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October 28, 1791 Defense of Russell County Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Request for militia to protect Russell County. Rations to be furnished by a Cherokee.
July 28, 1790 Further Protection Offered to Russell County, Virginia Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Extract of letter from Henry Knox authorizingVirginia's governor, Beverley Randolph, to organize militia for the purpose of protecting Russell County from Indian hostilities.
November 24, 1791 Defense of the County of Russell Beverley Randolph Henry Knox Governor Beverley Randolph of Virginia lists for Knox the actions the federal government has taken in the defense of Russell County. He expresses his desire that the government reimburse Virginia for the ammunition the State has provided for defense as well as for the Chickasaw Indians.
May 15, 1793 Original Receipts Required Joseph Howell Henry Knox Executive cannot reimburse Virginia without original receipts from the expenses accrued for the protection of the frontier.
August 24, 1797 Settlement of Accounts William Simmons Henry Smith Simmons requests monies owed to Treasury by Smith. Letter was motivated by the Resolve of the House of Representatives. The balance of the funds owed should be refunded to the Treasury of the United States or vouchers must be produced. Specifics of account ammended to letter: payment of militia under command of Lieut. Sol. Setton for the protection of Russell County. Total amount $922.33.
November 16, 1791 Protection of Frontiers Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Federal government to pay for militia to protect frontier counties.
July 29, 1790 Security of the Frontier and Employment of Scouts Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Discusses protection on the frontier against Indian incursions. Suggests that Shawanese and outcast Cherokees may be perpetrators. President Washington has ordered extirpation of banditti. General Harmar to command expedition. Troops to be mounted. Expect that this will result in added security and tranquility. President has directed that Scouts be discontinued. Letter on the same subject is...
July 30, 1798 Russell's Receipts Samuel Dana William Simmons W. D. Russell's receipt for $135.30 is transmitted.
January 8, 1796 Enclosed Letter from Russell Bissel William Simmons Edward Miller Encloses a letter from Russell Bissel for Miller.
May 9, 1790 Seeks to Provide Protection, Provisions for Counties of Harrison, Randolph, Ohio, Monongahela, and Kenkawa Henry Knox [not available] Letter authorizes and instructs the lieutenants of Harrison, Randolph, Ohio, Monongahalia, Kenhawa and Russell Counties [West Virginia] on the procedure for calling up scouts to protect the frontiers against possible Indian incursions.
December 8, 1797 Enlistment Pledge of Joseph Russell Joseph Russell [not available] Russell acknowledges that he has voluntarily enlisted to serve one year in the Marine Service, unless sooner discharged, according to the Act passed July 1st 1797 which provides a Naval Armament. The rules and articles of the Navy against mutiny and desertion have been read to him and he will be paid six dollars per month.
December 12, 1791 Regarding General Government payment for protection of the people Henry Lee Henry Knox Governor Lee of Virginia is asserting to Knox that the central government should pay for the efforts of the state to protect its citizens, such protection being a federal responsibility.
June 1, 1795 Account of Captain Russell Bissell William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $57.22 is due Capt. Russell Bissell being the amount due him and monies retained by him for his own pay and payments to his men through February 28, 1795.
July 30, 1787 Account of Thomas Commander Russell John Pierce Board of Treasury Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts to the Board of Treasury regarding the account of Thomas Commander Russell of Charleston.
May 24, 1787 William Alexander and Thomas Commander Russell John Pierce William Taylor Writes Colonel William Taylor for more information relating to William Alexander and Thomas Commander Russell, both of whom are in possession of sums of public monies. Alexander was quartermaster in Hillsborough, North Carolina during the Revolutionary War; Russell currently resides in Charleston.
May 29, 1794 Account of John Russell Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for John Russell, late private in the 1st North Carolina Regiment
February 23, 1799 Division of New Jersey into Recruiting Districts Aaron Ogden Alexander Hamilton Ogden provides his suggestion for dividing New Jersey into recruiting districts.
February 20, 1788 William Alexander and Thomas Commander Russell John Pierce Joseph Clay Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts regarding the case of William Alexander and Thomas Commander Russell; discuses the Board of Treasury.
May 2, 1792 Abstracts of Pay and Rations for Scouts and Rangers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Abstracts of Pay and Rations for Scouts and Rangers employed for the protection of the Frontier counties of the states of Pennsylvania and Virginia. Lists names and counties. Certification that the abstract was examined and compared with returns. All information verified.
June 3, 1787 William Alexander and Thomas Commander Russell John Pierce Joseph Clay The Commissioner of Army Accounts discusses the case involving Mr. Neufville, Thomas Commander Russell, and William Alexander.
May 22, 1796 Request to Forward Enclosed Letter to Capt. Russell Bissell from Lieut. D. Bissell Edward Miller William Simmons Miller encloses a letter from Lieutenant D. Bissell to be forwarded to Captain Russell Bissell.
January 26, 1790 Indian Attacks Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox By note received from Louisville, details of Indian attacks of settlements located on Russell Creek, and Danville.
November 30, 1794 Account of Russell Bissell Russell Bissell Joseph Howell Capt. Bissell informs Howell that the failure of William Duer has made it necessary to inquire as to how he is to meet his obligations regarding the bills he currently has in his hands.
November 12, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with John Pierce Joseph Howell John Pierce Joseph Howell informs John Pierce of correspondence received during his absence from the office. Howell relays that Mr. Neufville has received money from Mr. Russell.
September 30, 1799 Payment from William Crafts, agent for War Department to Nathaniel Russell William Crafts James McHenry Payment to Nathaniel Russell for $1500 from William Crafts, agent for War Department.