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August 28, 1794 Ascertaining the strength of the Whiskey Rebellion Edmund Randolph Alexander Hamilton Informs the Secretary of State that it is the wish of President Washington that General Henry Miller be sent to the western counties of Pennsylvania to ascertain their real temper, in light of the Whiskey Rebellion.
March 25, 1795 Peace with Indians Could Make Mail Delivery Faster Timothy Pickering Rufus Putnam Noted Pickering proposed plan for efficient mail delivery and remarked on its potential for success. Believed that once peace with Indians was achieved, mail could be carried by land with more "expedition and certainty."
November 24, 1795 Shipment to Colonel Hughes' Furnace Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Mr. DaCosta has informed Pickering that the [?] have been wrought for the frigate 24-pound cannon at Cecil furnace. They should be packed in a box and sent on the stage to the Charleston office located between the Head of Elk and the Susquehannah and three miles from Colonel Hughes' furnace where they are needed.
August 25, 1775 Speech by Tiahogwando at Treaty of Six Nations at Albany New York Tiohogwando [not available] This speech was made at Treaty Conference held at Albany New York in August 1775, attended by the Reverend Samuel Kirkland. "Brothers: this is all the Six Nations have to say at present. They would just mention one thing more before they break up. The Six Nations look upon this as a very good time to speak their minds, as here are the representatives of the twelve United Colonies. The dispute...
January 16, 1801 Delayed Arrival and Promotion of General Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Mail just arrived from the East, delay due to impassible conditions of the Susquehanna. Cannons of varying weights have arrived, destined for Presque Isle or Le Boeuf. Carriages for cannons to be made at Le Boeuf. Discussed the General's desire to remain head of the army rather than take promotion to be head of War Department.
March 24, 1792 Major Craig sends status report from Fort Pitt to the Secretary at War Isaac Craig Henry Knox Major Craig informs Knox of the deployment of scouting parties in response to stolen horses. Craig infers that Indians stole the horses and took them across the Ohio River.
December 13, 1798 Results from Assisting Generals Hamilton and Pinckney in Officer Appointments George Washington James McHenry Reorganization of states into military districts deemed unnecessary. Recruiting practices discussed with urgency, Washington advised preparation for war so as to be ready for possible engagements with Europe. Standing army, and allocated finances for military advocated. Advised on locations of magazines, winter quarters for troops, and forts.
March 14, 1791 [Plan for the Corps of Levies] Henry Knox George Washington Document describes the manner in which two thousand recruits will be raised and arranged into two regiments for the purpose of protecting the frontiers. Provided details of the rank and type of officer or soldier required for each battalion. Assigned posts to specifically named officers.
July 9, 1791 Narrative of Colonel Thomas Procter. Thomas Procter [not available] This is Thomas Procter's detailed diary for the period from March 11th to May 21st, 1791 during which he travelled among several Indian nations inhabiting the waters near Lake Erie, the Miamis, and the Wabash. His mission was to establish friendly relations between these nations and the United States.