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October 1, 1796 Report on Elections, Russia William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray is addressing the current standings in an election; he goes on to discuss the character of society, and savage and refined nations. He also seems to allude to Russia, mentioning Peter and other czars.
June 24, 1791 Letter from Samuel Hodgdon to William Knox on state of supply and logistics problems in preparation for St Clair expedition Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon is quartermaster for St Clair expedition. He laments the timeliness of the posts and wishes to receive his returns before going forward. Knapsacks of questionable utility. Boots necessary for the horsemen. Have spurs been ordered? Pack saddles already considered. Mentions tents, price and quality; refers to Russia sheeting. Questions whether tents will come forward. Hodgdon's wagon not...
September 29, 1800 Delivery of Material for Uniforms Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of material for uniforms.
January 28, 1797 Statement Requesting Canvas for the Frigate Building for the Dey of Algiers Josiah Fox Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Enclosed statement listing type and quantity of canvas.
June 18, 1791 Cost of sundry supplies Quartermaster General's Department [not available] Estimate of money due in the Quarter Master's Department.
June 14, 1797 Delivery of Material for Garrison Flag James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver materials for making flags to Governor's Island, New York, with list.
April 13, 1797 Items for Algerine Frigate James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver Russian duck and cordage for Algerian frigate being built in Portsmouth, N.H.
May 24, 1791 Smith & Shepherd's Contract for Clothing Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Smith & Shepherd have completed their contact for the clothing for the levies and Mr. Hodgdon has receipted to them for same. Some of the articles were not equal to the pattern and others were superior but on the whole Hodgdon judges that Smith & Shepherd have successfully executed their contract. Additional overalls have been commissioned so that the soldiers will have clean pairs.
May 18, 1800 Federalists Must Support the President, Etc. William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray ruminates on the need for the Federalist Party to support President Adams in the coming election and on the actions of Napoleon in Europe.
July 6, 1794 Enclosed map for the War Department John Jacob Rivardi Henry Knox Letter from Major Rivardi to Secretary Knox. Supplies the War Department with a map of the different rivers, roads, and other features of the Virginia landscape, relevant to the construction of fortifications. Requests that Knox forward him the advance of the sum allowed for his compensation. Also encloses a return of the laborers employed at the fortifications; refers to a "scarcity of hands."
July 10, 1794 Procuring materials for frigates Stephen Higginson Alexander Hamilton Letter to the Treasury Secretary regarding copper and iron for frigates. Agrees with the decision to buy copper from England, but states that sailmakers universally agree that American-made material for sails is of better quality and less liable to mildew. Also comments on foreign affairs -- expresses relief that the tensions between Portugal and Algiers is now gone. Suggests that in a short...
July 18, 1799 Foreign Affairs James McHenry John Dennis McHenry discusses the situation in Europe and notes that negotiations between the Emperors of Germany and Prussia respecting preparations to meet the army of the Directory so as to extinquish their power in Italy and Switzerland. He discusses the Marquis de Lafayette who has the vanity to presume that he might become the instrument to reconcile the two hemispheres.
June 29, 1789 A gentlemen insists on a reply from Knox Stephen Sayre Henry Knox Letter, Sayre has solicited a federal appointment from Knox. Sayre's solicitation has gone unanswered. Sayre takes umbrage at the lack of a reply from Knox.
August 11, 1799 Convention George Washington James McHenry Washington thanks McHenry for forwarding a copy of J.B. Bordley's Essays and Notes on Husbandry (1799). Discusses the complications of international politics, the Convention of 1800, and allegations of bribery by the editor of the Aurora (newspaper).
June 1789 Knox speaks of trade and foreign affairs with Wayne Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Letter, discusses trade and foreign affairs.
September 10, 1787 Giving Thanks to General Knox DuPlesses Henry Knox DuPlesses gives effusive thanks to Knox for his attentiveness and friendship during his time in America. Outlines the political situation in Europe.
October 28, 1797 Regarding Fever in Philadelphia, and Foreign Affairs with France, Prussia, England, & Russia Timothy Pickering [not available] Comments on the likelihood of fever dying down in Philadelphia, allowing Congress to meet there. Informs Adams of meetings between a U.S. messenger and Talleyrand of France; comments on continuing friction between the U.S. and France. Mentions correspondence which covers the treatment of certain American ships in French ports. Mentions John Quincy Adams' inquiry to the Prussian minister of...
August 9, 1789 The United States Require Peace! Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox explains the foreign policy of the new government of the United States which is to avoid any involvement with the conflicting nations of Europe.
October 25, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with William Williams Joseph Howell William Williams Joseph Howell discusses the accounts of clothing charged against Colonels De Haas and Williams.
April 29, 1797 Should the U.S. Send another Minister to France after the treatment M. Pickney received [?] James McHenry [not available] Document, discusses whether or not the United States should send another minister to France, after the ill treatment Mr. Pinckney received from the Directorate.
October 16, 1788 Clothing and Foreign Relations William Knox Henry Knox W. Knox discussed military supply issues. Feared clothing would not be ready for troops by the contracted date. Knox not yet written to Col. Wadsworth for money to fund Pratt's march.
April 25, 1783 Payment of Soldiers General William Irvine [not available] Extract of orders, noting that privates in the infantry of the Continental service receive on account of their pay one half dollar specie per week and the non-commissioned officers and privates of these corps in the same proportion. Mr. Rose will pay the troops of the garrison until a properly authorized person is appointed. Irvine requests that a commissioned officer from each company attend the...