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April 1, 1799 Concerning a new law on surgeon's mates James McHenry Jonathan Brace Writes Congressman Brace that a change in the law reducing the number of surgeon's mates to two per regiment has prevented him from appointing a particular doctor.
May 17, 1790 Commutation of Pay to Hospital Mates Joseph Howell Henry Knox The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes War Secretary Henry Knox regarding commutation of pay to hospital mates.
June 24, 1799 Request for Choosing Regimental Medical Personnel from List of Applicants James McHenry Nathan Rice Sends to two regimental officers a list of applicants for surgeons and surgeons mates from the state of Massachusetts, asking them to choose one surgeon and two surgeon's mates from the lot, that their appointments may be sent to President Adams for approval. The appended document lists applicants by name, place of abode, grade applied for, and the name of the person who recommended them.
July 1, 1799 Approval of List of Officer Appointments, with Authority to Replace Those Who Decline Appointment John Adams James McHenry Approves of McHenry's list of officer appointments for the 8th and 9th Regiments, and authorizes McHenry to appoint replacements for any men who refuse appointments as surgeon's mates.
March 29, 1790 Knox proposes ideas for legislation regarding medical support to the troops Henry Knox [not available] Document, Act relative to troops.
June 25, 1799 Forwarding of List of Officer Appointments, With Attention to Those Being Offered Lower Ranks Than Applied For James McHenry John Adams Forwards a list of recommended officers for the army, for Adams' approval. Asks for the authority to make provisional appointments, considering that McHenry has selected men as surgeon's mates for the 8th and 9th Regiments who had desired higher ranks, and may not accept appointment as surgeon's mates.
August 6, 1799 Denial of Cannon Loan to Militia; Medical Appointments for 14th and 15th Regiments James McHenry John Adams Explains reasons for denying the loan of army cannons to the Northampton, Massachusetts militia, because of the need to keep army materiel in the best condition possible. Also encloses appointments for surgeons and surgeon's mates in the fourteenth and fifteenth Regiments [included].
May 6, 1793 Appointment as Surgeon's Mate Abner Prior Samuel Hodgdon Prior asks whether the General Order respecting the appointment of Surgeon's Mates is the same as the original order received by General St. Clair.
August 12, 1800 Pay for Doctors Muirhead and Kerr Jonathan Newman John Jacob Rivardi Directs Rivardi to pay Dr. Muirhead and Dr. Kerr as assistants or surgeon's mates if they will accept it.
August 12, 1799 Regarding Medical Appointments, & Lack of System in Evaluating Medical Staff John Adams James McHenry Adams approves the medical staff appointments made by Colonels Hunnewell and Rice, but believes one doctor to merit a surgeon's mate appointment, rather than one as surgeon. Expresses desire for a system to evaluate medical personnel on competency and experience.
June 24, 1799 Notification of Recommendations for Medical Personnel for 13th Regiment James McHenry John Adams Notifies Adams of the recommendations for several men for medical appointments [likely a surgeon and surgeon's mates] to the 13th Regiment, commanded by Lt. Col. Taylor. Asks for permission to make the appointments.
[not available] Monthly pay for men on United States frigates War Department [not available] Monthly pay of petty officers, Seamen, ordinary seamen and marines on board frigates of United States.
December 1799 Plan of the Formation of a Regiment for Exercise or Battle. Alexander Hamilton [not available] A detailed plan of the formation of a regiment for exercise or battle, outlining the officers for a regiment, the number of each rank, and the breakdown into battalions, divisions, and companies.
August 31, 1799 Submission of Proposed Appointments & Promotions for 12th Regiment James McHenry John Adams McHenry submits a list of proposed promotions and appointments in the Twelfth regiment of Infantry, for Adams' approval. Two lists follow, compiled separately and contingent on whether a certain officer has resigned; the lists account for 5 first lieutenants, 6-7 second lieutenants, 1 surgeon, and two surgeon's mates.
April 1800 List of officers and vacancies for each regiment War Department [not available] Document specifying the number and grades of officers necessary for each regiment, along with vacancies. Implies a shortage in officers.
May 1798 Estimated Pay, Rations, and Forage for Regiments of Horse Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Estimated of pay, rations, and forage for four regiments of horse for one year.
May 11, 1798 Appointment to Captain for Ship Ganges; Instructions to Staff Ship James McHenry Captain Richard Dale Announces purchase and preparation of the ship Ganges. Presidential appointment as navy captain, to take command of the ship. Requested to get the ship to see within a week with the necessary improvements and officers and staff. Requests that each seaman be examined by the surgeon. Outlines specific responsibilities and records.
1794 Officers for the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers War Department Unknown Recipient List of the Captains, Lieutenants, Surgeon and Surgeon's Mates for the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers, appointed June 2, 1794.
1792 Regulations for Receiving, Distributing, and Accounting for Public Property James Wilkinson [not available] Discusses regulations concerning the delivery of public stores to the U.S. army on the Ohio, with instructions to each department (Ordinance, Quartermaster, Hospital, Clothing, and Indian). Also details duties of Quartermaster General, the Conductor of Military Stores at Headquarters, the Hospital Storekeepers, and their deputies, along with the surgeons and surgeons' mates. Orders strict...
March 4, 1784 Settlement of the Army's accounts John Pierce Joseph Howell Discusses various issues regarding the settlement of the army's accounts.
September 18, 1799 Muskets, Socks, and Appointments James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Regarding the state of muskets and other goods issued to Lieutenant Colonel Smith.
July 31, 1799 Discussion of Appointment of Officers, Medical Staff, & Chaplains; Disposition of Old and New Regiments James McHenry John Adams Forwards letters concerning General Pinckney, as well as the issue of appointing surgeon's mates for Hunnewell and Rice's regiment. Advises against recourse to the "act to regulate the medical establishment," saying that regimental medical staff should be sufficient for the near future. Notes that the current allotment of chaplains is one per every four regiments, but that the disparate nature...
May 1798 Estimated Pay, Rations, and Forage for Regiments of Artillerists Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Estimate of pay, rations, and forage for sixteen companies for one year.
April 19, 1794 Estimate of Subsistence for Officers at Fort Fayette & Big Beaver block house, Fort Franklin & at Wheeling for 1793. Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Estimate of Subsistence for Officers at Fort Fayette & Big Beaver block house, Fort Franklin & at Wheeling for 1793.
July 31, 1799 Regimental surgeons and chaplains James McHenry [not available] Encloses a copy of correspondence between himself and Major General Pinckney, along with a letter to Colonels Rice and Hunnewell on candidates for regimental surgeons and surgeons' mates. States the current numbers of troops on the frontier are not sufficient. Also mentions potential religious instruction for the troops.