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December 3, 1800 George Wells' request for discharge Samuel Dexter Noah Cook Dexter provides conditions under which George Wells can be discharged from service. Mr. Wells enlisted while underage. Dexter states that Wells must find a replacement.
February 9, 1791 Invoice of Pay and Pensions for Invalids Henry Knox James Tilton The letter provides a list of pay and pensions due to military invalids in Delaware, with notation of those who have moved or are deceased. The second page concludes with an order to pay the pensions out of treasury funds.
July 11, 1797 Recommended Appointment in the Medical Line Samuel Moale James McHenry Henry Wells, a pupil of Dr. Buchanan and Moale, wants an appointment in the medical line on board the frigate being built at Baltimore. Wells has been studying medicine for four years and is well suited to act as a Surgeon's Mate. Any act of friendship to Mr. Wells will be remembered with gratitude.
March 28, 1792 Clothing for Captain Wells' Company John Stagg William Knox Knox is directed to have infantry clothing packed up for Lt. Bines to transport to Capt. Wells' Company.
July 8, 1797 Surgency on the New Frigate Miles Littlejohn James McHenry A student of Dr. Buchanan, Mr. Wells, wants to obtain the surgency of the frigate now building at Baltimore. He is even willing to be a mate if a better situation cannot be found. Littlejohn confesses that he is not sufficiently acquainted with Wells to judge his abilities but knows of his conduct while learning his profession.
May 30, 1798 Recommends Henry Wells as Surgeon's Mate Miles Littlejohn James McHenry Littlejohn calls attention to Henry Wells who wishes an appointment as a Surgeon's Mate on one of the armed vessels of the United States now fitting for sea. Wells formerly lived with Coale & Buchanan and is qualified to act in that capacity. He is the same young man recommended by Colonel Howard and, based on the general goodness of his character, will fill this station with honor to himself and...
May 17, 1798 Renews Application for a Surgeoncy in the Navy Dr. Henry Wells James McHenry Dr. Wells had applied for an appointment in the surgeon's department of the frigate "Constellation," an appointment given to Mr. Henry of Pennsylvania. Wells has decided to renew his application for an appointment to one of the 12 vessels established by Congress and includes recommendations already forwarded by Dr. Coale, Dr. Littlejohn, and Dr. Buchanan.
March 30, 1792 Drum & Fife for Capt. Wells John Stagg William Knox Knox is directed to issue a drum and fife with drumsticks for Capt. Wells' company.
March 12, 1800 The Case of Benjamin Wells Alexander Hamilton Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Since Benjamin Wells distinguished himself during the disturbances in the western part of Pennsylvania and the losses he sustained in support of the government were considerable, he should be indemnified by the government.
July 3, 1793 Account of Thomas Cheeke Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Thomas L. Cheeke, late Sergeant in the 14th Virginia Regiment.
April 27, 1792 Suits of Clothing for Wells' Recruits R.J. Vandenbrock William Knox Knox is asked to deliver to Ensign William Diven thirty full suits of clothing for Capt. Wells' recruits.
May 19, 1791 Deposition of William Wells William Wells [not available] Wells attests to the competence and sobriety of General Harmar during the expedition against the Omee Indians.
June 29, 1798 Certification of payments; Sergeant Thomas Derickson William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $42 is due Sgt. Thomas Derickson of Captain Van Renslaer's Troop of Horse, being his pay for November 1796 through April 1797.
June 16, 1798 Appointment as a Surgeon's Mate Dr. Henry Wells Benjamin Stoddert Dr. Wells had applied to the Secretary of War for an appointment as a Surgeon's Mate in the Navy but has learned that the appointment will be made by Stoddert as Secretary of the Navy. If appointed, Wells promises to conduct himself with honor and utility to the United States rising Navy.
March 4, 1799 Suggests Additional Wells to Guard against Fire of Armories Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports that the armory buildings used for filing and finishing has burned. Joseph Williams has suggested building more wells to prevent future fires. Suggests the same for the public building at Harpers Ferry.
November 6, 1793 Advertisement for skilled gunsmiths John Legg Samuel Hodgdon John Legg notes that when Joseph Perkins came through Fredericksburg, Virginia on the way to New London, Virginia, he published in the Virginia Herald and advertisement, paying $30 bank notes. Thus far, two have gone to work at New London. Asks for payment to carry advertisement into effect. Notes that the two men who went to work are Edward Wells and Thomas Mallory who once worked at the...
May 7, 1792 Arms for Wells's Recruits John Stagg William Knox Knox is directed to have packed up and transported by water to Christiana bridge, in the care of Solaman Maxwell, one hundred stand of arms and accoutrements complete for Capt. Wells' recruits along with the same number of knapsacks, if ready.
July 2, 1798 Application as Surgeon or Mate on a Navy Vessel Dr. Henry Wells Benjamin Stoddert Dr. Wells asks to be considered as an applicant for appointment as a surgeon on one of the ships of war and, if that cannot be done, he wants to be considered for a Mate's commission.
September 1, 1797 Certification of payments due; pay of Sergeant Rose William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $6 is due Sgt. Thomas Rose, late of Lt. Hutchins' detachment, being his pay for November 1794.
May 12, 1796 Pay of William Wells and Andrew Wolf William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $186.66 is due William Wells and Andrew Wolf, Scouts of Clark County Kentucky, being their pay from June 21 to Oct. 14, 1794.
February 28, 1799 Account of Thomas Hutchinson Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Thomas Hutchinson, late sergeant in the 3rd Regiment of Light Dragoons.
June 27, 1795 Pay of Sergeant Charles Martin William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $9.60 is due Charles Martin, being his pay as a sergeant from April 1st to May 14th, 1794, he being omitted on the muster and pay rolls for that period.
November 21, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Edward Carrington Simmons informs Carrington that the receipt of Sergeant Major Thomas Simmons was received.
July 11, 1797 Henry Wells as Surgeon's Mate for the Frigate George Buchanan James McHenry Buchanan recommends Henry Wells for a position as a Surgeons Mate on board a frigate. Wells has studied medicine for four years including a lecture course at the University of Pennsylvania. His attention to his studies and his improvement in the line of his profession constitute good qualifications respecting his application to be a physician on board the "Constellation."
September 14, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Edward Carrington Simmons authorizes Carrington to make payment to Sergeant Major Thomas Simmons for service during the Whiskey Rebellion.