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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
March 8, 1799 Receipt for Money Received of Tait and Stothart David Henley [not available] David Henley confirms he has signed duplicate receipts for $1600 received from Tait and Stathart to remit to Henry & Boggs in Philadelphia.
September 28, 1799 Requests Payment for Tait & Stothart to Pay Troops David Henley James McHenry Requests payment to Tait & Stothart to pay troops in Tennessee under Colonel Butler.
February 10, 1792 The Coming Campaign Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr is going to Philadelphia soon and asks Hodgdon to give him whatever news he has on the operation of the coming campaign. He wants to be on his way out of Lexington early so as to be ready for the campaign. He expects to have a large quantity of goods on hand, perhaps the largest in the district.
November 15, 1797 Waste Book of the Agent for the War Department Stephen Hillis William Simmons Hillis encloses a copy of the Waste Book [daily diary of all transactions in chronological order] of the Agent for the War Department for the month of October 1797.