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July 25, 1797 US Relationship with Spain James McHenry John McKee Mentions recent difficulties with his house. Questions President's discretion with Congressional agreements. Refers to US relationship with Spain. Expresses hope against war.
August 14, 1799 Forwarding of Correspondence Concerning Relations with Indians & Spain James McHenry John Adams Forwards letters from Benjamin Hawkins. The draft copy lists the enclosures, which identify Hawkins as having extended contact with Indians and representatives of Spain.
April 8, 1797 Plans for Defense against France and Spain to Protect Commerce James McHenry [not available] Reports quarantine and defensive draft needed for protection against France and Spain. Seeks protection of commerce. Requests artillerists, engineers, and troops.
December 3, 1797 Diplomatic relations with Portugal and Spain James McHenry William Loughton Smith McHenry congratulates Smith - U.S. ambassador to Portugal - for beginning to master the Portuguese language, stressing that fluency is integral to diplomatic relations. With respect to Spain, McHenry argues that Spain has more to dread from war with the United States than the U.S. does, and suggests that Smith keep that in mind in diplomacy.
February 24, 1796 Trade, Frontier, and Relations with Spain Edward Price James McHenry Discussed trade of skins and furs with Indians, noted Spain as principal rival of U.S.
September 23, 1790 Intelligence Report on Relations between Spain and Britain Henry Knox George Washington Letter, mentions war averted between Great Britain and Spain. Newspapers confirm intelligence.
August 20, 1800 Peace Talks and Role of Spain; William Augustus Bowles Benjamin Hawkins Samuel Dexter Representative of Cussetah discussed Spanish affairs with Seminole chiefs. Peace talks.
November 23, 1796 A Few Lines of the Address to Spain William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray notes that he has copied a few lines of the address to Spain and sent it on to Cowan with some remarks.
April 8, 1790 Instructions to Captain Henry Burbeck to evince friendly relations with Spain Henry Knox Henry Burbeck Burbeck is in vicinity of Spanish garrison. Knox tells Burbeck to evince the most cordial friendship with Spain. Be polite and temperate in the handling of any offenses. If caused by Burbeck's men, inflict exemplary punishment. If by Spanish, make statement with precision and coolness to nearest Spanish officer.
November 6, 1793 Hostility between Spain and Kentucky Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Letter from Secretary Jefferson to Secretary Knox. It is possible that the measures complained of by the representatives of Spain as exhibited for attempting hostilities from Kentucky against Spanish settlements may require employment of military force by Governor Isaac Shelby of Kentucky. Encloses letter to the Governor stating facts Jefferson received from Spanish gentleman.
December 12, 1795 Peace and Trade Routes United States Senate George Washington Satisfied to hear that the war with Indians tribes is coming to a close, and treaties with Algiers and Spain concluded with more secure trade routes. Assurances Congress will assist in every way to foster peace.
March 8, 1798 Appointment as consul of the United States in Spain Moses Young James McHenry Informs McHenry that Colonel Humphreys had asked him a few months prior to fulfill the position of consul of the United States in Spain, and requests that the executive branch officially and formally appoint him to the position.
May 5, 1797 False Accusations Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos False accusations that Pope would attack Spanish garrison addressed, Pope wanted accuser identified and brought to justice.
March 25, 1797 Request for Troops to Wait for Evacuation Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos Alexander Pope Spanish posts waiting for verification of orders to evacuate, request U.S. troops to camp on banks of river until confirmation is received.
September 4, 1790 Knox comments on Sayre's proposal to the President Henry Knox Stephen Sayre Letter, discusses Sayre's plan; mentions expectations of war between Great Britain and Spain.
June 27, 1799 Expresses Concern about Wilkinson's Promotion James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to General [James] Wilkinson's claims to promotion and his own promise not to oppose, but warns of the danger of half-confidences. Concerned about expectations from Spain. Requests that Hamilton not say anything to him about this discussion.
May 6, 1796 Developments with Spain James Wilkinson Zebulon M. Pike General Wilkinson writes Capt. Zebulon Pike on the various issues affecting the western part of the Northwest territory. Lt. Thomas Underwood has received the pay for Pike's garrison as well as the summer clothing. Refers to the charges against Benjamin Sebastian being a paid agent of Spain, and Aaron Gregg's mission to the Spanish.
June 27, 1799 Half-Confidence is Bad James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry approves the creation of a troop of horse as a model to ascertain the improvements needed in cavalry tactics. He affirms that Wilkinson's promotion should first be approved by General Washington and, most importantly, Wilkinson's commercial pursuits with Spain must be dissolved before he can gain the confidence required for a promotion.
December 7, 1793 Strict Neutrality Toward Spain Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Responding to an alleged enterprise against Spanish settlements by General Clarke of Kentucky and by a group of Frenchmen, St. Clair proclaims a posture of strict neturality toward Spain by all those who are part of the military establishment of the United States.
June 23, 1798 Diplomatic relations with Spain William Loughton Smith James McHenry Writes that a ship that he was onboard heading out of Lisbon was fired upon by a Spanish gunboat. Describes travels through Spain and happily reports that the Spanish have surrendered posts in accordance to Pinckney's Treaty.
November 9, 1793 Designs of Frenchmen to excite military enterprise against possessions of Spain Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Letter from Secretary Knox to the Governor of Northwest Territory. Mentions letter from Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson regarding designs of Frenchmen attempting to excite some military enterprise against possessions of Spain. President Washington asks that a letter to Governor Isaac Shelby of Kentucky be considered as written to Governor St. Clair, and should take measures to prevent the...
September 8, 1796 Discusses Indian Affairs; Outlines Duties of Indian Agent James McHenry Benjamin Hawkins Discussion of Indian affairs. Outlines treaty with Creek Nation, including boundaries, trade, punishment of Indian murders, etc. Refers to affairs at Coleraine. Reflects opinion of the President. Questions Indians as subjects of King of Spain or America. Refers to perceptions of Indians as savages and civilization efforts. Mentions acts regulating trade.
May 18, 1799 Report of the Chiefs of the Upper and Lower Creeks Benjamin Hawkins [not available] The Indians report to Hawkins that they are going to all of the nations to tell them to assist the men running the boundary line between the United States and Spain. Hawkins approved and offered advice on what to say.
July 18, 1796 Report on a Suspicious Person Arthur St. Clair James McHenry St. Clair reports on the activities of a person suspected of disloyal activities in the West.
June 25, 1792 Picture of Duplessis Lewis Tousard Henry Knox Presents Knox with a picture of the late Colonel Mauduit du Plessis, commissioned by Comte de Fernan Nunez, the Spanish Ambassador to France.