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February 19, 1787 Lieutenant Boyd's Pay Joseph Howell Alexander Benstead Howell assures Benstead that Lieutenant Boyd seems to have received all the pay that was due him and indeed is charged with the sum of $60 paid him by Colonel Walter Stewart.
April 10, 1796 Passes Charge to Captain Boyd M. Reeve James McHenry Intends to pass charge to Captain Boyd.
April 12, 1792 Assignment and Power of Attorney Thomas Boyd Samuel Maus Power of attorney between Thomas Boyd, Revolutionary War Solider, and Samuel Maus.
May 13, 1796 Pay of Samuel Boyd, Deceased, 1st Sub Legion William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $64.13 is due Samuel Boyd, Ensign of the 1st Sub Legion, being the balance due him as final settlement of his account up to Oct. 17, 1793, the day he was killed in action, payable to Samuel Boyd, his father.
March 25, 1786 Status of accounts with the Pay Office Reverend Wm. A. Boyd Mr. Jackson CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Boyd, 05/31/1786. Boyd may have requested the status of his cash accounts with the Pay Office and had questions regarding the advisability of selling his certificates of back pay.
February 28, 1797 Certification of payments; account of Boyd Vaughn Peter Hagner James McHenry Payment due Boyd Vaughn, late a clerk of Philadelphia Navy Yard, the sum of $70.83, his salary from 1 January to 20 February 1798
August 15, 1791 Bells Available at a Later Date Samuel Boyd William Knox At present the bells cannot be had in Lancaster but they can be had in three weeks if that is acceptable. If Knox will notify him by the next post, Boyd will provide them as soon as possible.
November 26, 1799 Certification of payment; Private Alexander Boyd, 4th Regiment of Infantry William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $15.13 Private Alexander Boyd, 4th Regiment of Infantry, for sundry articles of uniform clothing.
May 31, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Reverend Wm. A. Boyd Pierce informs Boyd that his claim for arrears is already settled. Pierce says he does not want to establish a precedent of settling the current certificates issued to the Army for arrears at market prices.
February 20, 1798 Acceptance of resignation of Boyd Vaughn as clerk ship yard Philadelphia [not available] Boyd Vaughn Acceptance of resignation of Boyd Vaughn as clerk ship yard Philadelphia. Deliver up all books and papers.
April 18, 1799 Cheaper Gun Carriages Robert Boyd Alexander Hamilton Boyd assures Hamilton that he could arrange for the production of gun carraiges for the vessels under construction at a cheaper rate than is currently being paid.
August 30, 1791 Bells, Collars, & Buckles Will Be Ready Samuel Boyd William Knox The bells, collars, and buckles Knox has ordered will be ready by the end of the week. Directions should be written for the wagoner who will carry them and Boyd will afix the directions to the top of the box that holds them.
May 31, 1786 Old cash accounts settled John Pierce Reverend Wm. A. Boyd Old cash accounts are settled. The danger of establishing a precedent for payments or loan on the certificates will prevent any success that Boyd would otherwise meet with in application to Congress for that purpose.
November 18, 1800 Portland Volunteers Samuel Dexter Joseph Coffin Boyd The Secretary at War informs Mr. Boyd that the renewal of the association of Portland Volunteers is approved. Therefore, commissions for the Volunteers are to be extended two years from the date of their expiration. This letter mentions the fire that destroyed the War Department.
January 6, 1792 Letter from Sam Boyd at Lancaster Ohio soliciting to be employed to make sundry articles for public use in the wake of unfortunate St. Clair expedition Samuel Boyd William Knox Boyd opens by noting that the late misfortune [presumably the St. Clair expedition that previous November] will be the cause of another campaign. He then notes that if the War Department is in need of wagons, horse harnesses, pack horses, bells and collars, tomahawks, shovels, spades, horse shoes, camp kettles, he can provide these at reasonable rates.
January 1, 1798 Certification of payments; salary of Boyd Vaughan clerk navy yard William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $39.29 is due Boyd Vaughan, Clerk of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia, being the balance of his salary from November 11, the date of his appointment, to December 31, 1797.
June 7, 1800 Certification of payment; James Boyd, Physicians for medicine and attendance furnished Charles Miller, in Captain Ashman’s Company, 10th US Regiment William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $13 to Lieutenant James Boyd, Physicians for medicine and attendance furnished Charles Miller, in Captain Ashman’s Company, 10th US Regiment
October 16, 1792 Thomas Gibson's Power of Attorney Thomas Gibson Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Gibson of the County of Hamilton, Northwest of the Ohio, gives Samuel Hodgdon of the City of Philadelphia his Power of Attorney.
October 24, 1793 Describes Indian Attacks; Lists Vouchers James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Refers to attack by Sergeants Rowland and Michaela's dragoons on Indians with one fatality, and another defeat under L. Lowry and Mr. Boyd with loads of corn. Lists vouchers. Refers to orders from the Commander in Chief to purchase horses in Kentucky.
August 1, 1797 Invalid pensioners from Virginia James McHenry John Hopkins War Secretary encloses list of Virginia invalid pensioners, with warrants and monthly allowances, to the Virginia Commissioner of Loans.
February 12, 1794 Pay roll of the militia guard, 09/22/1793 to 10/19/[1793]. Thomas Holt Accountant's Office List of names and pay of soldiers employed to guard the public arsenal in New London, Virginia.
September 23, 1794 Joseph Howell's Certification on the account of Lewis Farmer Joseph Howell Lewis Farmer Account information on pay of soldiers.
March 10, 1799 RE Applications for Army Appointments & Promotions John P. Boyd Alexander Hamilton Routine applications for Army appointments and promotions.
June 22, 1792 Recommendation for Thomas Diver Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Letter, recommends Thomas Diver as clerk.
September 2, 1794 Individuals involved in Whiskey Rebellion Alexander Hamilton George Washington Secretary Hamilton writes President Washington on the details of the insurrection in Pennsylvania, later known as the Whiskey Rebellion. Hamilton includes the names of dozens of individuals involved in the event in one way or another. States that they defend their actions as "constitutional resistance," which Hamilton rejects entirely.