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September 30, 1799 Requests Payment for Sampson Williams to Pay Army David Henley James McHenry Requests payment to Sampson Williams to pay the army in Tennessee.
November 30, 1796 Pay of Private Sampson Marble of Captain Thomas Martin's Company, 1st Sub Legion William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $41.80 is due Private Sampson Marble of Captain Thomas Martin's Company 1st Sub Legion, being his pay from January 18, the day he reenlisted, to November 30, 1796.
May 4, 1798 Assignment and Power of Attorney Denis McCarty William Leary Document certifying the service of Denis McCarty, late soldier in the Pennsylvania Line during the Revolutionary War.
September 19, 1800 Contracts with Edward Thompson Purveyor's Office Samuel Dexter Describes the process of establishing a contract with Mr. Thompson.
December 12, 1797 Account of Capt. Thompson Robert Thompson William Simmons Capt. Thompson denies that there are mistakes in his account because he has never had any monies of Daniel Britt. Perhaps he has been mistaken for Lt. Robert Thompson of the 1st Regiment whose paymaster, Mr. Britt, may have been responsible for the error.
August 14, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Nicholas Fish Simmons authorizes Fish to make payment to Mrs. Amelia Thompson. Mrs. Thompson is receiving the pay of her husband, Capt. Alexander Thompson.
February 20, 1795 Pay of Captain Thompson & His Men Joseph Howell Alexander Thompson The Treasurer has remitted a sum to Nicholas Fish to be delivered to Captain Thompson, being the pay of himself and his men through December 1794.
November 25, 1796 Captain Thompson's Accounts William Simmons Alexander Thompson Simmons has received Captain Thompson's accounts which will be placed under examination. Thompson should forward the receipt rolls for the payments to his men so that they can be included in the General Accounts.
May 7, 1795 Pay of Capt. Thompson & His Company Alexander Thompson William Simmons Thompson has received from Nicholas Fish $818.61, being the pay of himself. Lieutenant Elmer, and his company through March 1795.
October 13, 1795 Instructions to pay Ensign Thompson William Simmons John Kilty Informs Kilty that the Treasurer will remit him funds to pay Ensign Thompson.
March 3, 1795 Pay of Capt. Thompson and His Company Alexander Thompson Joseph Howell Capt. Thompson acknowledges receipt from Nicholas Fish of the sum of $181.80 for his pay and that of his company for the month of September 1794.
January 25, 1796 Account and Balance of David Thompson William Simmons David Thompson War Accountant informs Thompson that his accounts have been received by the office, with a balance against him of $301, exceeding the balance Thompson originally claimed.
September 28, 1786 Petition of George Thompson John Pierce Charles Thomson The Commissioner for Settling the Accounts of the late Army has reported on the petition of George Thompson.
February 24, 1797 Receipts for the pay of Thompson's detachment William Simmons Alexander Thompson Acknowledges receipt of receipt roll for Thompson's detachment that will be credited on the books of the War Department accountant’s office. Requests a receipt roll for money previously paid to Thompson for the pay of his troops.
June 28, 1794 Funds for Capt. Thompson's Recruiting Joseph Howell Alexander Thompson The Treasurer has remitted to Nicholas Fish, Supervisor at New York, two hundred dollars to be placed in Capt. Thompson's hands for the use of the recruiting service.
November 28, 1798 Payment to Walter Smith John Templeman James McHenry Request to pay Walter Smith $500.
September 13, 1798 Thompson Is Indeed Dead, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Lewis Among other matters, Hodgdon confirms Thompson's death but hopes that Fenno's prospects of a return to good health are favorable.
November 9, 1795 Accounts of Ensign David Thompson David Thompson Timothy Pickering Ensign Thompson sends his Muster Roll for October and his recruiting and current accounts that show a $153 debt to the United States, an amount that was expended in such small sums that taking receipts did not seem necessary.
February 5, 1795 The Pay of David Thompson & Recruits Joseph Howell David Thompson The Treasurer has remitted to George Gale, Supervisor at Baltimore, a sum to be transmitted to Ensign Thompson, being for his pay and the pay of his recruits. Receipts must be collected and if a recruit makes his mark, it must be witnessed by a commissioned officer or some person of respectability.
August 11, 1795 Instructions to pay Ensign Thompson William Simmons John Kilty Directs John Kilty to pay Ensign David Thompson at Winchester.
July 8, 1795 Account of Alexander Thompson Alexander Thompson William Simmons Capt. Thompson encloses the muster and payroll for his company as well as his ration account. Two hundred turbulent laborers on Governors Island do not allow him much time for leisure.
December 16, 1794 Pay of Ensign David Thompson's Recruits Joseph Howell David Thompson A form of a muster roll is enclosed so that Ensign Thompson can have musters taken to the last of this month (December), duplicates of which must be transmitted to the Accountant's Office before pay can be remitted.
June 29, 1797 Letter Citation Captain Thomas Thompson James McHenry Cited in McHenry to Thompson, 07/07/1797, also in War Office to Thompson 07/07/1797
February 25, 1797 Letter Citation Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Thompson Cited in Thompson to Fox, 04/14/1797.
April 28, 1797 Letter Citation Captain Thomas Thompson War Department Cited in War Office to Thompson 05/09/1797