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October 24, 1794 Destruction of Cherokee towns William Blount Henry Knox Letter from the Governor of Southwest Territory to the Secretary of War, regarding the destruction of two hostile lower Cherokee towns (Running Water and Nickajack).
July 6, 1797 Money Paid for Negros Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Exchange authorized by McHenry for the purchase of Negros by the Chickasaw nation. Money deducted from the annual present given to the Indian nation.
May 29, 1799 Refers to Letters about Natchez, Chickasaw; Reports Cherokee Affairs David Henley James McHenry Refers to letters received concerning Indian affairs in local area. Reports problems with the Cherokees stealing horses. Henley wrote to the Cherokees in warm, anxious, friendly terms, hoping that the agent there will clear up any problems. Refers to the affairs of Europe.
February 25, 1797 Disposition of the Proceeds from Indian Trade Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott maintains that the proceeds from Indian trade should be placed in the treasury of the Department of War so that they can be easily obtained by the Secretary of War. If placed in the General Treasury, these monies cannot be drawn without a warrant from the Secretary of the Treasury.
May 23, 1800 Management of Indian affairs and western territory James McHenry Unknown Recipient Concerning the authorization of an official to examine the state of garrisons, Indian trading houses, and public property in the Northwestern Territory and elsewhere on the frontier. Calls for a more uniform system of authority over the Indians.
September 10, 1796 Military Support for Frontiers of Tennessee James McHenry Anthony Wayne Infantry to rendezvous at Tellico Blockhouse for protections of frontier. Movement of other companies detailed, Spanish troops to vacate forts per treaty.
May 12, 1797 David Henley Accounts David Henley William Simmons Various accounts and estimates of expenditures relative to Major Jackson and two other companies submitted or discussed.
March 3, 1799 Contract Prices for Northwestern Mississippi Territories Unknown Author [not available] Explains the contract prices for Northwestern Mississippi territories; also discusses ration reductions.
November 1, 1794 Illegal attack on Cherokees William Blount John McKee William Blount, Governor of Southwest Territory, encloses a letter from Hanging Maw of the Upper Cherokees, which he requests be forwarded immediately to the Lower Cherokees. General Logan is planning an illegal attack on the Lower Cherokees, and it appears that he might pass by the Upper Cherokees first, doing them harm as well.
February 6, 1800 Letter on accounts and request for use of a public horse John Hooker David Henley Enclosed bill from McGhee for the Secretary of War. Requested a public horse for his use as Hooker's horse "kicked the bucket". Mentioned health of Henley's mare and bull.
May 10, 1800 Request for stationary and greetings from Little Turkey and Bloodyfellow John Hooker David Henley Articles drawn from Secretary of War must be fixed at some rate. Requests prices to articles listed: quills, glass, putty, paper. Requests bill for brandy given. Requests writing paper. Little Turkey and Bloodyfellow have missed Henley twice and by way of an apology ask for tobacco so they may smoke the pipe of friendship from a distance.
January 10, 1795 Enclosed Journal of Peace Treaty Council William Blount Timothy Pickering Enclosed journal of the proceedings between Cherokee chiefs and Blount which ended with peace agreement. Objective of meeting was to convince Cherokees to terminate friendship between their nation and the Creek Nation.
September 21, 1794 Ownership of a woman transferred from slaveholder to Indian William Blount Henry Knox William Blount, Governor of the Southwest Territory, reports a "continuance of Indian depredations." On September 6th a "Negro woman belonging to Peter Turney," who resides in the Mero District, was stolen by Indians.
April 24, 1797 Land Sale in Georgia Harmed Indian Relations Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Indian nations alarmed at the sale of land in Georgia and feared settlers will steal their land. Hawkins sought to quiet the matter through assurances of good intentions on part of United States. Matter seen as embarrassment to Indian Department. Hawkins advised suspension of trade licenses until matter is resolved.
July 28, 1797 Accounts Current and Abstracts of Payment made by Capt. W. Richard Stephen Hillis William Simmons Hillis encloses William Rickard's accounts for acting as paymaster. The Tennessee accounts have been delayed because of the amount of work involved in trying to pay the militia.
June 30, 1797 Report of the Secretary of War to the President in Report of the Secretary of War, Accompanying a Confidential Message from the President of the United States. James McHenry [not available] Cover letter detailing contents of report regarding the causes of Indian attacks and murder on Western frontier. Report contains extracts of letter from various military officials and Governor Gayoso de Lemos.
October 28, 1794 Friendly meeting with James Davidson, Indian chief John McKee William Blount Letter to Governor William Blount of Southwest Territory on a talk with James Davidson, a "distinguished chief from the valleys," with about 450 of his people. Davidson gave him a string of beads, mixed black and white - the white beads representing his people's friendship and alliance with the United States; the black beads representing animosity to the Creek Indians.
July 23, 1800 Duplicate Returns of Quartermasters Stores for the Dept of War in Tennessee [not available] [not available] Inspection returns for sundry items for use of troops of from posts at Southwest Point and Tellico in Tennessee.
August 29, 1798 Articles of Agreement James O'Hara Unknown Recipient Articles of agreement outlining agreed prices on rations and other articles, outlining expectations for both parties.
February 2, 1797 Inquiry into Order for Flag John Stagg John Harris Letter, discusses making flags, contracting thereof, and materials needed.
November 8, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Captain Butler William Simmons Captain Edward Butler William Simmons informs Capt. Butler that the receipts given by Caleb Swan have been passed to his credit.
May 28, 1800 Request for Transport of Indian Presents for Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, & Others James McHenry John Wilkins, Jr. Directs transport of Indian presents, variously to Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, and other unnamed tribes.
October 4, 1797 Update on Warrants Issued William Simmons David Henley Simmons wrote Henley enclosing abstract from Warrants in Warrant Book. Warrrant No. 2307 issued in favor of Meeker Cochran in full for a bill of exchange drawn by Benjamin Hawkins. Other warrants listed: 2321 James Carey, 2322 John Rogers. Total:$722.80.
May 31, 1800 Appointment & Instructions for Inspector of Frontiers James McHenry Uriah Tracy Appoints Tracy as an inspector of government installations and property along the various frontiers of the U.S. Gives instructions for this office, including taking observations on relations with the Indians and Indian presents, inspecting forts, etc.
August 28, 1797 Copied from Knoxville Waste Book [not available] [not available] Copy of the entries for August 28, 1797, in the waste book of accounts at Knoxville.