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October 5, 1799 Goods for the Shawnee Arthur St. Clair Chiefs of the Shawnees The goods which St. Clair had arranged to have available for the Shawnee at Fort Miami will be at Fort Wayne instead.
July 7, 1793 Response of Commissioners and Captain Brandt to Indian Speech of 07/07/1793 Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Indians Northwest of Ohio River Regrets to hear reports of war, only peace intended by United States. Commissioners have authority from their government to negotiate.
July 29, 1790 Measures for the Protection of the Frontier Henry Knox Lieutenant of the County of Mason, Kentucky Knox discusses defensive measures for the protection of the frontier.
September 2, 1790 Explanation of Expedition to the Shawnees Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Discussion of protection of Russell County with the President. The President is anxious that an expedition to the Indians be completed properly and successfully, without need for repetition. Refers to tension between militia, troops and extinguishing all jealousies that exist.
August 23, 1790 Instructions for Mounting Militia Against Wabash Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Militia to be raised in defense of frontier from raids by Wabash Indians. Politics with Great Britain addressed, regarding suspicions of US intentions toward Canadian territory.