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January 6, 1800 Value of Public Ground Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon Colonel Alexander's survey will show that the valuation of the public ground should be half as much with the seven acres and the spring taken off. The proprietor's agent may ask for pay at the present valuation. If possible, a new valuation should be made but the claim should be held as the survey now stands. Mr. Montgomery is travelling to Philadelphia and will explain the whole business.
July 29, 1799 Claims on the Ground Along the Spring Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon The agent is at Carlisle disposing of the lots and commons and there are a great many applications for lots. The people who claimed the ground along the spring now claim the Baker house and coal house and all the ground along the spring in front of the buildings. It was the great neglect of Captain Eames that allowed Wilson to get control of that land and Parker seeks instructions from Hodgdon as...
February 12, 1796 Promises to Gather Information John Park Samuel Hodgdon Park writes in absence of Craig, noted receipt of letter regarding Mr. Ro. Ground. Information requested to be gathered immediately.
March 31, 1796 Sum Due Johannis Lieser William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $34.15 is due Johannis Lieser for the rent of a lot of ground at Fort Plain where a block house was built for the deposit of public military stores from Mar. 4, 1795 to Jan. 1, 1796.
August 14, 1799 They eat their provisions like dogs on the ground. William Willcocks Alexander Hamilton Willcocks reports on the complaints of the officers respecting their delinquent pay. The men are stealing vegetables and are in a state of mutiny over their lack of even the barest necessities like bowls for eating their food.
July 16, 1788 Indian business is unfavorable, but holds out hope for peace Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Reports that business has an unfavorable aspect, but is still hopeful for peace. Will not spend money allocated by congress unless objects in view can be obtained. West line will not be agreed upon because of value as hunting ground. Encloses copies of letters from Wilson the messenger, Khun, a Wyandot Chief, to Colonel Butler.
June 18, 1793 They have laid our young warriors on the ground. Bold Hunter Secretary Smith The Bold Hunter and other Cherokee head-men express their hope that Smith and the government will punish those responsible for white depredations so that the Indians themselves will not have to take satisfaction against them.
January 24, 1800 Journey Cannot Be Made while Snow is on the Ground William Alexander Samuel Hodgdon Alexander has received the letter from Mr. Parker with the ten military warrants for Mr. Cutter enclosed. If they had been received earlier, they would have been forwarded by post but the journey cannot be made while snow is on the ground and they cannot find the traces of the old channel from the Spring. Even when the snow is gone, the channel will be difficult to find but Alexander will still...
October 5, 1784 Charges against three Officers in Colonel Spee's Legion Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Due to the press of business, the author has neglected to send the charges against three Officers in Colonel Spee's Legion that must be advanced to the credit of the State of Pennsylvania.
May 22, 1798 Orders for Captain Richard Dale War Department Captain Richard Dale Dale to be governed by certain instructions which relate to the prevention of violations of jurisdictional rights and to self defense. Describes the range of jurisdiction of United States coast; what action to take if attacked on the high seas; cruising ground; circumstances for receiving additional orders; engaging of a pilot and requirement to maintain a journal of proceedings.
August 20, 1794 Sketch of the ground at the Rapids of the Miami of the Lake, showing the position of General Wayne's Army previous to and after the Action of 20 August 1794 [not available] [not available] Sketch of the ground at the Rapids of the Miami of the Lake, showing the position of General Wayne's Army previous to and after the Battle of Fallen Timbers, on 20 August 1794.
August 13, 1799 Establishment of the Additional Regiments in Winter Quarters Alexander Hamilton James McHenry After affirming his preference for huts as winter quarters for the troops, Hamilton suggests the best means for establishing the regiments in winter quarters.
November 13, 1797 Ascendency of French Principles and Democracy William Hemsley James McHenry Instructions for future correspondence. Refers to appointment offered to his son by Mr. King. Mentions upcoming state legislative elections that perhaps mean that French principles and democracy gaining ground. Hopes that Mr. Hindman will succeed in his Congressional election and that wealth and prosperity will continue on the side of government.
January 10, 1797 Extract of a Letter from the War Office to Major Craig James McHenry Isaac Craig Purchase of two lots for government at Le Boeuf did not warrant attention from Executive. Authorized payment for land.
June 1, 1789 A Talk from the Chiefs, Head-men, and Warriors of the Lower Creek Nation. Headmen and Warriors of Lower Creeks [not available] Begins with expressions of friendship; and it was never intended to hurt white people. Note that "at our first meeting at the sea side, for the benefit of trade, we gave our land as far as the water ebbed and flowed, and by frequent request, granted as far as possible, reserving our hunting grounds: for what will be the use of goods brought amongst us, if our young men have not hunting ground to...
January 29, 1796 Answer on Petitioners Timothy Pickering William Simmons Requests opinion on whether or not petitioners have right to complain.
May 13, 1796 Estimate of the Rent of Stores in the City of Philadelphia and its Vicinity for the Use of the United States for the Year of 1796.] Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Estimate of cost to rent various magazines, warehouses, a church, and store room.
October 20, 1789 Census of Six Nations Giving Numbers and Names of Tribes and Heads of Families at Grand River and on the Ohio Reverend Samuel Kirkland [not available] Census, describes Six Nations population; describes Indian population. The total of the Six Nations population is listed at 3665
December 21, 1792 Worthlessness of Peace Council; Necessity of Keeping Force in Readiness Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne proclaims that the terms of the peace council were so demeaning as to render them worthless. More than ever he proposes a state of readiness that will enable the Legion to move against the Indians at the earliest possible time, pending Congressional and public reaction to the affair at Ft. St. Clair.
February 10, 1801 Certification of payment; Captain Alexander Gibson for ground rent for cantonment at Staunton Virginia for damages and for digging a well for troops William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $150 to Captain Alexander Gibson for ground rent for cantonment at Staunton, Virginia for damages and for digging a well for troops
August 8, 1800 EXTRACT: Retention of Van Rensselear James Wilkinson James McHenry Advises retention of Major Van Renssalear despite the disbanding of some military units.
November 10, 1788 Lt Pratt issues certificate for mistaken delivery John Pratt [not available] Certificate, mistaken delivery of rye flour.
May 21, 1792 Pay Account of Major General Arthur St. Clair Joseph Howell Unknown Recipient Account and expenses of Major General Arthur St. Clair.
August 22, 1799 Early Preparation for Winter Quarters Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton stresses the importance of preparing early for winter quarters and lists his requirements for a proper site. He prefers Uxbridge in Massachusetts and recommends huts for quartering the troops. There must be sufficent wood for fuel and for building the huts and good water must be available. He would prefer to hire the ground but if that is not possible, a reasonable purchase price should...
August 24, 1800 Private Conference with Merchants, Etc. Benjamin Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin has arrived safely in Alexandria and visited a third party in jail. Relates to a vessel and business. However, no one can now talk to the imprisoned man without the jailer being present.