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May 20, 1791 United States Account with Smith & Shepherd Edward Nixon Nicholas Eveleigh Balance due Smith & Shepherd for clothing and articles delivered.
May 24, 1791 Smith & Shepherd's Contract for Clothing Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Smith & Shepherd have completed their contact for the clothing for the levies and Mr. Hodgdon has receipted to them for same. Some of the articles were not equal to the pattern and others were superior but on the whole Hodgdon judges that Smith & Shepherd have successfully executed their contract. Additional overalls have been commissioned so that the soldiers will have clean pairs.
March 29, 1792 Two Suits of Clothing John Stagg William Knox If there are two suits of music uniform clothing of the five hundred suits of Smith & Shepherd, Knox is directed to give same to Lt. Bines for Capt. Wells company of infantry.
February 19, 1791 Letter Citation Daniel Shepherd George Washington Cited in Knox to Shepherd, 03/03/1791; Knox to Shepherd, 08/03/1791.
December 29, 1791 Knox informs Shepherd of federal support for additional scouts Henry Knox David Shepard Knox informs Shepherd that federal funds will support more scouts than the the two authorized by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
April 9, 1800 Settlement of Accounts, with details William Simmons Abraham Shepherd Sec. of War determined Shepherd debited with sums of money after examination of accounts of John Mackey, late Pay Master at the armory of Harper's Ferry. Shepherd was charged on the books of the Office owing the government $2609.20.
April 14, 1791 Letter Citation Henry Knox David Shepard Cited in Knox to Shepherd, 12/10/1792.
May 20, 1791 Clothing and Articles from Smith & Shepherd Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg As inspector, Hodgdon has examined the clothing and other articles received from Smith and Shepherd under their contract with the public. He finds many of the coats deficient in size and others inferior to the pattern and others coarse in the extreme. The shirts are equal to the pattern but many of the shoes are too small for soldiers.
March 17, 1792 Letter Citation D. Shepherd Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Shepherd, 04/14/1792.
April 14, 1792 Notification to Pay Henry Knox David Shepard Militia called up into service to be paid.
April 22, 1793 Request for Orders David Shepard Henry Knox Indians have acted in hostile manner; Shepherd requests orders on how to act against them after General Wayne left the quarter.
March 31, 1800 Account of John Mackey James McHenry William Simmons In settling the account of John Mackey, lately the paymaster and storekeeper of the armory at Harpers Ferry, he should be given credit for the money he paid over to Abraham Shepherd, who acts as temporary paymaster and storekeeper, and charge the same to Shepherd.
October 15, 1797 Replying to Leith, Shepherd and Duff's petition James Wilkinson Multiple Recipients Wilkinson responds to Leith, Shepherd and Duff’s petition to be able to continue trade in the Ottawa towns. Wilkinson notes that recent military regulations were designed to bring the misdeeds of James McDonald to light. Wilkinson feels he is authorized to regulate within the military reservations, however he is not empowered to authorize Leith, Shepherd and Duff to trade. However, the agent...
September 19, 1798 A Lieutenancy in the Artillery George Shepherd Alexander Hamilton Shepherd seeks Hamilton's recommedation for a lieutenancy in the Artillery and, if none exists, for a similar position in the Infantry.
May 23, 1800 Forwarding Draft of Letter James McHenry John Adams Encloses draft of a letter to Generals Shepherd and Parks, and Justin Ely, as well as the document to which the letter pertains.
March 31, 1792 Payments Made by the Treasurer for the Use of the War Department, 3 March 1791 to 31 March 1792 Treasurer of the United States [not available] Lists payments to various individuals by name, date, and amount; summarizes totals to each contractor and overall total at end of document. Concludes by stating that advances were made "by the Bank of North America for the use of the Department of War."
September 8, 1795 Account of Elias Langham, Superintendent of Public Stores at Shepherd's Town Virginia William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $56.95 is due Elias Langham, Superintendent of Public Stores at Shepherd's Town Virginia [now WV], for the balance of his expenditures from December 24th 1794 and his pay from December 25th 1794 through August 1795.
July 24, 1800 Overcharge to United States William Simmons Samuel Annin Simmons received forwarded letter from Secretary of War regarding an overcharge by Abraham Shepherd. Simmons requested testimony as soon as possible and commended Annin for his action.
September 14, 1793 Request for a safe conveyance Thomas Jefferson Samuel Sterett Thomas Jefferson with compliments to Mr. Sterrett will thank him for giving a safe conveyance to inland, which he prefers making from Baltimore. Mentions bill of exchange, Van Shepherd and Hubard.
February 13, 1800 Amount Due Me for Repairing Arms Conrad Byers Samuel Hodgdon Byers has drawn on Hodgdon in favor Abraham Shepherd for $79.85. This is the sum due Byers for the repair of arms under an agreement with Major Langham, Superintendent of Military Stores at Shepherds Town. The original contract was for $172.58 but the work he has done entitles Power to no more than the above stated sum.
June 6, 1791 Difference in Price of Musicians' Coats Henry Knox Oliver Wolcott, Jr. The subscriber, having inspected the clothing furnished by Shepherd & Smith for the non-commissioned, privates, and musicians of the levies agreeable to the contract made with the Secretary of the Treasury, judges that there ought not to be any difference in price between the non-commissioned and privates but the musician's coats, made of red cloth of a better quality ought to be more than the...
July 13, 1795 Receipt for repair and cleaning of arms at Shepherd's Town Virginia John Liens [not available] Receipt of payment $1000 on account of repairing and cleaning arms at Shepherd's Town Virginia for which Major Elias Langham is to be accountable.
August 1, 1794 Exoneration of Accountability of Lt. Campbell Smith Joseph Howell Campbell Smith Receipts have been received from Mr. Swan for the money transmitted to Lt. Smith for the pay of troops so Smith is exonerated from any accountability in the transaction.
December 29, 1791 Payment to Scouts on Ohio County Virginia David Shepard [not available] Sundry receipts and statements related to the employment of Scouts in Ohio County Virginia.
February 10, 1801 Account of Expenditures Delayed and Partial Return of Articles Samuel Annin Samuel Hodgdon Annin does not have the accounts of expenditures, because he had to return them so the many mistakes could be fixed. Once they are complete he will send them directly to Hodgdon. Encloses a partial return of articles on hand as of January 1.