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November 3, 1797 Concerns with Spanish and the Northwest Territory James McHenry [not available] References relations with Spanish and Indians. Mentions militia, President, and Congress. Concerned about administration of the Northwest Territory.
March 10, 1794 Kentucky expedition against Spanish territory [not available] Unknown Recipient Cabinet meeting concerning expeditions being prepared in Kentucky to invade Spanish territory to the West. A proclamation will be issued to Governor Isaac Shelby against the expedition. Secretary of State Edmund Randolph dissented.
May 14, 1794 [Extract of a letter from the Secretary of War, to Lieut. Col. Gaither, dated 14th May, 1794] Henry Knox Henry Gaither Orders to assist the governor of Georgia in suppressing the unauthorized assembly of troops under Gen. Clark who plan to invade Spanish territory on North American continent.
November 4, 1796 Stores, Shipments, and the Boundary Line with Spanish Territory Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses the large clothing issue for the guard force detached from Fort Pitt. These guards are to accompany the surveyor of the boundary with Spanish territory.
November 24, 1795 Legal inquiry regarding incursions into Spanish territory in Florida Timothy Pickering William Rawle Some Spanish subjects, along with Americans from Georgia made expedition into Florida, took a Spanish fort, killed Spanish soldiers, stole property. Spanish government has complained. Asks questions regarding the nature of punishment; what to do about the Spanish subjects in Georgia; what instructions to give the military commander in Georgia if he finds the offenders.
October 4, 1797 Advice Regarding Acquisition of Spanish Posts and Financial Plans Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Advised taking the Spanish posts "by hook or by crook" and maintained the Dons would not pursue the territory. Remarks on the failed launching of the frigate in Boston was a dose of humility for the Boston residents. Felt present state of commerce would ruin the economy, discussed Congressional attention to the matter. Requested McHenry's views.
November 12, 1795 Spanish Treaty with Chickasaw on U.S. Land Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering Enclosed a copy of Spanish treaty with Chickasaw Nation allowing them to build a fortification in the south western territory (U.S. territory), believed this was contrary to the Spaniards official position of peace with United States. Enclosed letter and affidavit of Gov. St. Clair that supports aggressive intentions of Spanish. Wayne advised Gov. Manuel Gayose de Lemos to immediately remove...
June 9, 1797 Objections of Gayoso Listed James McHenry James Wilkinson Sec. of War gives instructions on how to assuage the objections and fears of Governor Gayoso, of Spanish land holdings in Natchez.
November 6, 1798 Discontent & Disgust in This Territory James Wilkinson James McHenry Wilkinson comments on the discontent in the southern territory evidenced by the withdrawal of several notables to the adjoining Spanish Territory. He lists three essentials to the preservation of order: the presence of Judges, the settlement of the right of soil and jurisdiction, and the establishment of a principle by which to ascertain and fix individual rights to land.
June 10, 1797 James McHenry forwarding letter concerning orders to Isaac Guion James McHenry Isaac Guion McHenry forwards to Guion letters written 9th and 10th of June to General Wilkinson, presumably concerning Guion's deployment to make the rounds of posts in territory claimed by both Indians and Spanish. Advises Guion on drawing funds to pay troops and purchase fortification materials.
March 18, 1794 Proclamation against Kentucky invasion of Spanish territory George Washington Isaac Shelby Proclamation issued by Washington's Cabinet forbidding Kentucky troops from invading Spanish territory, who the United States is at peace with. Proclamation delivered to Kentucky governor Isaac Shelby.
September 24, 1797 Regarding an insurrection involving Spanish troops James McHenry Timothy Pickering Updates Pickering on his fever and mentions an insurrection involving Spanish troops. McHenry hopes for the expulsion of the Spanish from posts in U.S. territory.
September 3, 1795 Intelligence on Spanish Land Possession Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering Enclosed information on Spanish possession of Chickasaw Bluffs. Wayne therefore reinforced the garrison at Massac and sent forward provisions and ammunition. Provides details of Spanish location and its effect on foreign relations.
May 3, 1797 Gayoso's Defense Against Pope's Allegations of Treaty Violation Gayoso de Lemos Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Gayoso defends his action to remain at post, states he did not violate treaty between U.S. and Spain. Discussed British movement through U.S. territory to attack Spanish land holdings.
August 25, 1797 Settlement of Accounts Isaac Craig William Simmons Accounts of expenses received, Craig will try to settle accounts, however J.Toomy descended Ohio river to Spanish Territory leaving several debts.
September 22, 1797 Regarding the Spanish presence at Chickasaw Bluff James McHenry [not available] Regarding the Spanish presence at Chickasaw Bluff - located in Tennessee - and Spanish intentions to reoccupy a post in clear violation of Pinckney's Treaty, which placed the Chickasaws under U.S. territory.
April 8, 1801 Indian War Arthur St. Clair James McHenry War broke out b/w Chippewa and Pottawatomie Nations. Ottawa Nation will join and all the tribes will carry the war to Spanish territory. G. Knaggs sent out to seek compromise and that the U.S. cannot pick a side. Indians of Detroit still desire an agent.
March 30, 1798 [Confidential] Mississippi Territory James McHenry James Wilkinson Discussed military presence in Mississippi territory, approval of President for more troops, orders to prepare troops. Also expresses concern about the possibility of the Spanish provoking insurrection in the territory.
July 9, 1795 Spanish at Chickasaw Bluff General James Robertson William Blount Extract of letter from General James Robertson to William Blount, Governor of the Southwest Territory. The Governor reports that the Spanish Government has erected cannons and other works at the Chickasaw Bluff on the east bank of the Mississippi River.
September 22, 1797 Diplomatic relations with Chickasaws and Spanish on the western frontier James McHenry Oliver Wolcott, Jr. McHenry expresses frustration at conflicting orders out west in relation to the Chickasaws and Spanish in Tennessee. Alludes to the Spanish breaking the terms of Pinckney's Treaty of 1795, which placed the Chickasaws under U.S. territory. McHenry also reports that he has recently been attacked by a case of the fever.
April 2, 1798 McHenry Instructs Guion to Inform Citizens and Spanish Garrisions of Est. of U.S. Governance in Mississippi Territory James McHenry Isaac Guion James McHenry asks the commander of U.S. troops at Natchez (Guion, at this time) to inform inhabitants that a bill establishing government for the Mississippi Territory (of which they are a part) is before Congress. Addresses possibility that the Spanish garrisons at Walnut Hills and Natchez have not evacuated as ordered -- instructs Guion to inform them of the establishment of U.S. governance...
September 2, 1792 Spanish Indian Relations and War Little Turkey William Blount Notified Blount that five towns on the Big River plan to make war against U.S. and their hostility is not the sentiment of the whole Nation. Spaniards provided ammunition to Indians and blames Spaniards for war, not Indians. Little Turkey promised friendly relations with U.S. and will keep U.S. informed of all Indian activity.
April 13, 1798 Instruction for Distribution of Information from Ministers at Paris James McHenry [not available] Discussed settlement of accounts, securing western territory from Spanish and further intrusions. Enclosed a letter from Little Turtle, also enclosed 12 copies of instructions to and dispatches from the Ministers in Paris. McHenry requested Goodhue distribute the papers to posts within his jurisdiction.
November 24, 1797 Concerns about Interactions with Spanish James McHenry James Wilkinson Concerned about possibility of Spanish interaction.
June 15, 1797 Orders for Taking Spanish Post in Natchez James McHenry Isaac Guion Details messages from President and the Spanish Commandment regarding new policy and land ownership in Natchez.