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November 13, 1800 Regarding Doctor Foster Swift accounts Samuel Dexter Dr. Foster Swift The Secretary of War discusses the status of accounts with Dr. Swift.
July 10, 1787 Locating rolls of Colonel Swift's Regiment for 1776 Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Cannot find the rolls of Colonel Swift's Regiment in 1776 among the papers of Jonathan Turnbull, paymaster general in northern department.
January 10, 1784 Letter Citation John Pierce Herman Swift Cited in Swift to Pierce 02/17/1784. Certificates for the Connecticut Line ready to be delivered to the regimental agents when they call for them.
June 15, 1791 List of 41 Indian Prisoners Josiah Asheton [not available] List of the Indian prisoners taken by the army under the command of Brigadier General Scott, on the Wabash River, at the Ouiatanon town and neighboring villages, June 1st, 1791.
September 17, 1788 Captain Thatcher [Thacher] request Joseph Howell Captain John Thatcher Informs Thatcher [Thacher] that in researching his request for certificate, found that he owes money. Asks about the circumstances of his captivity, whether any money was advanced, and whether he received any rations after return from activity. Closes by saying he wants to remove all obstacles to request.
September 12, 1788 Request for compensation John Thacher Joseph Howell Is in hopes of obtaining compensation for the many hours of pain and anguish from wound received at Lake Champlain, 1776 while acting as Captain in Continental Army in Colonel Swift's Regiment under General Waterbury and commander of the Galley Washington.
December 11, 1788 Captain Thacher's account Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Lists the allowances for two battalions raised by General Assembly of Connecticut to serve in Northern Army. Thacher commanded a company in Colonel Herman Swift's Regiment. Notes that Thacher must settle accounts before pension is settled.
December 26, 1788 Monies advanced Captain Thacher Joseph Howell Samuel Thacher The monies advanced Captain Thacher being entirely a state charge, it lies in the breast of the Comptroller of that State to admit or reject the evidence produced by Captain Thacher.
May 31, 1794 Fortifications in South Carolina Paul H. Perrault Henry Knox Letter from Perrault to the Secretary of War regarding fortifications off the coast of South Carolina.
September 1, 1800 Payment to Lieutenant Tharp of Cavalry and his men Samuel Dexter [not available] Dexter authorizes the paymaster general to settle accounts of Lieutenant Tharp, Sergeant James Johnston, trumpeter Morgan Eddy, Private William Swift and Private Dennis McBee.
February 15, 1798 Justice James McHenry James Jackson Murder of Indian Commissioner and wounding of 2 Creeks met with swift punishment for offender. Money to pay Georgia militia lodged at Branch Bank of Charleston.
May 28, 1799 Approval of Amendment to List of Officer Appointments John Adams James McHenry Adams approves of the changes to the list of officer appointments for Taylor's regiment proposed by McHenry in a recent letter.
May 21, 1796 Account of Captain Asa Hartshorne Deceased William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that forty dollars is due Captain Asa Hartshorne, deceased, late of the 1st Sub Legion, being the balance of his account of recruiting and pay to June 30, 1794, the day he was killed.
May 3, 1796 Pay of Private Joseph Walcutt, Captain Jonathan Heart's Company William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $23.07 is due Joseph Walcutt, late a private in Captain Jonathan Heart's Company 1st Regiment, being his pay from January 1 to June 23, 1791, the day of his discharge.
June 19, 1787 Request for copy of pay roll for Captain Jonathan Thatcher Oliver Wolcott, Jr. John Pierce Requests pay roll for Captain Jonathan Thatcher of Colonel Swifts's Regiment, in the Northern Army, year 1776.
November 29, 1800 Simmons Asking Benjamin Timothy to Provide the Particular Authority Under Which he Provided Printing for the War Department William Simmons Benjamin F Timothy The Secretary of War provided Simmons with Timothy's account for printing done for the War Department, but before Simmons can remunerate Timothy, the authority on which the service was performed must be forwarded to Simmons. An oath must be attached which states that the prices in the accounts are what Timothy normally charges for the services that were rendered. This will lead to swift...
May 20, 1799 Recommended officers for the Provisional Army Uriah Tracy James McHenry Tracy provides a list of recommend officers to fill vacancies in the Provisional Army. Tracy also expresses frustration with the authors of the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, along with a concern that John Fries of Fries's Rebellion will be pardoned.
February 17, 1784 Agent for the Connecticut Line Herman Swift John Pierce Appointment of an agent to distribute the certificates for the Connecticut line. Payment of money due the 2nd Connecticut Regiment.
October 20, 1798 Desire for Moderation and Peace, Etc. James McHenry Timothy Pickering Although it seems that the French are expressing a desire for moderation and peace, McHenry argues that it is too early to relax America's efforts to bolster its fleets and armies. One might expect that increased prospects of peace would diminish the election prospects of anti-federal characters but it should be remembered that local concerns have the greatest impact on voters' choices.
1798 Candidates for Army Appointments from Connceticut Alexander Hamilton [not available] Extensive list of men reviewed for army appointments. Reviews provided by multiple sources, Wadsworth, Tracy, Talmage were main reviewers. Political affiliation, military history, and prior occupations listed with some men.
March 13, 1791 State of the Creek Nation James Casey Henry Knox Comprehensive treatment of every aspect of the culture and lives of the Creek Nation of Indians in 1790-1791. Includes transcript of a journal. 132 page document.