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May 3, 1785 A Society Dedicated to Promoting Agriculture Timothy Pickering Benjamin Lincoln Timothy Pickering writes to Benjamin Lincoln in order to encourage his participation in a society dedicated to promoting agriculture. Enclosed certificate membership/election along with information on location of society house, laws, etc. Pickering also included information for Lincoln to distribute to other agriculture lovers.
January 14, 1790 Speech from Speaker, attended by House of Representatives, to President Washington Congress of the United States George Washington Reciprocate congratulations on accession of North Carolina; express concurrence with Washington's sentiments on agriculture, commerce, manufactures. Express support for measures that might obviate ill effects failed negotiations and of Indian hostilities.
January 8, 1790 Speech of President Washington to House and Senate George Washington Congress of the United States In an address to Congress George Washington discusses the importance of common defense and need to be prepared for war; mentions dashed hopes for peace with certain tribes of Indians; mentions that it is important that the terms for admitting foreigners be speedily ascertained by a uniform rule of naturalization; and mentions advancement of agriculture, commerce, and manufactures, science and...
August 29, 1796 Detailed Instructions for the Execution of the Plan for Civilizing the Cherokee James McHenry Colonel Silas Dinsmoor Attaches speech, approved by the president, to the Cherokees. Laments that recent attempts to civilize the Indians have failed; states that the key is to "wean them from hunting and trapping," and started on agriculture & animal husbandry. Says this is the basis of the president's talk. Asks that Dinsmoor be ready to report a need for tools & instructors for civilized activities like these,...
August 24, 1800 Indian Affairs South of the Ohio River Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Report, describes the state of affairs under the charge of the principal agent for Indian affairs south of the Ohio River. Mentions progress of civilization plans.
August 11, 1794 Georgia Address to Creek Nation George Mathews Creek Nation of Indians Message to the leaders and warriors of the Creek Nation from the State of Georgia. Discusses disputed boundaries. Implores them that President Washington is desirous of engaging in friendly relations with them, but that they have not returned prisoners and have stolen a great number of horses, cattle, and slaves. Also addresses their concern about white encroachment on the frontier along the...
November 19, 1797 Indian Affairs Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins reports on meetings with the towns on the river. The Indian nation is not interested in selling land to Georgia. Hawkins relates the state of the Indian economy and agriculture, and passes on other local news. He concludes with a reminder about the news of the murder of Townsend.
December 29, 1786 State Funding for a Fort Samuel Hodgdon Jonathan Nicholson Letter, mentions state funding of fort..
August 24, 1795 Impaired State of the Arms McLean & Van Emburgh Samuel Hodgdon Forwards a letter for Captain Suijdam.They state that the arms were in an impaired state when they received them.
December 26, 1800 Transfer of Pensioner Samuel Dexter Stephen Moylan Letter, advises that a pensioner has been transferred from one state's list to another.
September 8, 1796 Instructions to Indian Agent to the Creeks & Other Indians South of the Ohio James McHenry Benjamin Hawkins Official commission and instructions for Benjamin Hawkins, as Principal Temporary Agent for Indian Affairs, within the Indian Nations South of the Ohio, and North of the Territorial Line. Includes instructions for managing trade, seeing to the sale of land between Indians & the states (principally Georgia), overseeing boundaries, etc.
October 25, 1791 State of the Union Message, 1791 George Washington Congress of the United States President George Washington's [State of the Union] message to the the Senate and the House of Representatives in which he talks of many issues, particularly the state of relations with the Indians, the establishment of a permanent seat of government, and the means of disposing of the national debt.
September 29, 1789 Winthrop Sargent writes to the Secretary at War Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Letter, discusses Congress, Indians, family matters and the appointment of Marshall.
January 23, 1784 Report Desired on the State of an Army Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Nathaniel Irish Request for an account of the state of the post (military store/magazine) under Captain Irish's direction and a request for an account of his expenditures.
October 10, 1796 Medals for Deserving Indians James McHenry Rufus King Medals to be presented to Indians as gifts to be struck in England due to cost and workmanship. McHenry requested Mr. Trumbull design the engraving for the medals.
September 26, 1798 Request for Approval or Objections to the Law for Defence of New York State John Jay Alexander Hamilton Enclosed a copy of the act passed by state legislature for the defense of New York State. Requested Hamilton's opinions on the act and noted his response should be sent to the Post Office.
July 1, 1798 Report of Wages Auguste de Grasse William Simmons Letter, encloses state of wages for the first and second quarters of 1798.
January 20, 1790 Gorham discusses the federal assumption of state debt with Knox Nathaniel Gorham Henry Knox Letter, discusses assumption of state debts.
December 12, 1796 Development and Regulation of U.S. United States Senate George Washington Noted good relations with Indians, Great Britain, and Spain. Encouraged by agricultural and manufacturing success, believed that establishing governing body would assist in accelerating success. Many thanks to Washington and his service to the United States.
August 31, 1798 An act for the further defense of this State [New York] and for other purposes, 27 Aug 1798 Daniel Hale [not available] Authored by the New York state legislature. Declares that the current defenses of New York City are inadequate, and allocates $150,000 to complete & expand existing fortifications and erect new ones at various listed locations. Also allocates $160,000 for the purchase of arms for the state militia. Addresses issue of military stores [partially illegible], and affirms a continual honoring of...
November 28, 1797 Response to Address to Congress by President Delivered 11/23/1798 United States Senate John Adams Senate agreed with President Adams request for peace and treaty with France and Spain, new trade agreements with Britain, and agreed commerce was essential for the growth of the nation.
January 24, 1790 Jackson discusses state debt with Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, mentions state debt; asks for federal appointment; discusses petition opposing state excise.
April 1, 1798 Report of 4th Quarter Wages Auguste de Grasse William Simmons Letter, encloses state of his wages for the fourth quarter of 1797 and the first quarter of 1798.
June 24, 1798 Negotiations Between Hawkins and the Creek Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry A lengthy letter addressing the negotiations between Hawkins and the Creek Indians. The peace belt is also mentioned as well as the introduction of farming and manufacturing.
January 14, 1797 Manufacturing Small Arms in Virginia James McHenry James Wood Mr. McCormick is introduced to Govenor Wood of Virginia so that he can present proposals respecting the manufacture of small arms in that State. McCormick's friends have convinced McHenry that if he is given the means to erect proper works and competent workmen, he can execute any engagements the State may form with him.