ensign Martin Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Fisher Fisher is charged with $258.93 to be delivered to Capt. Richard Sparks or, in his absense, to Ensign Charles Martin.