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October 1, 1796 Commission as Surveyor General Timothy Pickering Rufus Putnam Enclosed commission to work as Surveyor General.
May 8, 1799 Assisting the Surveyor General in Marking the Indian Boundary Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton The Surveyor General has requested a party of men to assist in marking the Indian boundary line established by General Wayne's treaty, but he did not designate the time and place for which the men would be needed. Wolcott maintains that it would save time if Hamilton directs the Commanding Officer of the Northwestern territory to provide the required assistance.
March 17, 1797 Instructions for Escorting Indians to New Lands Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry According to instructions, Wolcott has written to the Surveyor General to determine the proper location for Indian relocation under the treaty with General Wayne of 3 August 1795. The Surveyor General will instruct General Wilkinson when and where to escort the Indians.
April 11, 1796 Seeking an Office as Surveyor General Hugh Williamson James McHenry Williamson writes of his son's fever, and says that he would like to put the boys in school, somewhere near him, which he cannot do in the city due to finances. He has heard that there is to be a position as surveyor general in North Carolina, and he is hopeful that McHenry could mention to the President his interest in this position, as well as his knowledge of geometry. The surveyor is to run...
May 12, 1799 Marking the Indian Boundary Line Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Since Hamtramck has assumed command in the absense of General Wilkinson, he is to provide assistance to the Surveyor General in the drawing of the Indian boundary lines.
June 9, 1784 Application for pay Simeon DeWitt John Pierce Discusses an application for the payment of subsistence pay.
May 12, 1799 Marking the Indian Boundary Line Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Hamtramck is directed to provide assistance to the Surveyor General in marking the Indian boundary line.
May 24, 1799 Efforts to Establish the Indian Boundary in the Northwestern Territory Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton Refers to the correspondence from the Surveyor General about when and where he plans to establish the Indian boundary. He agrees that expediency necessitates that the assistance he requires in marking the boundary should come from the Commanding Officer in the Northwestern Territory.
May 24, 1799 Assistance in Marking the Indian Boundary Line Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton The Surveyor General confirms the expediency of directing the Commanding Officer in the Northwestern Territory to provide the troops who will assist in marking the Indian boundary line.
April 11, 1799 Protecting the Surveyors James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Since the party of troops ordered to assist the Surveyor General in marking the boundary lines designated by the Treaty of Greenville has refused to do so, McHenry orders that a military escort be provided to cover the surveyors while the run the required lines.
January 26, 1800 Land Warrants Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Notification that J. Bever, land surveyor, will call upon Hodgdon for military land warrant. Bever en route to Philadelphia to attend drawing of lottery and to locate several land warrants currently in his hands.
April 7, 1791 Surveyor for Inland Navigation Project Henry Knox William Smith Letter, advises re surveyor for inland navigation project.
March 20, 1799 Marking Permanent Indian Boundary Lines Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry The Surveyor General has recommended marking the permanent Indian boundary lines in an expedient manner. Since the assistance of troops will be required and the lines marked in concert with agents of the War Department, the Secretary of War should issue the necessary directives. Since the troops failed to cooperate in the drawing of the northern boundary, it was marked in the same manner as...
January 26, 1800 Drawing of the Lottery in Philadelphia, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig has directed surveyor John Beaver to give Hodgdon the military land warrant in the name of Joseph Johnston. Beaver is on his way to Philadelphia to attend the drawing of the lottery.
January 18, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Lemuel Weeks Simmons notifies Weeks of a problem with his bill. Simmons requests that Weeks submit the original bills to the Accountant's Office.
August 13, 1793 Letter from Georgia Governor Telfair to Secretary of War Henry Knox on convening of council of General Officers on subject of reducing five inimical Creek towns Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox From the State House at Augusta, Georgia Governor Telfair informs Secretary of War Knox that he has convened a council of Georgia militia General Officers on the subject of reducing the five inimical towns of the Creek Nation, the contents of which to be transmitted separately for review by the President of United States General George Washington. If properly supplied, expresses optimism that...
June 3, 1799 Recommends Captain Taylor as Surveyor of the New Ocracoke Port Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Recommends Captain James Taylor to the President to be appointed as Surveyor for a port to be built near Ocracoke Inlet. Requests that Taylor not be given orders on any service in competition with this appointment. Because the location is mostly uninhabited, the commander of the military post should come under the Officer of the Revenue.
August 30, 1791 Letter to Surveyor Henry Knox Andrew Ellicot Secretary Knox directs Andrew Ellicot, surveyor, for the immediate commencement of activity in Georgia.
May 21, 1792 Pay Account of Major General Arthur St. Clair Joseph Howell Unknown Recipient Account and expenses of Major General Arthur St. Clair.
March 9, 1791 Wanted: An Appointment with the Western Army John Fitch Henry Knox Since his zeal in attempting to invent a steam boat has reduced him to a state of penury, Fitch petitions Knox for a position with the Western Army. An appointment as Surveyor of the Army would suit him well.
November 25, 1792 Escort Ordered for Surveyor in Lands Bought from Miami Indians Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Congress has authorized a survey of the lands bought from the Miami Indians and Knox orders Wayne to provide an escort for the appointed surveyor.
May 1, 1797 Letter from the Secretary at War James McHenry Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry recommends Patrick Whiff to the Secretary of the Treasury for employment with the Surveyor General.
October 26, 1788 Indian intelligence report, council at Miami and role played by Joseph Brant Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Discusses council at Miami and the role of Brant in these discussions. Brant seems to have recommended peace, which is a matter of dissatisfaction for the western Indians. A surveyor named John Filson was killed by Indians.
July 1, 1799 This injustice has fallen heavy on me, Etc. John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton Colonel Hamtramck provides a detailed report of the situation in the Western Country. He reports on the condition of the sundry garrisons, the state of magazines, and other stores, and the disposition of the Indians. He is worried about the overdue bills for rations and supplies that he had purchased on his own credit.
September 8, 1791 Provisions for Running the Boundary Line Henry Knox Spear & McLeod Spear and McLeod are ordered to provide Joseph Ellicot and his assistants the necessary provisions for establishing the boundary line between the United States and the Creek Nation of Indians.