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February 2, 1799 Speaks of International Affairs, US Relations with Europe and Turkey William Smith James McHenry Writes of responsibilities of government while in war. Expresses concerns about US vessels sailing about the European seas. Mentions Turkey's declaration of war.
August 22, 1799 Expresses Concern about Cherokees Returning Stolen Horses David Henley Standing Turkey Expresses appreciation for Standing Turkey's advice to other chiefs of the Cherokee nation as a good example. Refers to Little Turkey's recommendation to return all stolen horses, but would rather that Little Turkey actually return the horses instead of just recommending. Urges both whites and Indians to resolve matter. Urges peace and resolving distress of poor families by returning horses.
April 25, 1793 Letter from the Little Turkey William Blount Henry Knox "Since writing you of this date, I have received a letter from the Little Turkey of which you have enclosed an extract. Contrary to my expectation, Mr. McKee was the bearer of it. The reason of his return the enclosed report will explain."
July 30, 1793 Further Light on the Conduct of the Cherokees Daniel Smith Henry Knox Further light on the conduct of the Cherokees can be gained by contrasting the letters from General Roertson and Piamingo with the letter from Little Turkey.
May 7, 1799 Pleased with Indian Translator Mr. Thompson and Efforts to Restore Horses in Possession of Little Turkey; High Hopes for Meeting of Creek Nation David Henley Charles Hicks Approves Mr. Thompson as interpreter to Mr. Maclin. Hopes talk will have good effect and that Little Turkey will restore stolen horses. Hopes that all property will be returned in good condition.
March 24, 1798 Request for Issue of Wood & Sharpening Stone for the War Office James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of wood and a Turkey oilstone [sharpening stone] for use by the War Office.
March 5, 1792 Intrusion on Indian Hunting Grounds Richard Justice William Blount Richard Justice and Thomas Glass write to Governor Blount regarding Little Turkey's movements and their willingness to adhere to any agreement between Little Turkey and the Governor. There have been encounters between whites and Indians in Indian hunting grounds but there has been no violence.
June 5, 1793 No War with White People or Red People Little Turkey William Blount Little Turkey reports on the visit of the Cherokee head-men to meet with with the head-men of the Northward Indians. Though the Nortwards appear ready to go to war if provoked by incursions on their land, Little Turkey affirmed the disposition of the Cherokees to remain at peace with whites and Indians.
September 7, 1792 Indians Declare War James Carey William Blount Too deadly to travel with news from Little Turkey, therefore Carey entrusted letter to Indian who will carry to Hanging Maw's. Notification that the five lower towns have declared war on U.S., advised Blount to be on guard against attacks.
September 13, 1792 Token of Friendship William Blount Little Turkey Received letter from Little Turkey which Blount viewed as a sincere token of friendship with United States and of desire for peace. Blount stated that towns that did not declare war will be able to remain on their land in peace. Requests that hearty thanks be passed along to other chiefs.
September 2, 1792 Spanish Indian Relations and War Little Turkey William Blount Notified Blount that five towns on the Big River plan to make war against U.S. and their hostility is not the sentiment of the whole Nation. Spaniards provided ammunition to Indians and blames Spaniards for war, not Indians. Little Turkey promised friendly relations with U.S. and will keep U.S. informed of all Indian activity.
May 10, 1800 Request for stationary and greetings from Little Turkey and Bloodyfellow John Hooker David Henley Articles drawn from Secretary of War must be fixed at some rate. Requests prices to articles listed: quills, glass, putty, paper. Requests bill for brandy given. Requests writing paper. Little Turkey and Bloodyfellow have missed Henley twice and by way of an apology ask for tobacco so they may smoke the pipe of friendship from a distance.
September 15, 1792 Letter to Governor Blount from Cherokee Chiefs Chief Breath William Blount Chief Breath writes the Governor of the Southwest Territory, William Blount. Makes reference to a letter sent to Bloody Fellow. Insists that the chiefs making efforts to stop the young from going to war. Mentions Little Turkey. References the Creeks, who carried powder and lead.
March 10, 1789 Meeting Arrangements for Another Peace Treaty Chiefs & Warriors of the Cherokee Nation Governor Samuel Johnston Chiefs of the Chicomogies in the Cherokee Nation sought to arrange a peace treaty meeting with U.S.
October 9, 1792 Defense of South, Cumberland County Henry Knox Henry Lee Request for opinion on need for additional troops to assist Gov. Blount in defense of frontier.
July 1, 1792 Journal of the Grand Cherokee National Council. James Carey [not available] This is Carey's account of the meeting of the Cherokee National Council on June 26th, 1792.
September 14, 1792 Approved Roads for Travel William Blount Little Turkey the Glass, Bloody Fellow and John Watts have stopped the party of warriors from the five lower towns from waging war against the United States. Blount notified Little Turkey that he would erect block houses in "this district" and in Cumberland for the protection of the white settlers. Advised any Indians traveling to U.S. lands use Maj. Craig's public roads to prevent mistaken identity as...
November 15, 1792 Letter Citation Standing Turkey William Blount Cited in McHenry to U. S. House of Represenatives, 01/05/1798.
October 7, 1792 Boumdary Line Between Cherokee Land and U.S. William Blount Commissioners Enclosed extract of letter to Little Turkey and other Cherokee chiefs pertaining to meeting of chiefs and commissioners to run boundary line between two nations. Specified where line should fall, according to treaty. Noted war dissolves all treaties.
April 21, 1793 Letter Citation Little Turkey William Blount Cited in Blount to Knox, 04/25/1793.
February 6, 1793 Minutes of the Conference at Henry's Station William Blount [not available] Minutes of a conference held at Henry's Station on the 6th of February 1793 between Governor Blount and John Watts, the Hanging Maw, Double-head, and many others of the Cherokees--Susanna Spears, interpreter.
June 4, 1792 Boundaries Between the United States & the Cherokee Nation William Blount Little Turkey Blount informs Little Turkey and the other chiefs of the Cherokees of the plans to run the boundary lines between U. S. territory and the Cherokee nation. The United States commissioners who will run the line are men of great stature and integrity and it is expected that the Cherokee headmen who will be involved will be of similar character.
September 2, 1792 Requested Payment Boots William Blount Request for gun as payment for accompanying Mr. Hath to visit Creeks. Noted he and his people were peaceful with U.S. and using the guns for hunting.
November 20, 1788 Land Negotiations Little Turkey Richard Winn Use of hunting grounds and positive negotiations with New York and Virginia.
June 27, 1788 Vouchers of U.S. Indian Commissioners Commissioners [not available] Ledger book that documents financial activity of U.S. Indian Commissioners in the Southern department from 27 June 1788 to 2 October 1789.