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[not available] Estimate of the Pay Due the Militia of the State of Tennessee [not available] William Simmons Estimate of the pay due the militia of the state of Tennessee for services performed in Mero district between the first day of May 1996 and thirteenth day of June, 1797
December 11, 1797 Request for Information Regarding Petition of State of Tennessee Thomas Pinckney James McHenry Committee of the House of Rep. requested Pinckney seek out information regarding the Remonstrance and Petition of the State of Tennessee. Information needed from McHenry to determine what relief can be given per request.
November 13, 1799 Quarterly Return of Tennessee Quartermaster Stores, July-Sept. 1799 David Henley Samuel Hodgdon Forwards quarterly returns for July, August, and September with the Quartermaster's Department for the state of Tennessee.
January 30, 1799 Subsistence Due Tennessee Officers David Henley James McHenry Estimate of the subsistence due the Officers of the 3rd and 4th United States Regiments in the State of Tennessee from August through December 1798, which sum is $1680.30.
January 2, 1799 Abstract of payments made by the agent of the Department of War in the State of Tennessee Stephen Hillis William Simmons Stephen Hillis forwards abstract of payments made by the agent of the Department of War in the State of Tennessee on account of the recruiting service and an abstract on account of the hospital department.
October 4, 1797 Payment to Major James Grant, Tennessee Thomas Lewis James McHenry Captain Lewis, 3d U.S. Regiment and messenger to the committee, states that the committee of congress late in session at Germantown, having given Major James Grant a discharge and certificate, deem it proper that he be paid upon return to Tennessee.
December 26, 1797 Abstract of Payments William Simmons [not available] Abstracts of payments made by David Henley agent of the Department of War in the state of Tennessee for services performed and for other contingent expenses arising in the Quarter Masters Department from 01/09/1798 to 06/14/1798.
August 13, 1796 [Copy of Instructions from the Sec. of War to Stephen Hillis Deputy Paymaster and Storekeeper in the State of Tennessee south of the Ohio] James McHenry Stephen Hillis Divides various departments and describes respective duties.
February 28, 1798 Transportation of Goods to the Cherokees, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon David Henley Letter, discusses goods provided for the Cherokees by the Treaty; discusses Indian treaty; mentions an execution in Tennessee.
June 23, 1796 Authorization of Pay or Remuneration for Militia Services James McHenry John Sevier James McHenry informs the Governor of Tennessee that while he may call on the state militia for emergency defense of the frontier, he ultimately needs to notify the War Department and President on the circumstances surrounding the deployment of the militia and the numbers deemed necessary. No pay or remuneration for militia services can be authorized without the consent of Congress or the...
May 15, 1799 Discussion of Treaty with Tennessee Indians James McHenry Alfred Moore Refers to a US treaty with Tennessee Indians and necessary legislation.
November 21, 1798 Expenses of Major Cushing James McHenry William Simmons Major Cushing has been charged by Gen. Wilkinson to bring certain public papers and documents from the State of Tennessee to Philadelphia. His expenses should be allowed.
March 23, 1798 Expresses Concern about Indians, Citizens James McHenry Colonel Silas Dinsmoor Refers to correspondence from Lieut. Col. Butler regarding Coxe. Questions support from the government and the state of Tennessee. Questions whether these Indians should escape the measures taken by Butler. Anxious about frontier citizens. Expects arrival of commissioners in Knoxville.
February 7, 1797 Lt. Wright's Expenses [not available] Charles Wright This is documentation that Lieutenant Charles Wright's expenses were $50.83 while waiting in Philadelphia for dispatches from the Secretary of War and $149.19 while carrying dispatches from the Secretary of War to Knox County, Tennessee.
June 1, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons David Henley Simmons asks Henley to specify the date up to which the armies in Tennessee were paid.
October 11, 1799 Requests Payment for John W. Hook to Pay Army Officers in Tennessee David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for John W. Hook to pay officers of the army in Tennessee.
April 25, 1799 Letter to Secretaries of State and War Concerning Position in Provisional Army John Sevier [not available] Reports himself prepared to accept a commission in the provisional army, which he had been nominated before, should that force actually be approved. Discusses his usefulness in the Tennessee region, and willingness to recruit patriotic men for the army.
August 29, 1799 Requests Payment for George Bell for Troops in Tennessee David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for George Bell, appropriated for the quartermaster's department, to pay troops in Tennessee.
May 30, 1799 Seeks Formal Organization of Tennessee Troops James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Concerns about the troops in Tennessee and their lack of formal organization with the provisional army. Discussion of Northwestern Territory.
December 4, 1800 Soldier's clothing and map of Tennessee Samuel Dexter Israel Whelen This letter informs Whelen that Samuel Hodgdon will provide military clothing. Also, the Secretary at War directs Whelen to contact Mr. Lewis about obtaining maps of Tennessee.
September 22, 1797 Delivery of Medicine and Hospital Stores James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver medicines, medical instruments and hospital stores for troops in Tennessee.
July 10, 1796 Recommendation for an appointment to Tennessee Thomas Hollingsworth James McHenry Recommendation of Stephen Hillis for a clerk appointment in the Tennessee country.
May 27, 1799 Authority Over the Troops in Tennessee James McHenry Alexander Hamilton "I have this moment received your letter of the 24th and several enclosures, among the latter a letter to Lt. Col. Hamtramck which I return for your reperusal. You will recollect that the troops in Tennessee and on the Georgia frontier are within General PInckney's command. Your letter to Hamtramck extends his authority to the troops in Tennessee. Will you be pleased to have this corrected..."
April 14, 1798 Procedure for Replacing James Byers James McHenry John Hooker McHenry directs John Hooker to proceed to Tellico in the State of Tennessee to replace James Byers as Factor to the Indian Store at that place. Byers is to remain some time at the store to provide the information that Hooker will need to carry on the business with the Indians.
March 7, 1798 Unlawful Aggression Against Judge Campbell James McHenry Senator Joseph Inslee Anderson The President has been informed of an aggression against Judge Campbell in violation of the laws by Lieutenant Colonel Butler, commander of U. S. troops in Tennessee. An investigation of this incident should be commenced as early as possible.