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April 19, 1798 Receipt of payment for delivery of dispatches by riding express [not available] [not available] Receipt of payment to Sturgis for delivery of dispatches by riding express from Shippensburg to Pittsburg to Philadelphia and back to Shippensburg per agreement with William Rippey of Shippensburg. Brigadier General Wilkinson notes that dispatches came from Secretary of War and returned with the general's answer.
April 17, 1798 Expenses for riding express William Sturgis Samuel Hodgdon Receipt of payment of $80 to Sturgis for delivery of dispatches by riding express from Shippensburg to Pittsburg to Philadelphia and back to Shippensburg per agreement with William Rippey of Shippensburg. Brigadier General Wilkinson notes that dispatches came from Secretary of War and returned with the general's answer.
July 2, 1793 The Infamous Mr. Martin Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne has been informed by Mr. Morrison, a gentleman of veracity, that he saw between twenty and thirty wagon-loads of public stores laying at Shippensburg. Mr. Martin who brought them that far was so infamous a character that he would not hire a team to bring them on to Pittsburgh. He has uniformly defrauded every person with whom he has had any dealings. Wayne fears that if the water fails as...
November 25, 1793 Forward Payroll with Security Provided Enroute from Pittsurg Henry Knox Isaac Craig Colonel Mentges will bring money for the army to Pittsburg. Must be sent off in armed boat. Either Major Winston, Major Cass or Captain Crawford is to take charge of money. Has ordered clothing from Shippensburg.
June 24, 1794 Due Bills Thomas Moon Samuel Hodgdon One due bill has been sent by the bearer, Samuel Quigley, and Moon expects to be in Philadelphia with the other bill soon.
April 21, 1798 Pay of the Shipwrights Working on the Galleys James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Humphreys is to engage shipwrights to work on the galleys being built by the Quartermaster General at Pittsburgh. These men should enter into a contract with respect to their pay for a period not to exceed six months. Hodgdon should advance these men some pay prior to sending them off by stage to Shippensburg.
April 19, 1799 The Assistance of Another Clerk Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon The letter respecting the Indian annuities has been received. Because of the additional duties required of Craig due to the new arrangement of the Quartermaster Department, he will need another clerk. Mr. Withroe should be engaged for that purpose and his compensation should be $30 per month and two rations subsistence. He should be given enough cash to travel to Shippensburg by stage where...
December 28, 1798 Parks & Myself Will Do the Public's Hauling Robert Culbertson Samuel Hodgdon Culbertson recommends himself and Joseph Parks, with three or four teams, to do the government's hauling to different parts of the country. After receiving proper wages, he and Parks will see that the public's loads are transported safely consistent with Hodgdon's duty as a public officer.
September 14, 1795 Document Signed, to Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Samuel Hodgdon Messrs Bell and Given discuss payment for shipping parcels of clothing.
August 31, 1798 Missisng Money & Returns Samuel Hodgdon Jacob Raison Hugh Spear lost the money and bank bills by the time he reached the ferry and they have yet to be found.
October 1, 1796 Power of Attorney to Jacob Rohm, Etc. Charles Anderson Samuel Hodgdon Anderson has given Power of Attorney to Jacob Rohm in Shippensburg who will handle his business during his absence. He informed Rohm to detain whatever business exists with Samuel McClintock until he has a clearance from Hodgdon.
October 28, 1796 Horses for Sinclair & Heth's Indian Chiefs Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Colonel O'Hara will be notifed that he needs to answer Hodgdon's letter. Three horses have been furnished to General Sinclair for his journey to Philadelphia and sixteen horses, equipped with saddles and bridles, have been provided for eight Indian chiefs and their attendants, under the direction of John Heth, for their journey to Shippensburg
July 3, 1795 Shipments to and from Pittsburgh Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig discusses sundry transactions respecting shipments to and from Pittsburgh.
November 15, 1798 Supplies for a detachment marching toward Pittsburgh James McHenry Edward Miller Directs the sum of two hundred dollars to Miller for expenses for the detachment under his command to Pittsburgh. Notes that he will also receive supplies in Carlisle.
April 29, 1799 Officers Required to Complete Pennsylvania Regiment, & Recommendations James McHenry John Adams Declares the number of officers needed to complete the set for the new regiment being raised in Pennsylvania, namely one captain and five lieutenants, and encloses recommendations for each post.
June 3, 1793 Reports News of Clothing Shipment for Lieutenant James Glenn's recruits in Shepherd's Town Virginia James Glenn Samuel Hodgdon Lieutenant James Glen of 4th Sub Legion acknowledges receipt of letter which informs that he will receive clothing for his recruits. He had given up hope of receiving clothing from the War Department and had negotiated a loan of clothing from other officers. When the clothing arrives he will transmit all amounts.
June 5, 1794 Six Loads by Andrew McClure Robert Culbertson Samuel Hodgdon Since the harvest is close at hand, Culbertson cannot go down for loads so he requests that Hodgdon send six loads to him by Andrew McClure who will provide a receipt.
May 23, 1799 Request for certification that Secretary of War authorized Samuel Hodgdon to make certain purchases Jeremiah Condy Nathan Jones Question regarding charges. Condy asks Jones whether Secretary of War directed Hodgdon to purchase a horse to accommodate Colonel John McKee to Pittsburg. Also asks whether Secretary of War ordered Hodgdon to purchase ten pieces of hessians [boots] and for what purpose. Jones answers in affirmative to both questions. Horse was purchased for use of an Indian.
July 12, 1792 Orders to March to Frontier, Pittsburgh Henry Knox Captain Jedediah Rogers Orders to march recruits with due haste to Pittsburgh. Knox requested a journal be kept of events to be submitted to War Office.
September 1, 1791 Moving the War Office from Carpenter's Hall William Knox Samuel Hodgdon William Knox writes the Quartermaster General on the moving of the War Office out of Carpenters Hall. Also discusses recruiting for a new company.
October 4, 1787 Letter to the Commissioner of Commissary Stores Major General Richard Butler Samuel Hodgdon Letter from General Richard Butler to Samuel Hodgdon, the Commissioner of Commissary Stores. Mentions the problem of sending and receiving letters in a timely fashion.
November 15, 1793 Clothing, Stores, Disbursements, Pay Problems Isaac Craig Henry Knox Lieutenant Whistler left with his detachment in charge of clothing and stores. Mentions abstract of disbursements, shipment of clothing, Captain Crawford's complaints that some are not paid.
March 14, 1791 [Plan for the Corps of Levies] Henry Knox George Washington Document describes the manner in which two thousand recruits will be raised and arranged into two regiments for the purpose of protecting the frontiers. Provided details of the rank and type of officer or soldier required for each battalion. Assigned posts to specifically named officers.
August 16, 1793 Wayne to Continue War Preparations While Not Antagonizing Indians; Reasons for Not Launching Supporting Movement Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Wayne is to continue to make appropriate preparations for war without unduly alarming the Indians, thereby rendering the position of the peace Commissioners dangerously precarious. The reasons are expressed as to why the President has not approved Wayne's proposal for a collateral expedition from the upper parts of the Ohio to the rapids of the Miami.
November 25, 1793 Too Late to Begin Offensive Operations; State of Payment & Recruitment Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Because the peace negotiations consumed so much time, it is too late in the year to begin offensive operations. The choice of location for winter quarters is left to Wayne. Not more that 400 recruits can be expected before May 1794. $100,000 have been advanced by the Treasury for the pay of the troops and the Quartermaster General has requested $57,140 for his department.