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December 27, 1794 Money for Tench Francis Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue writes that Tench Francis requires $35,000 cash for various government expenditures.
December 15, 1797 Supply Order for Tench Francis James McHenry John Harris Order for armaments and ammunition to be delivered to Tench Francis, Purveyor.
June 17, 1797 Delivery of Items Wanting Repair to Tench Francis James McHenry John Harris McHenry asks Harris to deliver to the Purveyor for the Naval Service, Tench Francis, articles to be repaired and returned to the store when repairs are completed.
July 25, 1797 Junk and Old Copper to Tench Francis James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to Tench Francis such quantities of junk and old copper deposited by him in the public store as he may occasionally want for the use of the frigate "United States."
April 30, 1794 Instructions from Tench Francis on Purchasing Tench Coxe Henry Knox Refers to a note from Tench Francis, requesting his attention to any purchases. Wishes to do no injury to Mr. Morrow.
December 9, 1800 Settlement account of Tench Francis William Simmons Thomas W. Francis Settling account of Tench Francis, delayed due to the fire in the War Department
August 6, 1799 Reports Interaction with Tench Francis about Simmons's Character James McHenry William Simmons Encloses letter to Tench Francis regarding unfavorable opinion of Simmons's character. Questions idea of an assistant purveyor.
April 3, 1798 Musket Barrels to Tench Francis James McHenry John Harris "Be pleased to deliver to Tench Francis fifty musket barrels to be made into muskets."
August 24, 1798 Request for Information on the Delivery of Muskets to Tench Francis James McHenry John Harris Follow up letter requesting information on the delivery of old muskets from Military stores to Tench Francis.
June 24, 1800 Settle Previous Account between Tench Francis and John Ketland concerning Gunlocks Purveyor's Office Samuel Hodgdon Encloses letter from the late Tench Francis to the late John Ketland, and an invoice regarding imported gunlocks on orders from Francis. Clerk Mr. Govett confirms Mr. Ketland's statement.
April 30, 1794 Requests for Muskets and Cartridges; Communication with Tench Francis Tench Coxe Henry Knox Refers to communication with Tench Francis about a letter from the governor of Pennsylvania. Has not yet received request from Secretary of the Treasury for cartridge boxes and muskets.
May 23, 1798 Delivery of Arms to Francis James McHenry John Harris Order to deliver muskets, musket barrels, bayonets; and locks to Tench Francis all of which to be returned to public stores.
March 29, 1797 Permission for Tench Francis to Examine Cannon Balls John Stagg John Harris The Secretary of War wants Harris to permit Mr. Francis to examine and prove whatever number of iron cannon balls Francis thinks proper. He wants a number of them for a particular use and, if these answer, an order should be given for their delivery.
December 21, 1797 Certification of payments; account of Tench Francis William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $285.92 is due Tench Francis, being the amount of monies advanced by him for the pay of the Seamen and Ordinary Seamen on board the frigate "United States" through November 1797.
March 30, 1797 Cannon Ball and Shells for the Dey of Algiers James McHenry John Harris Harris is ordered to deliver to Tench Francis, the Purveyor, as many of the cannon balls and shells as Francis thinks will be needed to supply the Dey of Algiers.
May 28, 1800 Inquires about Business with William McLaws and a Verbal Contract Purveyor's Office James McHenry Makes reference to affidavits delivered by Mr. Laws with deserve consideration. Discusses matter of a verbal contract and the making of cartridge boxes. Suggests balance paid by Tench Francis executors.
May 24, 1800 Requests Money to Accomplish Assignment; Includes Itemized List [not available] James McHenry States that to enable him to execute orders received from Secretary of War office, need sums of money. Discusses accounts of the recently deceased purveyor, Tench Francis.
March 1, 1798 Request for Howitzers Not In Use at Boston for Tench Francis in Philadelphia James McHenry Henry Jackson no image
May 2, 1800 Assistant and T. Francis Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Will examined documents from Craig after current project for Congress is finished. Agreed one assistant at Pittsburgh would be sufficient. Noted Tench Francis died last evening.
December 26, 1794 Enclosed letter on Fort Mifflin Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue encloses a copy of a letter from Tench Francis concerning advances for Fort Mifflin.
September 18, 1800 Simmons Receives Accounts from the Late Trench Francis, with Signature from George Harrison William Simmons George Harrison Simmons recovered a packet containing sundry accounts and vouchers of the late Purveyor Tench Francis bearing Harrison’s signature. However no letter from Harrison on the subject accompanied the packet. The packet will be examined and Harrison will be informed of the result.
July 17, 1797 Request for Cannon Ball and Their Exact Weight per Request Tench Francis, Purveyor James McHenry Samuel Hughes Orders to deliver battering cannons and twenty four pounders to Tench Francis from stock inspected and approved by Capt. Barry. Also requested that upon delivery, the exact weight be transmitted to "this Office."
December 14, 1797 Account of Supplies Purchased, Paid for, and Delivered for Tench Francis John Steele Samuel Hodgdon Adjustment made at Treasury of accounts of Tench Francis, as Agent for procuring supplies for department of war.
May 14, 1794 Request for warrant of $40,000 Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Request from the Revenue Office for a warrant for $40,000 in favor of Tench Francis, to be applied towards purchases.
January 1, 1795 Estimates from T. Francis Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Notification of receipt of T. Francis estimates (for the fortification the port of Philadelphia). If the need for supplies is urgent, Francis believed import of goods from Great Britain and Ireland on credit would be a sufficient choice.