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November 20, 1787 Henry Knox discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell Henry Knox Joseph Howell The Secretary at War directs Joseph Howell to settle the accounts of Colonel Jackson's Regiment and those of Captains Burbeck and Savage.
January 11, 1784 Pay of Massachusetts Continental Army Regiments Samuel Young John Pierce Pay of three Massachusetts regiments and pay of Massachusetts troops.
December 12, 1788 Pay of 2d Massachusetts Regiment Ebenezer Storer Joseph Howell Discusses books and vouchers respecting pay of 2d Massachusetts Regiment by Caleb Swan.
March 24, 1788 Massachusetts Line of 1780 Henry Knox [not available] Knox discusses the organization of the Massachusetts line in 1780.
April 19, 1785 Massachusetts: Cession of western Land Claims. Rufus King [not available] General Court of Massachusetts passed Act relinquishing certain lands the property of the Commonwealth, for the common benefit of the United States. Such tract lies between Rivers Hudson and Mississippi.
January 19, 1784 Pay of Massachusetts Regiments Robert McKnight John Pierce Discusses pay of the First, Second, and Third Massachusetts Regiments. Some soldiers of these regiments were apparently paid with goods in exchange for the right to their pay. McKnight is trying to collect the pay.
August 13, 1792 Payment of pensions to invalids in Massachusetts Henry Knox Nathaniel Appleton Knox directs payment of pensions to listed army invalids in Massachusetts.
August 13, 1792 Invalid Pensions in Massachusetts Henry Knox Nathaniel Appleton Secretary Knox directs payment of Invalid Pensions in Massachusetts. The total sum is $5,970.
September 22, 1799 Search for Winter Quarters Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice compares Uxbridge and Oxbridge as potential sites for winter quarters. He views Oxford as the most favorable site.
February 4, 1795 List of invalid pensioners for Massachusetts Timothy Pickering Nathaniel Appleton List of invalid pensioners for Massachusetts.
February 12, 1795 Money for the Recruiting Service in Massachusetts Joseph Howell David Hale The Treasurer has remitted to Nathaniel Gorham, Supervisor of Massachusetts, a sum to be transmitted to Hale for the use of the recruiting service.
July 26, 1788 Promotion of Captain Cushing John Avery Unknown Recipient This letter certifies that Lieutenant Thomas H. Cushing was promoted by the State of Massachusetts to the rank of Captain Lieutenant in the First Regiment of the Massachusetts line of the Continental Army.
October 26, 1796 Captain Geaton's pay William Simmons Captain Richard H. Greaton Notification that he will receive his pay and subsistence money from Jonathan Jackson, federal supervisor of Massachusetts.
June 4, 1794 Account of Robert Bancroft Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Robert Bancroft, late matross in the 3rd Massachusetts Regiment.
April 23, 1799 Arranging Massachusetts into Districts, Etc. Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice explains that he awaits Colonel Brooks' assistance in arranging Massachusetts into districts and still has not nominated the rest of his regimental staff due to reasons already enumerated.
May 30, 1785 Concerning a delegate from Massachusetts James Milligan Joseph Howell James Milligan discusses Mr. Holden, a delegate from the state of Massachusetts.
July 29, 1799 Moderation of the Contractors for Massachusetts should be rewarded. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry "...I hesitate whether the invitation ought to extend to the contractors for Massachusetts. Their price is as low as it can well be. The position heretofore intended for three regiments is in Massachusetts and it seems just that the moderation of the contractors there should be rewarded by the enjoyment of the advantage. The competition of Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey may be excited with...
May 18, 1796 Pay of Claude Pourcheresse, assistant storekeeper at Springfield Massachusetts William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $120 is due Claude Pourcheresse for his pay as assistant storekeeper at Springfield Massachusetts, from January through April 1796.
May 18, 1799 Appointment & Recommendations of Officers from Massachusetts Volunteers John Adams James McHenry Notifies McHenry of the appointment to a regular army officer's post a Captain Chandler and Lieutenant Flagg of the Massachusetts volunteers, and recommends others from the same source.
April 10, 1790 Invalids in Massachusetts Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Enclosed exact return of invalid pensioners in Massachusetts and warrant authorizing their payment. List conforms to the list submitted by John Lucas, Commissary of Pensioners.
February 9, 1797 Commissions of Jonathan Jackson, Supervisor of Massachusetts William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $32.87 is due Jonathan Jackson, Supervisor of Massachusetts, being the amount of his commissions for receiving and paying monies from the War Dept. between July 17 and December 17, 1796.
April 1, 1784 List of paymasters and agents John Pierce Timothy Pickering List of paymasters and agents with their regiments and the dates their accounts were settled.
February 14, 1787 Address Leaf to Govenor Bowdoin Henry Knox James Bowdoin The address leaf of a document addressed to Gov. Bowdoin of Massachusetts from Knox.
July 26, 1799 Forwarding of the Wishes of Northampton, Massachusetts Militia John Adams James McHenry Forwards correspondence from two Massachusetts senators concerning the wishes of a company of Northampton (Massachusetts) artillery [apparently militia; a letter from Adams to McHenry of July 29th notes that they desire the loan of cannon from the Springfield Armory].
September 11, 1795 Pay of Captain Frederick Frye and Recruits at Salem Massachusetts William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $156.00 is due Captain Frederick Frye and the recruits under his command at Salem Massachusetts, being his and their pay for July and August 1795.