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December 27, 1794 William Pinckney presents his compliments to the new Secretary of War William Pinckney Thomas Pickering Pinckney says that he forwarded letters to Mr. Anderson and Doctor Pollard [?] and encloses a letter from the latter but has not received an answer from Anderson.
1799 [A list of divisions and subdivisions for Virginia.] [not available] [not available] Enclosed in Lee to Hamilton, 04/12/1799.
November 1, 1784 Certificate from George Reid George Reid Thomas Hazard Reid makes a statement pertaining to the loss of over $500. He says he never appropriated any part of such public money.
November 19, 1784 Report on a speech to the Indians Arthur Lee Thomas Mifflin Indian Commissioner, Arthur Lee writes randomly to Congress so as to provide a status report on activities.
December 17, 1787 Surveying the military tract at the mouth of the Ohio River Henry Knox Thomas Hutchins Knox recommends that the survey of the military tract at the mouth of the Ohio be done military officers thereby incurring little expense to the public.
September 7, 1789 Knox informs Rodney of his recommendations to the President Henry Knox Thomas Rodney Letter, discusses recommendations to Washington.
July 13, 1786 Letter Citation Thomas Procter Joseph Howell Cited in Howell to Proctor 07/26/1786
July 26, 1786 Settlement of Mr. Stafford Accounts Joseph Howell Thomas Procter To settle the accounts of Mr. Stafford, an application should be made to Mr. Burrall. A Certificate should be given to Mr. Martin specifying the time of Stafford's service and the monies paid him. Once this Certificate is obtained the accounts can surely be settled.
November 7, 1797 Pay to McHenry Thomas Lewis William Simmons Orders to pay McHenry sum of $120.00.
February 15, 1800 Report on the Claim of Seth Harding James McHenry Thomas Jefferson Enclosed is the report from the Secretary of War and the Comptroller and Secretary of the Treasury on the claim of Seth Harding in pursuance of the "Act for the relief of the Refugees from the British provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia."
January 2, 1787 [Circular] Benjamin Walker Thomas Collins Walker transmits an enclosed letter for the perusal of the Governor of Delaware and requests that the return be sent to the appropriate officer.
October 16, 1787 Joseph Howell sends a circular letter to the loan officers of ten states Joseph Howell Thomas Smith Joseph Howell sends a continuation of the register of certificates to the loan officers of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Delaware, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia.
November 1, 1791 Liberty & Equality Thomas Hollingsworth Levi Hollingsworth Illegible document.
March 15, 1795 Cited Document Thomas Pasteur Anthony Wayne Cited in Wayne to Pickering, 04/07/1795.
June 20, 1794 Council of Vincennes, Speeches by Chiefs, Warriors, and Captain Pasteur [not available] [not available] All tribes had traveled far to meet General Washington and make their people one, offering wampum. Request for guns and land on either side of the Mississippi or near Wabash. French and Indian Nations requested pity from the United States for their efforts of peace and the suffering they endured by the British and Spaniards.
May 26, 1795 Receipt of compensation intended for family of an Indian killed by garrison of Fort Franklin Lt. Col. Thomas Butler [not available] Dated 20 May 1795, and signed by Lieutenant Colonel Butler. Butler reported that he received of Isaac Craig, Deputy Quartermaster General, $100.00, which was to be intended for the family of an Indian killed by the garrison at Fort Franklin.
February 22, 1799 Autograph Letter Signed, James McHenry to Lt. Col. Thomas Butler James McHenry Lt. Col. Thomas Butler Writes of garrisons in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Georgia. Mentions activity of General Pinckney. Requests careful attention to Indian lands on Cumberland River.
September 4, 1794 Letter Citation Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Holt Cited in Holt to Hodgdon, 11/13/1794.
October 10, 1794 Letter Citation Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Cited in Holt to Hodgdon, 11/13/1794.
October 23, 1794 Letter Citation Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Cited in Holt to Hodgdon, 11/13/1794.
November 21, 1796 Stoppage of Pay for Adam Bowser, Etc. Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon The articles forwarded have arrived except for a deficiency of 24 pounds of steel and fifteen large files. The loss of steel occurred during the passage from Philadelphia to Manchester. Enclosed is a letter from Adam Bowser regarding the stopppage of his pay during the time of sickncess. Bowser is a faithful industrious man so any possible indulgence should be granted to him.
July 21, 1792 Letter Citation Lieut. Thomas Wilson Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Lee, 08/13/1792.
July 8, 1793 Letter Citation Lieut. Thomas Wilson Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Wayne, 08/16/1793.
June 10, 1799 Requests for Issue of Assorted Military Supplies to 10th Regiment James McHenry John Harris Two documents, regarding the same regiment and dated the same day. The first directs issue of arms & accoutrements, tents, musical instruments, and equipment for use by the 10th Regiment. The second directs issue of clothing to the same.
June 1798 List of articles on board sloop Mayflower War Department [not available] List of articles on board Mayflower addressed to Captain Truxtun for the frigate Constellation.