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July 12, 1788 Request for payment by Oliver Hanchett Oliver Hanchett John Pierce Hanchett was a Captain in Colonel Wyllis's Regiment in 1775. He marched with his company from Roxbury Massachusetts to Quebec under Colonel Arnold. In storming the city he was taken prisoner on 31 December 1775 and was paroled. Did not receive pay and wages or rations while paroled. Asks how he can be reimbursed.
May 15, 1795 Verification of Records Isaac Craig William Simmons Apologized for errors in payments but believed those made were not serious. Believed pay rolls were examined with muster rolls and was of the opinion that waiting for receipt rolls was unnecessary. Enclosed account of payment due John Arnold.
April 1, 1800 Deposition in favor of John Dyer Mercier John Halsted Unknown Recipient John Halsted attests to John Dyer Mercier's status as a profitable businessman in Canada before the American invasion. Halsted further attests to Merciers arrest by the British for his assistance of American troops at the request of Benedict Arnold.
July 20, 1790 On war between England and Spain; presence of Arnold at Detroit; attacks on Major Beatty; Alexander McGillivray and Creek Chiefs' visit to New York Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Reports that England desires war with Spain. Possible that English will attempt to obtain New Orleans and Floridas. Rumor that [Benedict?] Arnold has been to Detroit, having reviewed the militia. Circumstances should be held in confidence. Indian attacks on Major Beatty merit vengeance. Alexander McGillivray and Creek Chiefs due to arrive next day at New York. Mentions Colonel Marinus Willett....
November 4, 1790 Return of the Killed and Wounded upon the Expedition against the Miami Towns Josiah Harmar [not available] Return of the killed and wounded upon the expedition against the Miami towns, under the command of Brigadier General Harmar. Federal troops killed: 75; militia; 108. Total wounded: 31. Killed included Major Wyllys, Lieutenant Frothingham, Major Fontaine, Captain Thorp, Captain, Scott, Captain McMurtry, Lieutenant Clark, Lieutenant Worley, and Ensign Arnold.
September 12, 1800 Relief of Refugees from British Provinces Constant Freeman Samuel Dexter Freeman discusses his claim against the United States respecting the relief of refugees from the British provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia. He cites his own experiences living with his father in the city of Quebec.
September 18, 1799 Deposition for William Maxwell David Alverson [not available] Confirms Maxwell's good reputation and his allegiance to the United States.
June 22, 1792 Recommendation for Thomas Diver Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Letter, recommends Thomas Diver as clerk.
February 3, 1787 Certificate for Jonathan Bauer John Pierce Unknown Recipient Certifies that Major Timothy Bigelow did, on Septmber 30, 1776, draw the pay of Jonathan Bauer, a prisoner in Canada.
May 22, 1795 Pay, Finance and Accounting William Simmons Isaac Craig William Simmons informs Major Craig of errors in his pay rolls.
February 3, 1787 Certificate of payment John Pierce Unknown Recipient Certifies that Major Timothy Bigelow drew the pay of Jonathan Bauer, a prisoner in Canada, in 1776.
September 1, 1786 Petition of Duncan Campbell John Pierce Charles Thomson The Commissioner for Settling the Accounts of the late Army has reported on the Petition of Duncan Campbell, which Pierce forwards to the Secretary of Congress.
March 5, 1789 Return of Pensions Paid to Invalids of Rhode Island. Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Return of pensions paid to invalids of Rhode Island.
June 11, 1800 Means of Paying the Troops Alexander Hamilton Arnold Welles Welles, President of the Boston Branch of the Bank of the US, is asked to advance $5,000.00 for paying the troops the repayment of which can be arranged with the Treasury Dept.
December 26, 1795 Compensation for Expenses of J. Cutting Alexander Hamilton Timothy Pickering J. Cutting's claims for reimbursement from expenses related to relieving seamen who were impressed into British service were originally denied, Jefferson argued the U.S. gov't make an exception and repay Cutting. Cited compensation given to A. Dorhman.
July 4, 1792 Power of Attorney of John Philips [not available] [not available] John Philips of Washington County, NY, grants Ebenezer Farnham power of attorney.
June 11, 1800 Cooperation from the Bank of Boston Alexander Hamilton Arnold Welles Hamilton informs Welles, the President of the Boston branch of the Bank of the US, that he has on hand a number of large bills which it is necessary to have exchanged in Boston quickly so that the troops can be paid prior to disbandment.
July 3, 1793 Account of Thomas Cheeke Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Thomas L. Cheeke, late Sergeant in the 14th Virginia Regiment.
February 28, 1799 Account of Thomas Hutchinson Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Thomas Hutchinson, late sergeant in the 3rd Regiment of Light Dragoons.
December 5, 1792 Account of Joseph Thomas Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Joseph Thomas, late of Baldwin's Artificers. Thomas is owed 73 dollars.
January 19, 1795 Letter from the Reverend Samuel Kirkland to Colonel Timothy on New York Governor Clinton; land transactions of Peter Smith; Thonoghleyo and Big Beard and their service during the Battle of Saratoga for General Benedict Arnold Reverend Samuel Kirkland Timothy Pickering Kirkland writes from Oneida New York and reports that he is enclosing some extracts from New York Governor Clinton’s speech and letters to the Oneidas respecting their affairs and improvement of the reservation. Captain Jacob Reed has assisted. The name of the surveyor who surveyed Peter Smith’s land leased of the Oneidas is Joseph Arnum or Arnen. On the other leases, he has no information. ...
March 10, 1793 Advance to Thomas Fisher Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Fisher called on Butler to advance him a small sum to aid in his journey to Philadelphia. Butler advanced him six dollars which Hodgdon can refund to him by safe conveyance.
August 5, 1795 Account of Peter Thomas William Simmons Richard Harison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Peter Thomas, late private in the 1st Regiment of Light Dragoons.
May 5, 1794 Account of Thomas Slape Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Thomas Slape, late private in the 1st Virginia Regiment.
May 31, 1793 Account of Thomas Devaughn Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Thomas Devaughn, late of the 6th Virginia Regiment. Devaughn is owed 359 dollars.