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May 28, 1799 Effort to Clarify Misunderstanding of Shot Report Samuel Hodgdon David Ford Refers to indisposition of Mr. Faesch. Regrets misunderstanding of parts of his letter about his shot reports in New York and Elizabeth Town. Clarifies that he made no report and will not until he has heard from them. Clarifies shot receipt from Col. Stevens and explains mistake.
August 16, 1800 Accounts and Vouchers Received Peter Hagner George Harrison Accounts and vouchers for late purveyor Tench Francis received. Vouchers bear signature of Harrison as agent, but was unaccompanied by letter from Harrison. Accounts to be placed under examination.
July 2, 1796 Cited Document William Simmons George Fleming CITATION only. Toussard to Simmons, 07/04/1796.
September 3, 1798 Cited letter or document, Samuel Hodgdon to George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon George Fleming Letter, Citation only
May 27, 1799 Citation Only George Fleming William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Fleming, 06/10/1799.
June 3, 1796 Notification of Orders Transmitted George Beckwith James McHenry Necessary orders for the evacuation of British posts have been transmitted.
December 29, 1792 Agent to Canada Alexander Hamilton George Hammond Secretary Hamilton writes that supplies are to be procured through upper Canada. Agent to be sent to negotiate contracts for supplies for the purpose of obtaining a treaty with the government. Includes copy of speech from John Graves Simcoe to General Council of Indian Nations.
November 23, 1797 Cited letter or document, George Gale to William Simmons George Gale William Simmons Letter, CITATION Only. Cited in Simmons to Gale, 11/25/1797.
October 22, 1789 Treaty at Fort Harmar George Washington [not available] In pursuance of order of Congress, treaties between United States and several nations of Indians have been negotiated and signed. Washington lays before the Senate for their consideration and advice, by hand of Henry Knox, whose official superintendence, the business was transacted.
December 18, 1792 Surgeon General's Compensation George Washington Henry Knox Request for a decision regarding Surgeon General's (Doctor Wellford's) compensation. Washington wants to know of his professional abilities. Advances $500 to this officer.
January 24, 1798 Questions on State of the Nation and Its Foreign Affairs with European nations James McHenry George Washington The President has directed the Secretaries of State, War, and the Treasury, and the Attorney General to consider the state of the nation and its foreign relations, particularly with France, in addition to England, Spain, Holland, and others. McHenry lists a number of important questions respecting foreign affairs that should be addressed. If envoys extraordinary are refused audience, what will...
June 20, 1798 Agreement for House for Naval Department between Hodgdon and Charles Kenley. George Washington [not available] States Kenly will repair house currently occupied by Tench Coxe and that Coxe will return the house in the state which he received it.
September 29, 1789 Proclamation of the Treaty of Fort Harmar George Washington [not available] Washington's offcial proclamation of the Treay of Fort Harmar with the Chiefs and Warriors of the Wyandot, Delaware, Ottawa, Chippawa, Pattiwatima, and Sac Nations.
June 2, 1789 Grievances from the Five Nations to Congress Chiefs and Warriors of the Five Nations George Washington The Five Nations address grievances pertaining to land sales to Congress.
July 14, 1798 Officers Suggested for Appointments James McHenry George Washington McHenry lists the candidates for appointments in the augmented army including those he considers the most intelligent and active officers in the American army.
August 1, 1791 Memorial from the Civil and Military Officers of Mero District William Blount [not available] The civil and military officers of Mero District [North Carolina] formally request that President Washington intervene on behalf of the citizens of their district, some of whom have been the victims of Indian violence. The state of North Carolina has been derelict in its duty to protect its citizens from Indian depredations.
February 25, 1793 Paying Our Debt to France Thomas Jefferson George Washington In response to the request of the President to assess the application to redress the debt to France in an amount equivalent to three million livres, Jefferson, Knox, and Randolph favor providing the whole amount. Hamilton argues that the sum should not exceed $318,000 because of the effect of depreciation.
February 25, 1793 Proposed Treaty with the Indians Northwest of the Ohio Thomas Jefferson George Washington In response to a request by the President, the cabinet members provide their opinions on three issues involving a proposed treaty with the Indians, the relinquishment of the right of soil in lands north of the Ohio, and whether such relinquishment is essential to peace.
April 22, 1794 Application of Money to St. Domingo Edmund Randolph George Washington Washington's Cabinet advises the President to apply the remainder of the money, given by law to the indigent of St. Domingo, to the furnishing of several vessels now bound thither from different parts of the U.S. with passports for the purpose of conveying them.
December 26, 1791 Unsuccessful Negotiations with the Northwest Indians Henry Knox George Washington Knox's report to President Washington regarding attempts to reach a peace agreement with the northwest Indians and, having failed to reach an such an agreement, the preparations for the campaign against them.
February 6, 1787 Cited letter or document, George Wyllys to Josiah Harmar George Wyllys Josiah Harmar Letter, Citation only Cited in Knox, Report, 04/19/1787.
May 12, 1788 Cited letter or document, George Wyllys to Josiah Harmar George Wyllys Josiah Harmar Letter, Citation only Cited in Harmar to Knox, 06/15/1788.
October 10, 1795 Letter, Citation Only George Claghorn William Simmons Letter, citation only. Cited in Simmons to Claghorne 10/17/1795
July 27, 1787 Talk of the Fat King to His Honor Governor Mathews of Georgia and his Council [not available] George Mathews Have seen the talk sent by commissary Mr. Barnard. It is the whites who have forgot the talks at Shoulderbone, not the Creeks. Laments the hasty revenges taking place. Cannot be accountable for measures of Upper Towns; they can answer for themselves. Refer to promise made to southern Indian superintendent Mr. White. Make demands for satisfaction, life for life; and equal number for twelve people...