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July 27, 1799 Request for Issue of Knapsacks to 8th Regiment, Shepherdstown James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of knapsacks to the 8th Infantry at Shepherdstown.
June 1, 1795 Transporting Military Stores to Shepherdstown Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a return of military stores located at Frederickstown, Maryland that should be transported to Shepherdstown so that the expense of keeping them there does not exceed their value.
November 19, 1800 Certification of payment; Lieutenant John Walbach, United States Cavalry, for himself and servant while in New York and Shepherdstown, Virginia William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; Lieutenant and Adjutant John Walbach, United States Cavalry, for himself and servant while in New York and Shepherdstown, Virginia [now WV].
February 28, 1798 Certification of payments; account of Elias Langham Peter Hagner James McHenry Certification that $1688.01 is due Elias Langham, military storekeeper at Shepherdstown Virginia [now West Virginia], being the amount of the expenditures related to the contingent expenses of the Military Store Department and his compensation from July 1796 through December 1797.
January 9, 1800 French Prisoners, Etc. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Alexander Hamilton There are 101 French prisoners at Frederick Town. The Brigade Inspector has been sent to see to their situation but he does not understand that there should be iron gratings on their barracks windows. Mentioned drought and the mills being unable to work for lack of running water prompting the Army to have some planks milled and transported to Shepherdstown. Also mentioned the guards/soldiers had...
July 22, 1796 Accounts and vouchers Peter Hagner Elias Langham Acknowledges receipt of accounts and vouchers that will be examined and credited to his account at the War Department.
November 14, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Captain Presley Thornton Simmons informs Thornton that his regimental paymaster will be the agent through which all pay is received.
January 27, 1798 Accounts of Elias Langham William Simmons Elias Langham William Simmons informs Elias Langham that his pay has been withheld until his quartermaster accounts are put in order.
February 4, 1796 Keeping Accounts Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon Langham favored sending accounts for settlement through Hodgdon, rather than Simmons. Asks about arrangements for the arsenal on Potowmack.
June 21, 1797 Stands of Arms Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Stands of arms at various military installations in the United States as of April 1, 1797.
June 10, 1800 Implications of a Federalist defeat in November Charles Cotesworth Pinckney James McHenry Letter from General Pinckney to the former Secretary at War. Pinckney focuses on the 1800 election throughout most of the letter. He fears the "Jacobinical Party," directly associating Thomas Jefferson with the Jacobins of the French Revolution.
May 19, 1797 Charged for Packing the Stores Sent to Fort Pitt Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon After receiving a copy of his January accounts from the Accountant's office, Langham finds that he has been charged for the packing and baling of the stores sent to Fort Pitt.
November 4, 1796 Stores, Shipments, and the Boundary Line with Spanish Territory Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses the large clothing issue for the guard force detached from Fort Pitt. These guards are to accompany the surveyor of the boundary with Spanish territory.
April 1, 1797 Statement of Brass Cannons and Carriages Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Statement of brass cannons and carriages on books of intendant of stores
April 1, 1797 Statement of Brass Howitzers and Carriages Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Statement of brass howitzers and carriages as they appear in the Intendant of Stores' books.
December 5, 1796 Transporting Stores to Pittsburgh Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon Langham has drawn $500 in favor of William Davidson & Company to be charged in the expense of transporting the stores from Shepherds Town to Pittsburgh. The articles will be shipped in boxes suitable for carrying them safely over the mountain. Should they blocked on the mountain by heavy snow, their fees will be paid for the time they cannont travel.
September 30, 1798 Accounts Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon Sending a return for the stores at Shepherdstown and accounts since January 1st. The whole money will be paid to Hodgdon. Also included is an estimate of money required for the next quarter. Langham sent six tents to Lieutenant Shoemaker’s recruits at Frederick Town until they can procure enough tents of their own. Captain Bishop’s receipt for stores ordered will be forwarded by the next...
November 25, 1796 Shoes & Blankets to be Forwarded to Pittsburgh, Etc. Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon As ordered by the Secretary of War, the shoes and blankets at Shepherds Town will be transported to Pittsburgh, a journey that will consume 12 - 20 days. Langham requires the necessary monies to pay the expense of the carriage, baling, boxing, etc. Since the business at Shepherd's Town will be diminished by the approaching winter, he wants to travel to the Western Country to finish his business...
April 15, 1791 The Pivot Upon Which All Things Turn Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox reminds General Butler that the public is depending upon him to raise the two new battalions in Maryland and Virginia. Colonel Hall has declined, so Colonel Darke must be appointed
June 29, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James McHenry Simmons submits the accounts of John Mackey, paymaster at Harper's Ferry armory, to the Secretary at War for decision. Includes annexed remarks by Mackey.
September 8, 1795 Account of Elias Langham, Superintendent of Public Stores at Shepherd's Town Virginia William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $56.95 is due Elias Langham, Superintendent of Public Stores at Shepherd's Town Virginia [now WV], for the balance of his expenditures from December 24th 1794 and his pay from December 25th 1794 through August 1795.
December 23, 1796 Blankets, Shoes, Etc. Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon Among a number of supply matters, Langham notes that he forwarded to Major Craig 615 good blankets and fifteen damaged ones that he did not separate from the good ones. However, they were noted in the inventory and he did not think it proper to charge them to either Craig or Hodgdon in the returns. He also sent Craig 2035 pairs of shoes but the weather being so severe, he fears the wagons will be...
August 10, 1792 Regarding preparations and troop readiness Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Mentions the council at Au Glaize and Indians. Notes that recruits will not be assembled in sufficient numbers, nor sufficiently disciplined according to the nature of warfare in which it is to be led. Discusses arrival of articles and provisions and asks Wayne to direct Major Craig to be punctual in notifying when stores are delivered. Mentions contractors of clothing have not furnished the...
August 10, 1792 Postponing the Campaign Until Winter Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Regardless of the outcome of the peace negotiations, an offensive campaign should not be undertaken before winter. The peace council probably won't finish until late October nor will the recruits be assembled or trained before that time. Referring to Wayne's complaint about not receiving the stores that were requisitioned, Knox wishes he were more explicit regarding exactly what had not been...
July 27, 1792 Preventing desertion; providing medicine and saddles; distinctive hat insignia Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox discusses the problem of desertion and how best to prevent it. He talks of recruiting efforts and outlines several troop movements and talks of the availablity of stores like clothing, medicine, and saddles. The four sub-legions are assigned distinctive hat bindings and plumes and the procedures for determining qualifications for pensions are discussed.