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May 14, 1790 Information on Thomas Fall William Knox Joseph Howell A clerk in the War Office informs the Commissioner of Army Accounts that Secretary Knox desires information on Thomas Fall, who was wounded at Fort Washington in 1776, and whether or not he is on any of the muster rolls in Howell's possession. The Secretary also requests that Howell investigate the merits of a claim by Nathan Fuller.
February 18, 1793 Account of William Upshaw Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay of $98.22 for the estate of William Upshaw, late a private in 3rd South Carolina Regiment.
August 24, 1792 Wayne's Legion Ready in the Spring Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne declares his readiness to confront the full force of Indians by the following Spring [1793] and expresses more confidence in his ability to defeat the Indians than in an inconclusive peace.
January 31, 1796 Sickness causes falling behind in work Caleb Swan William Simmons Swan has been sick with a fever at Detroit, which has caused him to fall behind in his work, but it cannot be helped.
February 18, 1800 Regulations for Unit Inspections William North [not available] Instructions for inspection of army units, for handling monthly returns of gathered data, and where prisoners fall in the arrangement. Stipulates paper strength of regiments of artillery & infantry; notes differences between company returns and regimental returns; discusses the layout and distribution of the appropriate forms.
June 24, 1799 I could have enlisted many more men... Callender Irvine Alexander Hamilton "I have received your letter of the 6th instant covering a new set of Recruiting Instructions...I repeatedly reported to the Secretary of War last fall that I could have enlisted many more men, indeed treble the number, if furnished with money and advice for that purpose. I never was informed what the establishment was, or is, to be nor how many men I should enlist."
September 14, 1798 In the Midst of Imminent Danger, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Along with a discussion of a number of other matters, Craig expresses his pleasure that the Hodgdon family is safe though still in the midst of imminent danger. He has received four Freneau papers though publication may be discontinued should the editor fall victim to the traveling malady.
[not available] Post Script Return Jonathan Meigs [not available] Meigs received clothing in fall of 1797. Has no information with respect to this clothing. Meigs left Detroit beginning November 1797. Thinks the clothing was sent from Pittsburgh on its arrival there down the river.
August 3, 1792 Mistake in Transaction Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Expresses mortification that any mistake should arise from a simple transaction. The loss should fall on United States. Will settle matter with Samuel Hodgdon.
November 1, 1797 Send the the Remainder of the Iron Before the River Freezes David Ames Samuel Hodgdon The iron received from Philadelphia will not be sufficient to last until the river opens in the Spring so the remainder should be forwarded before the river freezes this Fall.
October 12, 1798 The Fever Still Rages, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Captain John Briant Hodgdon discusses sundry supply matters and laments that the fever is still claiming lives in Philadelphia.
June 25, 1787 Uncertainty as to whether Mr. Swan should come on now John Pierce Joseph Howell Is uncertain whether Swan should come on now as he has been so long delayed. Will think of it and write to Treasury again. Has written Mr. Osgood and if he thinks best he may come on. Is sorry that Howell failed in his application but hopes that Howell will find himself employed in some other way as advantageously. Offices not so permanent as some which may fall vacant.
September 12, 1788 Mr. Storer's accounts Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Is flanked in every quarter by old papers of the old regiment. Mr. Storer, likely in arrears at $200 will not be able to pay until his brig arrives from West Indies in fall.
September 14, 1799 Contracts for Arms in Maryland, Etc. Thomas Annely Samuel Hodgdon Annely informs Hodgdon that through the appoinment he got from the Secretary of the Treasury with the consent of the Secretary of War, he negotiated several contracts in Maryland that caused him some expense that he did not expect at the time. In the fall he will settle the notes with Mr. Taylor to his satisfaction. Annely recommends that the bearer of the letter be accepted into the army.
April 21, 1784 Powder Casks William Price Timothy Pickering Discusses the issue of whether the powder casks at West Point are to be replaced or repaired.
August 26, 1785 Regarding musters of Colonel Moylan's Regiment and the case of John Carrol Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Provides information relating to muster of John Carroll and when he appeared on pay rolls. Muster of Moylan's Regiment is imperfect. Supposes that Carroll was mustered in fall of 1778.
August 2, 1798 Documents that Establish the Claim of Maryland Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Enclosed are vouchers considered essential to establish the claim of Maryland against the United States for arms lost in the campaign against the insurgents in the Fall of 1794.
October 20, 1794 Murder by hostile Indians James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara, Quartermaster General, discusses sundry accounting matters and laments the unfortunate fall of Robert Elliot, who was killed by the Indians. He has had no communication from the Indians but believes that they must come forward, not withstanding the efforts of their allied incendiaries who are promoting their obstinancy.
March 9, 1798 Request for Issue of Powder, etc. to Mud Island Garrison. James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of supplies, including cannon powder, for Mud Island garrison.
July 5, 1799 Outlines Requests for Recruitment Clothing and Accessories Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Reports returns communicated to Secretary of War. Reports delivery of suits last fall to Decius Wadsworth for recruiting, but they may still be in store. No artillery coats on hand. Lists cost for soldiers' cockade and pewter eagles.
June 2, 1789 Grievances from the Five Nations to Congress Chiefs and Warriors of the Five Nations George Washington The Five Nations address grievances pertaining to land sales to Congress.
March 17, 1795 Return of Powder Shipped to Albany in Fall 1793 George Fleming [not available] This is the multi-page return of double barrels, single barrels, and half-barrels of powder shipped by order of the Secretary of War by Fleming on sundry dates on board the sloop "Good for Evil," Daniel Bloomer, Master and the sloop "Peggy & Sukky," William P. Schenck, Master. Each cargo is consigned to Captain Michael G. Houdin in Albany.
November 8, 1798 Accurate Return Required Samuel Hodgdon Lieut. Muhlenberg Hodgdon admonishes Muhlenberg that he must forward a new and accurate return stating the number and kinds of ordnance and every species of stores including those articles that fall in the Quartermaster's department.
August 9, 1798 Receipt for Arms & Cartouche Boxes Samuel Hodgdon Elias Langham Confirmation that Elias Langham has received arms and cartouche boxes to replace those loaned by the State of Maryland to the United States and lost during the expedition against the insurgents in the Fall of 1794.
August 9, 1798 Arms Provided to the State of Maryland Samuel Hodgdon Elias Langham Hodgdon instructs Elias to provide the State of Maryland with one thousand muskets and cartouche boxes to replace those lost during the expedition against the insurgents in the Fall of 1794.