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October 31, 1796 Letter from Hugh Crawford Hugh Crawford James McHenry Hugh Crawford discusses the death of Mr. Kennedy with James McHenry.
April 10, 1795 Cited letter or document, John Crawford to Joseph Howell John Crawford Joseph Howell Cited in Simmons to Crawford, 04/18/1795.
December 16, 1796 The accounts of Captain Crawford William Simmons Thomas Butler Discusses the accounts of Captain John Crawford, paymaster of an Army detachment at Pittsburg, who has not settled his accounts as requested. Recommends to Butler that Crawford provide an account of the monies in his charge and forward it to the War Department.
November 2, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with John Crawford William Simmons John Crawford William Simmons informs John Crawford that failure to settle his account with haste will result in placing his name among the delinquents.
May 8, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance, and accounting with John Crawford William Simmons John Crawford William Simmons notifies Captain John Crawford that Major Isaac Craig will henceforth be responsible for the financial administration of Fort Fayette. Captain Crawford is to settle pay matters through Major Craig.
January 27, 1797 Accounts and Vouchers William Simmons Thomas Butler Accounts and vouchers of of Captain John Crawford received with Butler's letter and the account to be placed to Crawford's credit
April 18, 1795 No Power Can Be Given to Any Person Out of This Office William Simmons John Crawford Simmons admonishes Captain Crawford that though Joseph Howell, the previous accountant, had reached conclusions regarding Crawford's account, those are no longer valid because Howell is now out of office. However, Simmons assures him that any amount due him will be passed to his credit.
September 8, 1796 Cited letter or document, Hugh Crawford to James McHenry Hugh Crawford James McHenry Cited in Crawford to McHenry, 10/31/1796.
October 12, 1792 Invoice of Stores, Shot and Shells, Captain Crawford's Receipt Isaac Craig Henry Knox Encloses invoice of stores, part of which is shot and shell from Chamber's furnace. Vents of shells not yet bored. Captain Crawford's receipt for $200 enclosed.
April 18, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance, and accounting with John Crawford William Simmons John Crawford William Simmons informs John Crawford that the only way to settle accounts is to send forward records to the Accountant's Office.
April 10, 1795 Cited letter or document, John Crawford to William Simmons John Crawford William Simmons cited in Simmons to Crawford 04/18/1795
December 14, 1793 Captain Crawford's Descent; Detachment of Recruits Marching Henry Knox Isaac Craig Pleased to hear that Captain Crawford has descended Ohio River. Detachment of 45 recruits under Captain Cook, marched from Carlisle to Pittsburg.
November 3, 1797 Stationary and Supplies to be Mailed Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Waiting on paperwork from Forrest. Requested stationary, paper, quills, and ink powder will be sent to Craig. Capt. Crawford's money will be sent along shortly.
March 30, 1792 Enclosed Bank Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Enclosed bank notes from the Bank of the United States to be given to Capts Crawford and Biggs for appointments. Requested information on their acceptance of refusal of promotion.
January 20, 1797 Crawford's accounts and vouchers Thomas Butler William Simmons CITATION Only. Cited in Simmons to Butler 01/27/1797. Sent accounts and vouchers of of Captain John Crawford to the War Dept. Accountant's Office
October 19, 1792 Captain Crawford's Receipt John Stagg Isaac Craig Captain Crawford's receipt for $200 has been delivered to Mr. Howell, the accountant.
January 28, 1797 Accounting for money received William Simmons John Crawford Requests that Crawford provide his account and vouchers for monies received from the War Office so that Simmons can close his account
February 21, 1795 Missing Muster & Pay Rolls of Crawford's Detachment Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Upon examining the pay and muster rolls of Captain Crawford's detachment, Howell can find none for the month of October 1794. The missing rolls should be sent on by the next post.
June 27, 1794 [173] Enclosed Muster and Pay Rolls Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Enclosed muster and pay rolls for Fort Fayette, summary of charges listed in letter. Request for money to dispense to settle debts. Capt. Crawford is assembling rolls for Fort Franklin.
April 19, 1794 Request for Boat for Lieutenant Campbell Smith Henry Knox Isaac Craig Requests that Craig furnish boat for Lieutenant Campbell Smith to convey him to Headquarters. Captain Crawford will furnish escort.
June 14, 1794 Secretary at War appoints the Commanding Officer at Fort Franklin Henry Knox Commanding Officer, Fort Franklin From the War Department, the Secretary at War directs an unidentified officer, perhaps John Crawford, to "instantly" repair to Fort Franklin and assume command of the post.
January 24, 1794 Letters; Major Cass and Captain Cook; Captain Crawford Archibald Read Henry Knox Per instructions from Major Craig, who is at Wheeling, Read acknowledges receipt of letters and enclosures. Major Cass and Captain Cook's detachment set out for Fort Washington. Captain Crawford not yet returned.
April 22, 1795 Pay of Scouts at Crawford County Kentucky William Simmons Bennet Pemberton Discusses pay of Scouts for protection of of Crawford County Kentucky.
March 5, 1794 Receipt of Packets and Letters for Major General Wayne Michael Jones Henry Knox Received packet addressed to Major Craig enclosing letters for Major General Wayne. Captain Crawford not yet arrived by hourly expected.
February 13, 1795 Enclosed Financial Documents Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Enclosed pay roll for Capt. Crawford's detachment. Enclosed receipts of William Lollar of Toomy's company that were previously omitted. Request for blank muster rolls.