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July 28, 1800 Account of Phelps & Sanford James McHenry Phelps & Sanford The allowance for storage and five percent on the monies paid was considered compensation for the Phelps & Sanford Agency. However, McHenry will speak to the Treasurer and if it is practical to have the money paid to them by the Collector at New Haven, it shall be done.
February 14, 1800 Requested Advice on Method of Charging U.S. for Expenses Phelps & Sanford William Simmons Phelps and Sanford enclosed bill related to the storage and maintenance of arms and clothing for U.S. They were uncertain on how to charge the government for their services and therefore requested guidence.
February 24, 1800 Enclosed Account of Contractors James McHenry Accountant's Office Encloses a copy of a letter from Messrs. Phelps and Sanford related to expenditures against the U.S. government. Asks Simmons to examine the account and notify Phelps and Sanford if additional materials are needed to settle their claim.
February 14, 1800 Citation Only Phelps & Sanford James McHenry Cited in McHenry to Phelps & Sanford, 04/14/1800.
April 12, 1800 Certification of payment; Phelps and Sanford for freight and transportation services William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $274.39 to Phelps and Sanford for freight and transportation services of sundry articles of public property and storage.
April 14, 1800 Notification of Payment William Simmons Phelps & Sanford Phelps and Sanford to receive money from Jedediah Huntington, Collector at New London in reimbursement for freight and transportation of sundry articles of public property.
May 17, 1800 Acknowledgment of Receipt William Simmons Jedediah Huntingdon Simmons received letter from Huntingdon that contained receipts of Phelps Sanford. Information to be entered on the books of the Office.
April 14, 1800 Account of Phelps & Sanford James McHenry Phelps & Sanford According to the Accountant, the amount due Phelps & Sandford, which includes storage and a commission of five percent, is $274.39. A warrant has been issued to Phelps for that amount to be paid by Jedediah Huntington, Collector at New London.
April 14, 1800 Remit Sum by Treasurer William Simmons Jedediah Huntingdon Treasurer to remit sum to Huntington to pay Phelps and Sanford at New Haven for their performed duties in the Quarter Master General's Department.
December 12, 1799 Cited letter or document, Matthew Cadwell to Elihu Sanford Matthew Cadwell Elihu Sanford Letter, Citation only
March 16, 1784 Cited letter or document, Philip Audebert to John S. Dart Philip Audebert John S. Dart CITATION Only. Cited in Dart to Audibert 04/06/1784.
September 18, 1784 Letter Citation Philip Audebert John S. Dart CITATION Only. Cited in Dart to Audibert 04/06/1784.
February 25, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Phelps & Sanford Simmons informs Phelps and Sanford of the Secretary of War's guidance regarding storage claims and compensation for making disbursements.
September 16, 1784 Accounting matters John Pierce John S. Dart John Pierce sends to John Dart a letter discussing accounting matters and enclosed with a payment.
October 9, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, to Henry Knox Secretary of War on militia attack on village of Little Oakfuskees and purported duplicity by Georgia Governor Telfair James Seagrove Henry Knox Seagrove reports the he has not been able to conduct a peace mission with Creek leadership because of attempts by people of Georgia and militia to interfere with efforts. Recounts the report of Captain Sanford of Georgia Militia, who returned from an expedition of Creek Towns under Colonel Alexander and others, in pursuit of some horse thieves; expedition surprised the friendly town Little...
April 6, 1784 Bills that were lost John S. Dart Philip Audebert Sending copies of bills that were lost when the ship carrying them foundered at sea.
October 11, 1784 Settlement commissioner John S. Dart John Pierce John Dart sends to John Pierce a request to appoint a settlement commissioner in South Carolina.
October 10, 1800 Injury to the Public of Arms Dispersal, Etc. Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon Dexter is concerned about the injury to which the public interest is exposed by arms being dispersed to places where no one is responsible for their safekeeping.
July 20, 1784 Accounts of the Southern Army John S. Dart John Pierce His account and some accounts of the Southern Army have been forwarded. Encloses a bill of exchange.
[not available] List of Officers in Hazen's Regiment John Pierce Unknown Recipient List of the officers and rank of General Moses Hazen's Regiment that remained in service to the end of the war.
October 17, 1797 Request for Account Information or Refund; Captain Thomas Sandford William Simmons Thomas Sandford Simmons urgently requests account details regarding monies advanced to Sandford by Presley Neville for pay of militia to suppress an insurrection in Pennsylvania. Money was advanced to Sanford by warrants, who then paid his militia cavalry regiment from Virginia. Simmons gave specific details on the appropriate manner to file account.
January 9, 1787 Regarding settlement John Pierce Captain Jonathan Santford Informs Captain Santford that money he received as paymaster to Colonel Spencer's regiment was omitted from his settlement. Pierce wants to know how Sanford expects to meet this obligation.
May 12, 1794 Knox forwards Joshua Humphreys' recommendations and estimates on the costs of procuring white oak timber and planking; includes principal dimensions of several French and British war ships Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Secretary of War Henry Knox forwards Joshua Humphrey's estimate of the probable costs of timber for a ship of 44 guns to the Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton. Estimate includes costs and dimensions of white oak, pine, red cedar, live oak. Included in this document is a list from Thomas Penrose of French and British warships with information on number of guns, length of gundeck, other...
September 18, 1800 Avoiding Injury to the Arms Phelps & Sanford Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Phelps & Sandford state that unless the arms in their store are overhauled they will be much injured. That includes the wood part as well as the iron.